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Baddest Chick Books In Order

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Publication Order of Apple & Kola: The Baddest Chick Books

It can be sometimes hard to find the perfect book series that will draw you in and keep you interested. But that is one thing that you get with The Baddest Chick book series. The Baddest Chick is a fictional series and it is a popular book series about girls who know what they want and who will do anything they can to get it. There are six books in total in the series, all written by Nisa Santiago. Below we’ll go through the books, their characters, and take a look at why these books are so popular.

Bad Apple

Bad Apple is the first book in The Baddest Chick series. Apple is a seventeen-year-old girl with a twin sister named Kola. Apple knows what it is that she wants and she will use any means to get it. The problem is that there are repercussions for her actions, and these actions sometimes turn deadly. When she gets into a situation that is a bit over her head, she has a mess to clean up but it may not be very easy for her to do.

Of course, Kola’s dealing with her own problems. She likes life in the fast lane. Unfortunately, like a lot of sisters, her and Apple are at odds and she’s jealous of what Apple has.

In a book filled with lust, betrayal, and two sisters who are not the best of friends, the Harlem life draws you in and makes you wonder what is going to happen next.

Coca Kola

Apple and Kola are back in this second book in the series. Still living in New York the two sisters have a loud and prominent message for those around them. Apple is still dealing with her past every day, as her exploits from the first book are now haunting her. The work she’s been working to build is now falling apart.

Of course, Kola is still angry with her sister and waiting for her downfall. She’s got a plan but Apple isn’t going to give up so easily.


The sisters are back and now things are getting more interesting. One of the sisters is living a dream and one of them is living a nightmare. Who is the one who has all of her dreams coming true? Which sister is now hated by everyone? Is it Apple who reigns supreme? Or has Kola finally gotten her wish to take over her sister? As the books before it, this book’s filled with many problems and a bounty of choices. With murderous thoughts, revenge, and a wish to be on top, Checkmate is the strongest book that is in the series yet.

Come follow Checkmate as one of the sisters is trapped in her own personal hell and having trouble finding a way out. Betrayed by those she trusted and feeling alone, she has to be strong to overcome.

Face Off

We have now reached the fourth book in the series and the sisters are still rivals. But things are now about to become a lot realer. One sister has endured the hell of the last book and is now back on top. She intends to get revenge for her torture and no one knows what she has planned.

The other sister is now in Miami and has her own set of problems. She has a lot of people who hate her and want her out at any cost. Her life is on the line and she’s finding betrayal somewhere she doesn’t expect it. Now she is motivated to get herself on top and put Miami and everyone in its place.

Both sisters have enemies who are planning to bring them to their knees. Both of them are strong. Both of them have a Face Off they’ll be facing.

On the Run

As On the Run starts out we have a new conflict. One sister is living in another country with her niece. This all comes to a crashing end when her seemingly idyllic life is shattered. Now she is back in the place where it all started. Things seem like they’re getting better when she comes face to face with a guy by the name of Twin who is happy to take care of her and her niece.

The other sister is resurrected from death and hiding in Baltimore, struggling to make a comeback. But she has no friends or family, so she is using her time to plot and figure out how to get everything she lost back. Eventually she finds a guy with the name of Twin who reminds me of someone else.

The two sisters are living in two different states. They may even love the same guy. What will happen if the sisters meet up again in Harlem and fight? Who will survive? Who will prevail? What will happen?

Unfinished Business

The latest book in the series finds the sisters wanting to retire from their lifestyle. But the lingering feuds show that their work isn’t done yet. Before their life can become peaceful and can give them what they want – a nice normal life, they have some business they have to attend to.

While they clean things up, they cleverly disguise themselves. But their biggest challenge is yet to come. They come face to face with someone from their past. Someone that they once loved. Someone that once loved them. Someone that they have to take care of before their life can change for the better.

Who is going to live? Who is going to die? Will the book Unfinished Business finish the sisters off once and for all? Or will they prevail and get the lifestyle they now want to have? Only time will tell!

This book series is a great action book series. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing until the very end. With so many plots and twists, it shows how the problem of sibling rivalry can really get out of hand. You never know what is going to happen when Kola and Apple get together. These girls are not your typical innocent 17 year olds. They are ruthless, they are strong, and they know what they want.

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