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Bad Boys of Football Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bad Boys of Football Books

Game for Anything (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Game for Seduction (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Game For Love (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bad Boys of Football Series

As an American author of contemporary romance novels, Bella Andre is one of the best on the scene, surpassing many others within her field. Producing bestsellers that reach a worldwide level of fame on a regular basis, she really knows and understands what makes for a winning formula. Reaching readers of all backgrounds, she manages to create characters that resonate with a global audience, whilst crossing borders with her stories. This has produced a set of highly accessible and extremely entertaining novels that really do capture the highs and lows of falling in love. Creating a number of series too, she is no stranger to building long-running sagas that draw her readers in over a long over-arcing narrative. A series that really does stand out and exemplify this talent of hers is that of the ‘Bad Boys of Football’ series of highly popular novels. With each title featuring a different self-contained story, they look at professional athletes and the love lives that they experience. Telling stories of the world of high-stakes professional sports, they feature men at the peak of physical fitness, and the various relationships that they have. Providing a sense of escapism for the reader, they never forget to remain grounded either, with Andre giving her characters a very real world set of believable personality traits.

So far managing to run for three novels, this series began back in 2008, as it has come a long way since, growing in stature over time. With the last one being written in 2010, they were compact and concise, with their stories being brief and straight-to-the-point in their approach. This makes for a fun and breezy collection of novels that are highly accessible and easy to pick up at any time, without being too demanding.

Game For Anything

Coming out through the ‘Gallery Books’ publishing label, this would first be published on the 22nd of July in 2008. Setting up the series of ‘Bad Boys of Football’ novels, this would effectively introduce the franchise for the first time to the audience. Giving readers a clear idea of what was to come as well, it really manages to set the tone, whilst establishing its presence and what it’s about.

A major player at the Superbowl, not only is Ty Calhoun a star quarterback, but he’s also just as much a bad boy as well. Despite his status as the man every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with, he still pines for the day of his graduation when he spent the night with the woman of his dreams. Now she’s back, as Julie Spencer is the top image consultant who is hired to come in and clean up his personal brand and get him back on track. The only thing is the sparks that fly between them once again, as she aims to be professional, trying to keep him at arm’s length and do her job. Will she manage it though? Can they get over their past and become an item? What will happen with them both as they find that they’re possibly game for anything?

Game For Seduction

Released in 2008 through ‘Gallery Books’ again, this was released on the 9th of September this time. Marking the third title it continues on in much the same vein as before. Being the middle book, it also paves the way for the next title too, with the series already being well established.

With her father a powerful sport’s agent, Melissa McKnight has always lusted after the wide receiver of the San Francisco Outlaws, Dominic DiMarco. Now working for her father as an associate in his company, she finds herself constantly around handsome athletes, until, finally, she has a tryst with Dominic himself during a photo-shoot. Not wanting to seduce the daughter of his sport’s agent, DiMarco attempts to contain his desires for Melissa, all the while holding a strong burning passion for her. This finally breaks down one night though, as he comes to her rescue after finding her in a bar on the wrong side of town, and the two of them end up getting in over their heads. Will they manage to become an item despite the obstacles mounting against them? What is the secret in Dominic’s past that he’s been hiding? Are they both really game for seduction?

Game For Love

This time published through the Kindle, this would originally come out on the 12th of November in 2010, setting up the third title in the ‘Bad Boys of Football’ series. Bringing the series to a close so far, this would follow on in much the same vein as before, providing another similarly styled romance story. It would also provide plenty of its own exciting twists along the way too, giving it its own unique overall style and tone.

In order to fulfill the dying wishes of his grandmother, the linebacker Cole Taylor is set to find a ‘good girl’ and settle down with her. Not wanting to let his grandmother down, he goes out of his way to seduce Anna Davis, a first grade teacher, as he promises everything she could ever want, even if it is all built on a lie. This soon gives way to deeper feelings though, ones that he didn’t know were there, as he finds that he may actual have a yearning for her after all. Being the ultimate game-changer, he didn’t account for true love, as the two of them get closer than ever before, making way for something new. Will this be the girl that he finally falls for? Can they both become an item? What will happen as they both play the game for love?

The Bad Boys of Football Series

A classic series of steamy love stories, these definitely manage to capture not only the imagination of the author, but the reader as well. Giving them an insight into the mind of Bella Andre, they really work at tantalizing her audience, giving them intricately woven narratives with richly layered characters. Sweeping them up off their feet, they’re a testament to what can be done with a well genre, when using just a little bit of innovation and creativity. Whilst these books may have finished for the time being, there’s plenty more opportunities to continue expanding on the premise in the near future, as only time will tell if there is another title.

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