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Bailey Brothers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Bailey Brothers Books

Protecting You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fighting for Us (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unraveling Him (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rushing In (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Her Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rewriting the Stars (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bailey Brothers is a series of romance books by Amazon Top 5 bestselling author of sexy romance and romantic comedy books Claire Kingsley. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone book as it features a unique romance of its own.

Protecting You
If you love stories where friends eventually become lovers, especially if they knew each other right from childhood, then Protecting You, the first book in Bailey Brothers series by Claire Kingsley, should be top of your list.

The Bailey Brothers series is a spin-off of the Miles Family series- so it’s highly recommended you check out the Miles Family series to get a better understanding of the characters in this new series. For example, Grace Miles, a character in this novel, was first introduced to us in the Miles series after we discovered that she was a step-sibling to the Miles clan.

At the end of the Miles series, the author gives us a glimpse into the future when Grace informs her siblings that her lover, Asher Bailey, is in prison. But the author does it so creatively that the reader can’t guess why and how he was sent into prison until they read Protecting You novel. And as you can guess from the title of the novel, our hero in this story is just as that, and he accepts his fate with gratitude and fortitude.

In the first book in the Bailey Brothers series, we learn of Grace and Asher backstory from when they were next-door neighbors and how their friendship slowed turned into a tend and sweet adult romance. They are a perfect match and knew each other so well, but unfortunately drifted apart after they went to college, but still bounced back immediately they reconnected. The two characters are strong, focused, family-oriented, have morals and values, and truly love each other.

Asher is such an adorable character and doesn’t give up pursuing his romantic relationship. Though he’s a strong character, he’s still vulnerable and unsure if Grace does feel the same way- but that doesn’t make him divert from his mission to win her heart.

And he did win her heart, but as soon as they began to enjoy their life as a couple, something happened that would forever change their future. Asher loves Grace enough to let her go, but she loves him too much to wait for him.

Protecting You is a fantastic start to a great series. It sets the stage for what’s to come and introduces us to all the different characters that we shall meet along the way. Being a spin-off series, it’s important to note that some of the events in this book actually occur before the Miles Family series. But it’s not a must you read the Miles Family series before reading this book, but reading the series will give you a better insight into the heroine of this story.

Besides introducing us to this new world, this book also marks Asher and Grace’s story. From childhood friends to lovers, and you’ll appreciate all that. While the story does with a bit of cliffhanger if you’ve ready the Miles series, this won’t be big of a shock. If you’re looking for a sexy small-town romance, then you will enjoy reading Protecting You. There are no explicit and torrid love scenes but just hometown sweetness.

Fighting for Us
This is the second book in the Bailey Brother series and gives us the rest of Grace and Asher’s story. It’s been seven years Asher spent in prison. Those years made him someone else, someone willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive. Seven years that cut him entirely from the outside world, and now without time to prepare, he’s a free man.

He’s forced to learn to live again, getting to know his brothers, who are all grown men, and getting a chance to see Grace again, the only woman he’s ever loved and the woman he let go of. He wasn’t prepared and is shocked to see that she still got the engagement ring and called him fiancé.

Grace’s reunion with the man she has always loved is nothing like she’d imagined all those years. She clearly understands that it will be hard for her man to adust to life again. She was never prepared for him to continue pushing her away. But when she’s ready to give in to his demands and let him go, she looks into his eyes and sees the boy she’s always loved and instantly knows that she can never walk away. She has to remain put and fight for her love.

Grace and Asher’s path is not an easy one. Asher is a man with so much anger inside, and while he might be free in a legal sense, walking around town doing what he pleases, on the inside, he’s in a prison cell, always looking over his shoulder and never letting his guard down.

On the other hand, Grace is a strong heroine, and it’s clear that she truly loves Asher even though he pushes her away. She’s the person with the never-failing acceptance that the two are meant to be together. And as you get to read, you will see that she’s too scared and painting deep down, but she’s just good at keeping it hidden.

Fight for Us is a sad yet great story full of many painful scenes that will have tears dropping and heart-melting as you read through the chapters. There are also so many sexy times, sweet moments, and silly times despite all the sad moments. The Bailey brothers are unique, and you should stick around to get to know the secrets each brother hides.

Clare Kingsley has crafted an incredible cast of supporting characters that all help develop the main characters. For example, Grace’s best friend named Cara, steals the show most of the time. She’s loyal and full of fun, and she’s genuinely Grace’s person.

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