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Bad Boys After Dark Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bad Boys After Dark Books

Bad Boys After Dark is a romance series by Melissa Foster. The series introduces four fiercely loyal, sexy, alpha brothers and the leading ladies in their lives. Each book in the series focuses on each brother even though the rest appear as secondary characters. Because of the way these books are written, they can also work as standalone. Get to read the mischief these sexy bad boys get into and the women who threaten to take them off the dating scene.

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick is the first book in the Bad Boys After Dark series. This book tells the story of Mick Bad and Amanda Jenner. Mick is an accomplished entertainment attorney, and he has two rules he never plans to break, never mix business with pleasure or entangle himself in a relationship. When he agrees to a onetime hookup in a bar crawl, he has no idea that he is going to break the rules that have governed his life. A woman he has been resisting for ages with put him in a very tricky position.

Amanda feels like she only attracts boring men to her life. As a paralegal, she is smart and knows how to do her research. When she sets to change her boring lifestyle, she gathers enough time-tested skills and is all ready to see what life has to offer. Amanda makes plans to test her newfound abilities and what better way to do this than to have a night of toe-curling pleasure, no strings attached. What she did not anticipate is that the masked man she seduces to bed is her off-limits boss.

Once these two end up in bed together, it is clear that there is no going back. Mick wants more of this sweet temptress, and Amanda is not about to let the man she has been crushing on go after just one night of passion. Mick offers to teach Amanda a thing or two about seduction, and this naughty paralegal is all too happy to learn. It doesn’t take long for Mick to realize that Amanda has a lot to teach. While the plan was to go back to work on Monday and act as if nothing happened, there is little chance they will be able to keep their hands off each other after their steamy weekend.

Follow Amanda and Mick as they explore each other. Mick comes off as unprepared to handle the relationship at first, and, incredibly, Amanda stands up for herself. It is funny that Amanda thinks that she is ordinary while she is actually amazing. By the end of the story, it will also be evident that Mick is just a strong, honest, and protective guy. There are also many other characters to love and look forward to in subsequent books.

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick welcomes you into Mick’s world and the mischief he gets into when it gets dark. The chemistry between Mick and Amanda is mind-blowing, and their sexual connection is beyond hot. It is beautiful that their relationship grows beyond sex, and you can only hope that things remain that way. If you are looking for an enjoyable romance story with amazing sex scenes, this book is perfect.

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan is the second book in the Bad Boys After dark series. Here we get to know Dylan Bad better. Dylan is a bar owner who is sinfully sexy and has a habit of falling for need women. To such women, he is their knight in shining armor, a role he plays very well. Enters Tiffany Winters, a woman who is nothing like what he is used to. Tiffany will change Dylan in more ways than one, and in the end, he will be surprised at the man he has become, thanks to her.

Tiffany is a gorgeous and ambitious sports agent. The sexy young woman is keen to become the best agent in New York, and she is well aware that this will not come easy. However, Tiffany is willing to put in the work, be always available for her clients, and dedicate her time to growing her business. Tiffany enters a bar to pick a call one night only to crash on a colleague’s wedding. It is here that she meets the bar owner, Dylan, and her world immediately starts spinning.

Tiffany has deep abandonment issues, which explains why she acts as the ice princess in the beginning. She has managed to push everyone, including her family away and only concentrates on her work. However, once she allows Dylan in her heart, she gets a man willing to go the extra mile to stay in her life. Dylan is not used to an ambitious woman who doesn’t submit to him. However, he is a man in love, and he thinks that Tiffany is the woman for him. Once things pick up, the connection between them is undeniable, and the romance that follows is outstanding.

Both Tiffany and Dylan are lovable characters. Tiffany mellow to Dylan’s advances, and one night, after too much alcohol, they both become honest about their feelings. Will they survive the night and see what will come out of this connection? Can Dylan settle with one woman and commit entirely to her? Does Tiffany have time for anything else apart from her work? You will have to read this book to find out.

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan is a story of love, romance, and family. There is also a lot of humor, and the banter between the main characters will leave you in stitches. The book is well-written, and the plot flows well. There are smoking-hot scenes and well-rounded characters that will stay in your mind long after you are done reading the story. It is hard not to fall in love with Dylan and cheer Tiffany on as she continues to let her guard down and allow a man to love her right.

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