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Bailey Flanigan by Karen Kingsbury is a series of novels by America’s favorite inspirational storyteller that boasts more than twenty-five million of her works in print. Karen Kingsbury was born to Anne and Ted Kingsbury in Fairfax Virginia and admits to loving Dr. Seuss from the time her father read to her “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” when she was aged five. Since her father was working as an engineer with IBM the family moved around a lot that she found solace in books, since she always had to leave friends behind. She decided that she wanted to become a novelist when she was ten and living in the San Fernando Valley, where she asserts her heart overflowed with stories. However, she studied the more practical journalism in High School and College and went on to work as a sports writer with the Los Angeles Times. It was during this time that she met her husband Don that she married in 1989.

It was not until she sold her first crime story to People Magazine 6 months into her first pregnancy that she knew she could become a professional author. She has never looked back since and has become a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author with more than 100 novels and short stories. Many of her novels are currently being developed into films with the “Baxter Family” series slated to start airing as a TV series sometime in 2020. She has also collaborated with Liberty University, where she teaches a Creative Writing course as an adjunct professor. In 2001, the Kingsburys adopted three children from Haiti though all their children are now all grown up and living outside the home.

The Bailey Flanigan series of novels are about Bailey and Cody two of the most popular characters for anyone that has been reading any of the latest series by Kingsbury. They are two young adults who are just beginning to work in exciting new careers that unfortunately pulls them away from each other. Bailey has grown from a naïve teenager into an independent young woman that is loving her new life in New York. She has a very strong relationship with her mother which every girl would love to have. She grows to love her new job as an actor in Broadway Musicals and showcases the strength of will and character to learn everything she has to. On the other hand, her boyfriend Cody has taken up a job as a football coach in a small community in Indiana. Cody is just as headstrong as she is and wants to pursue his dreams just as hard. Distance, circumstances and new friends will put a lot of strain on their relationship. They have always had a very strong relationship but with love, big opportunities, and loneliness coming into the picture, they are now having to make big decisions. They have each made choices to live their lives to the fullest and these choice have hurt them really bad.

“Leaving”, the first novel of the Bailey Flanigan series is a story of forgiveness, hope, and love. The story opens to the news that Bailey Flanigan just won the audition for Hairspray the Broadway play. While she has won the part she is not too happy as she thinks they gave it to her because she had been part of “Unlocked” the movie. Nonetheless, a voice in her head tells her that she gave her best and maybe it was her excellence and attitude that got her the role. While she is processing all these, Cody her longtime love interest moved away quietly and is ignoring her texts. She is worried about him since she has always loved him and wanted to make it official with him. While Cody has left, she still believes that they might still survive and that their love will win in the end. But Cody has moved to a rural town in Indiana where he is taking out his frustrations as a football coach on a bunch of unruly kids. He loses his temper, screams at them and overall treats them very badly. But deep down he wants to see them win by fixing the mess in their lives. Can Cody succeed in getting the team into great competitive shape and will Bailey finally find herself without Cody?

“Learning”, the second novel of the Bailey Flanigan series continues the story of Bailey and Cody. Bailey is getting closer to achieving her dream of becoming a dancer and actress in New York, while Cody is coaching a high school football team in Indiana. Cody has just been promoted to head coach of the team and is using the experiences from his youth to transform the lives of the young footballers. He has been making progress on and off the field as he has developed a deep friendship with Cheyenne, and has also been making headway with the players. He still thinks of Bailey but he is starting to develop feelings for Cheyenne, though he asserts that is a different kind of love from what he had with Bailey. Meanwhile, while Bailey is making progress adjusting to Broadway has not been easy since she does not fit in with the rest of the New York girls. She thinks God is calling her to reach out to the other girls and share her faith with them. However, it takes the death of one girl for her to gather the courage to listen to God’s voice. In the meantime, she is getting close to Brandon Paul and is enjoying spending time with him. By the end of the novel, she realizes that she is in love with Brandon. Just like Cody thinks his relationship with Cheyenne is so awesome, Bailey has a surreal relationship with Brandon who she thinks is the perfect boyfriend.

“Longing” is the third novel of the Bailey Flanigan series. It continues from where the second novel left off. After Cody went silent leaving Bailey alone and lonely for months, she has become close to Brandon Paul, a fellow Hollywood star. He takes her out on the town, to the best spots of New York City and they have long talks in his Malibu Beach home. She is dizzy with the love and affection that she thinks that maybe she may forget Cody. Meanwhile, Cody has achieved much success with his high school coaching job, which has brought his team into the national limelight. In the middle of all the success and attention, Cody believes he has finally found the woman who understands his new life and what he is all about. Nonetheless, both Cody and Bailey think of each other longingly from time to time. They hope they can find answers to what could have been before they can move on with their new lives. Could they find each other again after being apart for more than a year? And could their meeting reignite the love they once felt for each other?

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    I’m aware of the loving longing leaving series where bailey is the main character but I can’t remember which book first introduces her and her childhood crush on cody. Please email me back with the answer I have to buy this book.


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