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Publication Order of Badge Of Honor Books

Badge of Honor is a sequence of novels which was written by W.E.B Griffin. The series focuses on Philadelphia Police Department. The original setting of the books was done in the 1970s and also in the early 1980s. The characters in the series have a few years. W.E.B Griffin is an American renowned writer who focuses mainly on military and detection. The series has a number of recurring characters. Among them is Jerry Carlucci. He is the former Philadelphia mayor. He is evidently showed on Frank Rizzo. He served for 26 years in the police service just like Rizzo. Carlucci held each rank in the service apart from those held by women. Being the mayor, he had a police commissioner who was under him. However, he still insisted first-hand administration of the department of police. An African American known as Alvin Martin succeeded Carlucci in Final Justice. In an ostensible disconnect which began 30 days after ending of Final Justice, Carlucci is seen to be in full control. This disconnect has the title The Traffickers. The second recurring character is Paulo Cassandro. Paulo is the sotto capo in charge of Philadelphia Mafia. He is the second in command in the army. He owns the Classic Livery. It offers limousines services to the public. Paulo together with his brother Pietro, assists in enforcing the Vincente Savarese. Taddeus Czernich, a nominal police commissioner is a figurehead of Jerry Carlucci. Ralph Mariani who is an Italian American succeeds Taddeus in Final Justice.

Penny Detweiler is the daughter to Richard Detweiler who is the major stakeholder in Nesfoods. Penny was tangled with Anthony DeZito and she was there during his murder. Penny’s relationship with Anthony caused her heroin addiction. The heroin addiction made her be hospitalized in Nevada privately. The addiction subsequently led to her death. Matt Lowenstein was in charge of the detectives. Carlucci’s interference with the detectives annoyed him and this led to his attempt to resign. However, in The Murderers, Carlucci gave him concessions and hence he stayed in office. Matt’s role is founded on Philadelphia former Police Inspector knew as Frank Goldberg. Jesus Martinez is also a detective who is stationed at the division of Special Operations in the police force. He associated with Charlie McFadden to become undercover detectives of narcotics. The two were competent detectives but their career end came when they arrested the person who murdered Moffit who was the Highway Patrol chief. They were great friends and work partners. Martinez was transferred to the Airport department while Charlie went to the special operations unit.

Mickey O’Hara was a police reporter for the Philadelphia Bulletin. Mickey was recognized as among the best reporters because he listened to the police views on most controversial events. His car has many police band receivers. Despite him being respected by the police, he published stories about the police service which they did not like to be made public. Among these stories was the arresting of an incompetent police captain. He also took photos of important events such as the killing of Matt Payne. Matthew Payne, commonly known as Matt is the son of Moffit. His father was killed while on duty and therefore his mother had to work as a secretary to earn a living. His mother fell in love with a Philadelphia attorney and they got married. Payne was assigned to the special operations unit after his graduation. He became a hero after killing a serial rapist and killer whom he had accidently found. He was later on assigned to the detectives’ office but Carlucci ordered his reassigning to the Special Operations unit. His stay there became troublesome. In Final Justice, Payne is a Detective Sergeant who solves rape and murder cases. Payne loved Penny Detweiler who died of heroin overdose. Amy Payne is an elder sister to Matt Payne. She has a doctorate degree in medicine and pure mathematics and she works as a psychiatrist. Her patients included Penelope Detweiler and Vincenzo Savarese’s granddaughter. She had an input in the Special Operations unit where she has assessed the serial rapists. Martha Peebles was the heir to a coal mining fortune. Her brother Stephen was disinherited by the father for being a homosexual. Stephen had to stay with Martha but after many instances of pilferage he moved out. Dave Pekach is the commanding officer of the Highway police unit. Carlucci gave this role to him and he investigated many cases of Peebles home burglaries. Vincenzo Savarese was in charge of Philadelphia Mafia. He is a qualified violinist though he has the capacity to order the death of a person indirectly. His daughter is married to a certain builder who is not involved in crime. His granddaughter is raped by a Narcotics police. Jason Washington is referred to his peers as the best homicide detective in Philadelphia. He speaks using good vocabulary and uses psychology when interrogating and determining stories. He didn’t want to get a transfer from this division because he earned overtime pay for his services. Nevertheless, in Final Justice, he worked as a Lieutenant.

Martha Washington is a partner to Jason. She is popularly referred to as America’s first president’s wife. She always drives her husband to arts events. Lastly, Peter Wohl is in charge of the division of Special operations. He served as the youngest cop in the division. He is honest and greatly on the forefront of fighting corruption. He is known for sending a corrupt judge to prison. He condemns acts by his fellow officers that are not in line with the law. He remains unmarried but he has a relationship with Amy Payne that is on and off. He is the son of a retired Detectives Chief known as Augustus Wohl.
The author uses familiar scenes and this makes it interesting to the readers since they are able to relate to the places used. The use of suspense makes one eager to continue with the reading as one eagerly wants to know what happens next. Lastly, there is a good connection from one scene to the next hence making it something to look forward to.

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