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Department Thirty (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mesa Conspiracy (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blackjack Conspiracy (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Triangle Conspiracy (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

B. Kent Anderson is one of the best known authors from The United States, who likes to write his books based on the suspense, thriller, and mystery genres. He is well known for writing the Department Thirty series in the beginning of his writing career, which he wrote under the pen name of David Kent. Author Anderson says that he developed the interest to write fiction books after completing his school assignments in second grade. He used to write numerous fake newspapers at that time. Anderson took writing seriously in the year 1988 when he was working in a radio station. In a period of 14 years, he wrote a total of 5 books, but none of them were accepted by any publisher to publish under their banner. Finally, in the year 2002, author Anderson was able to find an agent who helped him to sell his first book in 3 weeks. Anderson is often confused with the action-thriller author named Kent Anderson. He was able to establish himself as a published author in the year 2003 with the publication of the debut novel of the Department Thirty series. He used the name David Kent for each and every book of this series. Later on, he went on to write a few other novel series under his original name. Other than being a noteworthy author, Anderson is also an award winning broadcaster and journalist. Before taking up writing as career, he completed his graduation from the Central Oklahoma University. He got the chance to work for a radio at the age of 15 and eventually, he continued with it for several years. Author Anderson also served for a certain period in the marketing department of a symphony orchestra.

Currently, author Anderson features as a writer for the Slice Magazine based in Oklahoma. Following the success of his debut series, he wrote a couple of contemporary thriller books based on the Civil War. These books feature the popular characters developed by author Anderson, known as Nick Journey and Meg Tolman. Nick is introduced as a history professor while Meg is depicted as a government researcher and pianist. One of the books written by author Anderson as a part of the Department Thirty series, Blackjack Conspiracy, has won the Oklahoma Award in the category of the best fiction novel in the year 2006. The stories that feature in his magazines have also won multiple awards from the Professional Journalists Society. As of today, author Anderson lives in Oklahoma City along with his 3 sons. In addition to writing books, he also has interests in reading, listening to acoustic music, and watching baseball matches. Author Anderson is a die-hard fan of the Texas Rangers team. Whenever he gets any time free from his work schedule, he likes to spend it in researching for new historical intrigues for using in his next novels. Currently, he is busy working on the plot development of his next book. Author Anderson says that he spent his initial days in Madill, Oklahoma. He used to ride his bicycle all day and did not have much to do in life. When he grew up a little bit, he developed the interest in radio and writing stories. Author Anderson believes that the publishing business is very funny because he had to face a lot of hardships to get his books published. And after his 4th book was published, he decided to cut loose from his publisher. Whenever he receives any mail from his readers, he feels very lively and thinks that he is doing well as a writer. He says that he still has many more stories to tell which are eventually going to come in the future.

The first book in the Nick Journey series written by B. Kent Anderson is titled as ‘Cold Glory’. It was released by Forge books in the year 2011. At the start, the history professor Nick Journey is shown as coming across a shocking document of the era of the Civil War, which gets unearthed from the Oklahoma soil. He is asked to evaluate the document by the government. While doing so, he gets attacked by a couple of men armed with the weapons of Special Forces. Following this, a federal agent named Meg Tolman is appointed to investigate the attack on Nick Journey. Her investigation reveals more troubling things. Soon, Meg joins Nick on his quest to recover the missing pages of the document. It is later learned that a shadowy group known as the Glory Warriors is searching for the explosive document desperately. The group wants to legitimize a military coup. Their first attempt to get the document from Nick fails after which they start following all his activities. They know it very well that Nick can easily uncover the place where the remaining document is hidden and therefore, they decide to snatch the whole document together once Nick finds it. Meanwhile, the shadowy group also sets a deadly plan in motion to assassinate some important political figures. Soon, the whole country turns chaotic and Nick and Meg try to find the document as soon as possible and stop the chaos. But, they have to do it without getting into the hands of a trailing operative of the group.

The next book in the series is titled as ‘Silver Cross’. It was also released by the Forge Books in 2012. Author Anderson has set the plot of this book in Texas. At the beginning, Meg Tolman is shown rushing to North Carolina to investigate the murder of one of her friends. She gets her hands on a letter written to the Confederate president named Jefferson Davis from Napoleon III. The letter reveals a vast conspiracy in which Napoleon pledges the aid of the French army to the Confederacy for ‘Silver Cross’. But, the letter gets lost when a confederate spy named Rose Greenhow gets drowned with it. Meg decides to take the help of Nick Journey in recovering the letter before it gets into the wrong hands. Together, they begin the search by following a treasure map into the deep forests of Texas. They are not alone in the search. They are desperately followed by the people who don’t want the truth about the Silver Cross’s existence to come out. These people set a freelance rogue assassin named Ann Gray on the trail of Meg and Nick. The secret group that wants the two dead is known as the Associates. Both Meg Tolman and Nick Journey try to solve the 150 year old riddle as soon as possible so as to stop the horrifying acts of terrorism spread in the country.

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