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Publication Order of Desert Outlaws MC Books

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Bailee James
Author Bailee James lives with her husband, two kids, and fur babies in the sunshine state.

Between being a mother and working toward her dream to get her stories out into the world, she can either be found with her nose in some book or partaking in one of the so many crafting hobbies that she comes up with.

“Flame’s Touch” is the first novel in the “Desert Outlaws MC” series and was released in 2022. Bunny is currently on the run from something, and following this strict set of rules in order to save up just enough money for art school, while she remains hidden from the past. She stumbles upon this small town and takes the very first job that she finds in this place that she had never even imagined herself working: this strip club that the local motorcycle club owns. What happens when the shy new girl and the tattoo artist meet?

Flame has always been a love em and leave em sort of guy. However right when he lays his eyes on the new girl in town, he offers her a ride home on the back of his bike. What makes the new girl so very special that he keeps letting his defenses down, one at a time? Bunny is filled with surprises, and once he discovers that she is also an artist, then all bets are off while he takes her under his wing in order to teach her the ways of tattooing.

Can Flame survive working right next to Bunny each and every day, or is he going to stop at nothing in order to get her beneath him? Does Bunny head for the hills at the first sign of trouble, or is Flame going to be the one that helps her set some roots down in a place that is finally feeling like her home?

This was a very emotional yet pretty entertaining read with an excellent humor and drama combination. Readers love the way that Bailee slowly reveals more and more about Bunny’s past while she gets closer to Flame. Any misunderstandings that they may have are quickly talked out and resolved. It creates a little mystery about what happened with Bunny, as you continue to wonder about her past and why she is on the run to begin with, and once you know it did not disappoint.

Bunny and Flame are smoking hot together, and this is a fantastic story, and a super slow burn, with nothing until 72% of the way in but is definitely worth the wait. And once things fell apart, it made things that much more climactic. Readers loved the way the girls supported one another and rallied together. Readers appreciated there’s none of the catty behavior the girls have toward each other that is found in a bunch of strip club settings like this one has. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see on the page. The plot was dangerous and entertaining in equal measure.

“Trigger’s Forever” is the second novel in the “Desert Outlaws MC” series and was released in 2022. Just a few months of pleasure that is quickly ripped away from Trigger.

After Trigger grew up in the foster system, he never pictures himself being a family man. Instead he finds the family that he needs through his motorcycle club. So imagine his surprise once he catches the attention of his late club brother’s daughter. It was just supposed to be for a bit of fun, however one night wound up changing everything. Now Trigger’s every desire is hanging in the balance, right out of his grasp.

Pebbles (who’s real name is Heather), for as long as she is able to remember, has wanted to run a dance studio of her own. Growing up around all of the badasses in her dad’s motorcycle club, she was forced to learn how to be both independent and strong. With a mom that could really care less about what she did, Pebbles was able to take care of herself and did what she had to in order to survive.

Becoming a stripper was not at the very top of her to do list, however she so easily slipped into this role, right from the beginning. Pebbles is able to handle herself on and off the stage, however will she be able to control herself when some biker with honey brown eyes sets her whole body on fire? And what will happen when forces beyond her own control threaten to destroy the relationship that they build?

Can Trigger succeed in convincing Pebbles that she does deserve happiness, or is Pebbles going to continue to go through life just convincing herself that she is not worthy? If there is one thing about Trigger, the man really just does not give up all that easily.

This is an incredible read that readers just had to know what would happen next. The book is incredibly well written and readers just couldn’t put the book down for very long. Trigger and Pebbles have excellent chemistry together, and you really feel for Pebbles, who tries getting over the assault that happened to her and get back to how she was. And Trigger just tries his best to be patient with her and gave her the things she needed in order to help her heal. And wait for her to know just how much he truly loves her.

They are amazing on their own as well. Reading how Pebbles is able to heal from what happened to her is pretty awe inspiring, that’s for sure. The novel has a great storyline filled with excellent characters, banter, suspense, action, danger, a ton of tension, hot bikers, strong ladies, babies, and romance.

Readers enjoyed everything about this one, with even finding the minor characters to be likable people and cannot wait to see what comes next from this series and this author, for that matter. This is a hard core read, with love and action, with motorcycles. For those that need a great read, Bailee James is definitely a go to author.

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