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Publication Order of Bad Habits Books

Staci Hart is an American author of fictional novels. She is a prolific author with several series under her belt, from the Bad Habits series to the Good Gods series, Hearts and Arrows series, and more.

Staci is now a writer but has worked several day jobs on her way to becoming a published author. She has worked a variety of jobs, doing everything from working as a seamstress to being an entrepreneur, working as a waitress, doing graphic design, designing clothing and handbags, and others. One of her greatest jobs so far has been being a mother. Staci has gotten married and given birth to three girls. She is convinced that her daughters will go on to break many hearts when they get older.

The author is the first to admit that cooking is not one of her strong points and she doesn’t particularly have a talent when it comes to cleaning. But she is social and says that when she has some whiskey and is at a party, she is definitely part of the fun. Staci has ties to the Houston area, having lived there for some time. She also lived on the west coast, spending some time in the Southern California area. After seven years of that, she and the family decided to go up north and reside in the Denver area. The mountains and the snow there made for a great location and place to call home.

Staci’s family loved Denver but decided that they craved yet another place to call home. As a result, they all decided that they wanted to move to Holland. It has proven to be a good choice since it is a wonderful place to reside and has magic all its own. The author says that one of the best things to do there is to go and ride bicycles, taking them in the summer to ride by the canals. It is also an ideal place if you are a fan of cheese and wish to eat too much of it at times. She is always writing and working on a book or reading but does graphic design when not doing that or spending time with her family.

Staci Hart is the creator and the author of the Bad Habits series of fictional novels. This engaging series first got started in 2015 with the publication of With a Twist, the debut novel in the series. That was followed by the second installment of the series, titled Chaser. Last Call is the third novel in this series. If you like creative series that involve romance, you are in the right place! Check out this series for yourself and see what you think.

With a Twist is the first novel in Staci Hart’s Bad Habits series. This novel starts off by introducing the readers to the main character of Lily Thomas. Lily has always thought that love didn’t need to be too high up on the list for her goals in life. After all, she’s focused on what matters, and that’s ballet.

Lily has invested six years participating in the New York Ballet and rising through the ranks. She wants the prize and to be the best, which means ignoring the possibility of romance, dating, or love entirely. Lily’s going after her goals and even if she does have a crush on Blane Baker, what does it matter? But the appeal of her crush finally being single is starting to alter her judgment.

Is Lily going to abandon her focus and goals for love? Once they’re together, the truth is that it’s not as amazing as Lily thought it would be. As a result, she starts moving towards a man that is actually perfect for her. Lily’s known West since she became a tenant in the building. They’ve always been friends and he even helped save her furniture one time.

They’ve always gotten along and seen each other as just friends. But when Lily realizes that they might be better as an actual pair, are the two mere moments away from coupling up? Read this book to find out!

Chaser is the second novel in the Bad Habits series by Staci Hart. In this sequel, readers meet the main characters of Maggie and Cooper.

Cooper always saw Maggie as the little sister of his best friend and not an option. He’s always seen her as just the sister of a friend with freckles and curly hair. But when he sees her one unique night, he feels a level of protection for her that he’s never felt for anyone. Staying away from her is part of his way of keeping her safe and making sure he doesn’t break her heart.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s found that the man she’s supposed to marry is having sex with the maid of honor just before they’re set to go be together forever. So she leaves and goes to New York to reboot. The problem is that Cooper’s there, and she’s attracted to him. He’s a playboy with money to spend and they’ve got chemistry.

When she sees Cooper, she knows it’ll be tough to stay away. But a fling couldn’t hurt, could it? Using him as an escape, she’s trying to ignore the feelings rising inside her for him. Can Maggie resist what she feels? Or is she falling for the one guy that she thinks that she shouldn’t be falling for at all? Read this book to find out!

Last Call is the third novel in the Bad Habits series by Staci Hart. Rose Fisher is used to sticking to her decisions.

When her ex-boyfriend dumped her randomly and got a new girl, she knew she wanted nothing to do with him. She couldn’t help that she saw him everywhere she went. But she’s going to keep him in the friend zone even as their friends choose sides and they drift apart.

Rose is going to date other guys and show him that she’s over him. But Patrick is still in love with her and isn’t willing to let her go that easily. Can he help repair their relationship? Will Rose admit she still cares for him? Read this book to find out!

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