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Publication Order of Bad Girls Don't Die Books

Bad Girls Don't Die (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Bad to Cursed (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
As Dead As It Gets (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bad Girls Don’t Die Series
Bad Girls Don’t Die is a literary series by Katie Alender who spent her childhood, and schooled, in South Florida. Katie undertook communication studies at Alexander W. Dreyfoos (High) School of the Arts, before pursuing filmmaking at Florida State University. A Los Angeles resident, the former television producer was a third grader (she considered being a marathoner and a zookeeper by then) when she began composing stories, which she has been publishing stories since– December 1991—her high schooling days. Her former schoolmate Matthew Elblonk doubles up as her literary agent.

A speculative fiction author, Katie’s literary influences include: a writing guide by Stephen King; American poets Kathleen Norris and Barbara Kingsolver; Englishwoman Jane Austen, Russia-born American authoress Ayn Rand, and juvenile literature writer Paula Danziger.

Books in the Bad Girls Don’t Die
Katie’s concluded three-book series Bad Girls Don’t Die – also a book’s title — has garnered tens of thousands of over four-star ratings. The inspiration for writing the Bad Girls Don’t Die series resulted from imagining a family estrangement between two sisters and their parents, which prompts the sisters to fictionalize (the younger of them believes the stories unlike her sibling) their family myths that have ghostly twists.

Thus, Katie’s five-month-long drafting (she nearly quit at the 100-page mark) and a six-week-long revising process resulted in Bad Girls Don’t Die¬¬, which was initially titled The Girl Least Likely.

Little Brown and Company originally released Bad Girls Don’t Die¬¬ on April 21, 2009. Bad Girls Don’t Die¬¬’s 20+ versions include several translations, titled: Kötü Kızlar Ölmez (Turkish), Złe dziewczyny nie umierają (Polish), Le cattive ragazze non muoiono mai (Italian), Las chicas malas no mueren (Spanish), A rossz lányok nem halnak meg (Hungarian), and Sestřička (Czech).

Bad Girls Don’t Die’s protagonists are a teenage girl called Alexis Warren and her pre-teen sister named Kasey Warren. A domestic violence between their workaholic, promotion-obsessed mother and hangout-crazed father alienates the children whose mutual consolation sees them through.
Kasey—an unruly, dolls-loving girl aged twelve—is a habitual victim of spirit obsession that Alexis—a pink-haired photographer aged 15, who is dealing with hateful schoolmates—shrugs off and terms make-believe. The friendless Alexis—she is not only juggling her sister’s concern with her sworn enemy and cheerleader named Megan Wiley but also an affair with her lover Carter Blume—soon discovers supernatural activities in their haunted house; ranging from tell-tale signs on her newly-photographed images to Kasey’s color-changing eyes and Old English usage to self-moving household objects. The cause is a communicative doll-embedded ghost that is using the spirit-possessed Kasey to rob them of a genealogical report and cause both mischief and a car accident.
Initially dated June 14, 2011; From Bad to Cursed is book two in her Bad Girls Don’t Die series. Foreign versions include Od złej do przeklętej (Polish) and Lanetli Kızlar (Turkish). In the book From Bad to Cursed, Kasey has since overcome her spirit possession. Alexis and Megan have since reconciled, and are now bosom friends. Now in high school, Kasey associates herself with schoolmates whose allegiance may cause her to relapse into demonic possession.

From Bad to Cursed’s tipping point is the moment Kasey signs up for the membership of a seemingly personal growth-oriented school club, called The Sunshine Club, where she revamps her dressing sense and is beautified and excels academically. Megan and Alexis infiltrate The Sunshine Club, wherein—through a spirit board—the concerned Alexis discovers that the club is fronting for a cult whose members are allied to Aralt, a ghost that is outwardly generous but actually wicked as it kills defiant members. A girl magnet and a heartbreaker (his jilted lovers became suicidal) during his physical realm, Aralt’s death prompted his then possessive lover Tashi to preserve his heart. Club member Alexis is carried away by desires, prompting the unsworn member Kasey to rescue her.
Dated May 15, 2012; As Dead As It Gets is the last and third book in her serialized Bad Girls Don’t Die. Notable translations: Bardziej martwa być nie może (Polish) and Daha Ölü Olamazdı (Turkish). In As Dead As It Gets, Alexis has since separated with Carter Blume whom she has replaced with Jared.

Alexis did not intervene as Aralt brutally murdered one of the girls, named Lydia Small, whose ghost is seemingly haunting Alexis. Things worsen following the disappearance of other club members. She is now a clairvoyant and fighting another superior ghost. Alexis initially mistook it for Lydia’s ghost, but it turns out to be associated with Jared who—by falling in love with Alexis—was merely seeking a replacement relationship. Incidentally, Jared used to have a soul mate called Laina who died after a hiking accident. Thus, it was Laina’s influential ghost—motive: it wants Jared to have Alexis, thus kills other girls to prevent competition—that had murdered two club members, seriously wounded another, and was now targeting Kasey. To save Kasey, Alexis eliminates Jared as he hosts Liana’s ghost.

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