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A Version Of The Truth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hold Your Breath (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dinner Guest (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Woman on the Pier (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Locked Attic (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Notes on a Murder (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Garden Party (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

B.P. Walter is a bestselling mystery author who made his debut when he penned “A Version of the Truth.”

The author was born and brought up in Essex and in his childhood and teenage years he was very much a compulsive reader.

He would then work in bookshops from when he was 16 until he was 23, even though he never thought of ever trying to write anything or becoming a novelist during this time.

He went through a period of thinking he wanted to write books as a thirteen-year-old but in his late teens, he was more interested in watching films and reading books rather than writing his own stories.

However, working in bookshops was important in retrospect, as it would show him just what was needed to become successful.

When he went to university, his obsession with TV drama and movies continued, even as he studied English & Film.

While he was at university, he became the editor of the student paper editing the film section. He got to interview brilliant directors and actors which was a lot of fun.

However, she always felt a need to create her own stories rather than write about the work of other people, and hence he turned his attention to fiction.

When he was very young, B.P. Walter believed that authors just sent their book off to the publishers, and then people would just buy it.

He would later learn that even if a book got published, it does not mean that it would become a success. Many thousands of novels just sit on a bookshelf at the store.

He came to realize that an author has to make the story compelling enough so that readers would pick it off the shelf and keep reading it. He learned how important a hook was and always tries to include in all of his novels.

Walter would also join the Faber Academy to study creative writing. This would prove instrumental in training him to write some great fiction. He was lucky to have Rowan Coleman the author as his tutor who provided plenty of inspiration and support.

B.P. would ultimately publish his debut novel “A Version of the Truth” in 2019 and follow it up with the Waterstones Book of the Month in “The Diner Guest” was published in 2021.

While B.P. Walter has achieved a lot of success as an author, she still works a day job at Waterstones coordinating their main social media channels.

When she is not working or writing her novels, she can usually be found reading books with her sisters with whom she has a “Siblings Book Club.” They usually get together about once a fortnight for a cup of hot chocolate and discussions on books.

B.P. Walter’s novel “A Version of the Truth” opens with Julianne at home cooking dinner.

Her son comes in to tell her that he has stumbled on something disturbing on his computer. Her whole world seems to come to a stop when she learns what it is. She starts questioning everything she thought she knew about her husband.
She just cannot understand what type of man the man she is married to is or has pretended to be all these years.

Nearly three decades later, Holly is an Oxford University freshman nervous about her surroundings and struggling to get by.

But slowly she makes friends with some students with status and even develops feelings for one guy. He is a handsome and confident man who seems to be highly interested in her too.

Told in two storylines three decades apart, it makes for an exhilarating tale. The Julianne of forty years ago feels like she won the jackpot while she feels she is a pawn in a dangerous game in the current timeline.

“Hold Your Breath” by B.P. Walter is a novel set in 1987 where Kitty’s family is having issues since the family matriarch is suffering from mental health problems.

One day, Kitty’s father tells them that they should all climb into the car since he planned a family holiday for all of them in the woods.

But the real story is that this is her father’s last resort in taking care of his ailing wife. He is hoping that the retreat in the tranquil woods would help his wife so that she does not have to be admitted to the hospital.

Left to her own devices, Kitty roams the house and the woods and hears all manner of shocking things. The story then fast forwards to the present where Kitty has just finished writing about her experiences all those years in the past.

Despite the fact that it is almost two decades after the fact, the reality of having to confront what happened seems too much to bear.

Walter writes a story that feels like a jig saw puzzle as slowly all the many pieces start fitting together, to paint a shocking picture of the three weeks the family spent in the woods.

B.P. Walters’s novel The Dinner Guest is a nerve-shredding mystery. that will have its readrs on the edge of their seats

Charlie, Matthew, and Titus their fifteen-year-old son seem to be the perfect family for outside onlookers. But then things change when they go to a local bookstore where they meet Rachel.

Matthew has been hosting a book club for several months now and asks Rachel to join them given that she is new and needs friends. Charlie frowns at the quick friendship between Rachel and her husband but keeps the peace.

It does seem that Rachel had barged into their lives and somehow managed to get a job and is soon living with Charlie’s godmother. Soon after a strong friendship develops between Rachel and Titus and even helps him during a mugging.

Matthew believes that his wife is a snob since she does not think much of Charlie and will not accept her. Things come to a head when Rachel is invited to dinner and Matthew ends up dead with Rachel found standing over the body with a bloody knife.

It is a delicious and beautiful mystery with all manner of secrets.

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