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ASP of Ascension (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diadem of Death (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Medallion of Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Butterflies Don't Lie (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl on the Run (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Princess (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dreadful Splendor (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Wife of Faraday House (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

B R Myers
B R Myers is a young adult writer who spent a good part of her teenage years reading Stephen King, Lois Duncan, and Ray Bradbury books. Her love for writing started early, and so far, it has earned her several awards. The author’s coming of age novel titled Girl on the Run was in 2016 voted as the Best Book for Teens. Myers is a registered and practising nurse and a Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia member. This author resides in Halifax, where she lives with her husband and children.

Rogue Princess
Rogue Princess tells the story of a distressed woman running away from an arranged marriage. Princess Delia has always known she must marry a prince who will, in turn, secure her failing planet. However, in secret, Delia dreams of true love. As these feelings build, the young princess starts to think of a way out of her predicament. One day, she steals a spaceship that she hopes will take her away from her people. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding a handsome stowaway in her getaway spaceship.

Delia is born from a long line of queens. The princess grew with a mother determined to serve her people. While the queen was her role model, Delia thinks that there is more to life. She is anticipating life with more action. Anything from flying ships to saving children is welcome as long as it is involving. However, Delia knows that marriage will mean an end to all this. She will have to act proper and leave all the activities she enjoys. The fact that the marriage is arranged means that she has cannot choose someone she has a few things in common with.

Aiden was looking to borrow the royal ship and use it to get away from the planet. While he realizes much later that this was not the smartest move, he finds himself in an even more awkward position. A runaway princess has now kidnapping, but at least his dream of escaping the planet has come true.
At the heart of this book is an outstanding world-building folklore. The author deviates from the norm by gender-swapping the main characters. The story is also set in a refreshingly new fantasy world. While the Cinderella fairy tale forms the frame for this story, it is incredible how the author has given it a completely different twist. It is refreshing to read about a female princess who knows what she wants and takes steps to get it.
This chance meeting turns into something more serious when the two get talking. Sparks fly when the cunning thief and headstrong princess learn that they have a lot in common. Everything is all fun until the duo realizes that there is a plan to destroy their planet. Now they have to figure out a way to save their loved ones before it is too late. How does the story end for Delia and Aiden? Find the answer to this and much more in this intriguing boo
Rogue Princess is one fascinating book. It is sweet, fun, and action-packed all in one. The cast is diverse and adds a lot of character to the story. The setting is also extraordinary, and the relentless pace together with the flawless narration turn this into a page-turner. This is a perfect book if you are looking for a heart-warming read.

Butterflies Don’t Lie
Butterflies Don’t Lie features Kelsey Sinclair, a sixteen-year-old who loves magazine quizzes. Kelsey is anticipating an unforgettable summer with his secret crush Blaine. The teenager has done enough homework, and he feels that he has enough skills to seduce Kelsey. Kelsey has gone ahead to secure a job at the seaside restaurant right next to the place Blaine teaches sailing. She is also aware that Blaine is now free as his ex-girlfriend has already moved on.
Visions of a beach rendezvous with Blaine get clouded when Kelsey meets a more interesting guy. The new kitchen guy comes with a laid-back attitude that Kelsey loves. When he starts throwing quick stares her way, Kelsey cannot help but notice the effect this has on her. Luke is the opposite of Blaine and Kelsey does her best to ignore her feelings for him and go with the initial plan. Kelsey finally manages to catch Blaine’s eye, but he is nothing like she expected. Could the magazines be all wrong? Is it possible that the most unlikely matches turn out to be the best? Why does she feel that Luke is a better catch for her when compared to Blaine?

Join Kelsey on her action-packed summer where bad decisions will be made and corrected just in time. Just like most teenagers, the main characters in this book will get into a lot of mischiefs as they try to balance work and their raging hormones. Kelsey is a lovable character and following her through her tragic life will feel like a roller coaster. She is quirky, strong, and determined to follow her dreams. Her younger brother Chet is also a delight. The cast is well fleshed out, and you are going to love meeting them all. The writing is also smart, and the story flows seamlessly from start to finish. If there is anything you will learn here is the value of being open to opportunities and discovering what is important. Things are not always as they seem, and we have to be ready to change our course where necessary.

Butterflies Don’t Lie is an enjoyable read. The story is reasonably paced, and the unexpected turns are sure to keep you turning the pages. It helps that the book also come with a few lessons the target audience can put into good use. Delivered in Myers’s humorous way, this book offers a perfect summer reading. All the characters are fresh, and everyone from the imperfect but fun Kelsey to the laid-back Luke adds a lot of character to the story. There will be loads of entertaining episodes as well as embarrassing moments. The book is slightly less than 300 pages and can be enjoyed in one sitting.

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