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Publication Order of Baby For The Billionaire Books

The Tycoon's Revenge (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tycoon's Vacation (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tycoon's Proposal (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tycoon's Secret (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Tycoon (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rescue Me (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Baby for the Billionaire series is a well known book series of contemporary and romance novels. It is penned by a NY Times bestselling American novelist named Melody Anne. Altogether there are 5 books in this series, which were released between the years 2011 and 2014. Each book of the series depicts a different set of main characters, who portray the roles of romantic couples. Author Melody Anne is highly popular for her romance books. She has written a number of successful books based on this genre. In addition to this, she has also tried her hand at young adult books and has penned a complete series on this. Melody has seen her share of struggle while trying to make it big in the writing field. Her aspiration to make a published author enabled her to continue writing for many years before she became successful in publishing her debut novel in 2011. Author Melody is highly attached to the world of corporate and businessmen as she is the holder of a business management bachelor degree. She says that she likes to write about powerful and strong businessmen. When she is not busy with her writing works, Melody likes to spend her time with her friends and family. She also spends an ample amount of time in the company of her pets. Melody considers herself to be a country girl with a big heart.

She has a liking for strong communities and small towns. In fact, she loves her own town very much. Author Melody keeps herself busy with numerous community projects. As of this day, Melody has to her name more than 7 million sales of books. Her excellency is describing romance stories has helped her to earn a place on multiple bestseller lists. Some of the most popular literary journals in which she has been listed as a top writer include WSJ, USA Today, New York Times. Meldoy has remained among the top 100 best authors on amazon continuously for three years. She is even a bestseller in iBooks and Kobo. Melody Anne loves to get the chance of doing whatever makes her happy. She believes that she remains in her own fantasy world for most of the time. Melody has developed a personal website where she keeps posting about the latest happenings in her life and career. Also, she gives updates about the upcoming releases of her books to her readers. The debut book of the Baby for the Billionaire book series written by Melody Anne is entitled ‘The Tycoon’s Revenge’. It was released by the Gossamer Publishing in the year 2013, after its first release in 2011. Author Melody has mentioned the chief characters in this book as Amy, Ryan Titan, Chuck, Derek Titan, Drew Titan, Daniel, Tital, Jacob Freeman, Jasmine Freeman, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that the world of Jasmine Freeman is about to experience a fall. She blames the person responsible for this situation of hers is no other person than Derek Titan, who was the first love of her life.

The two have not met each other for the last 10 years, but they are about cross paths and learn what had actually happened a decade ago that had forced them to part ways. Jasmine Freeman always lived her life as a rich girl, who did not have to worry about anything. She even remained oblivious to all the destruction that her father brought to himself. Derek Titan, on the other hand, could barely earn his livelihood. He belonged to a poor background and was very modest and humble in whatever he did. After years of living separately, the lives of these two get reversed. Derek Titan worked very hard and turned himself into a multi-millionaire. Jasmine too worked hard in life, but she was not able to achieve anything because of the ill business practices of her dad. Derek Titan enters into the life of Jasmine Freeman again and wishes to take revenge from her for the way she treated him because of his poor status. But, he discovers that he is the father of 10 year old son. His anger for Jasmine vanishes immediately and thinks what a fool he was to have ill feelings for the woman brought up their son single-handedly. Once again, they indulge in a fight, but this time it is for the passion that they still have for one another. They both realize that they cannot stay away for any longer. So, they decide to patch up and give a new beginning to their lives. The journey of Jasmine and Derek seems very sad and inspiring as their love did not die in the 10 years of staying far from each other. Another very inspiring book written in this series is called ‘The Tycoon’s Vacation’. This book was published by the Createspace Independent publication in 2012. The lead characters of this novel include Drew Titan, Trinity Mathews, Ryan Titan, Derek Titan, and a few others as well. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Drew Titan is a wealthy man. He has a vast business empire and many exotic resorts to his one. On one fine day, he decides to go on a vacation at his an exotic resort of his own. There, he comes across Trinity Mathews during a surfing event and develops strong feelings for her. She too finds him handsome and sexy. They indulge in a hot and steamy romance throughout the seven-day vacation.

Later, Trinity Mathews learns that Drew is the owner of the resort and has lied to get close to her. She had promised herself that she is not going to indulge in any kind of a relationship with businessmen because she believed that they don’t know how to remain faithful to a woman. Trinity wanted to get over her previous relationship’s fallout with a businessman and had come to the resort to have some peaceful time alone. So, she becomes very angry with Drew for lying to her and heads back home. After some time, Trinity Mathews discovers she has become pregnant with Drew’s child and thinks that she has committed a huge mistake. When Drew Titan is informed about this, she comes rushing to Trinity and promises to support her in such tough times. He even promises to marry her and becomes adamant to not leave until she agrees.

And when Trinity finally accepts Drew’s proposal, they end up having a good time together. They spend the rest of their lives full of passion, love, and care for the other. This novel seems to have all the elements of a good romance story. There are also humorous elements in the form of Drew Titan’s cousins named Ryan and Derek. The readers found the story very interesting and remained indulged in its excitement until the climax. Author Melody is requested to come up with many more such stories in the future and the readers are waiting eagerly for her next project.

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