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Publication Order of Bailey Weggins Books

If Looks Could Kill (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Body to Die For (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
'Til Death Do Us Part (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Over Her Dead Body (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lethally Blond (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Pretty it Hurts (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Even if it Kills Her (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Such a Perfect Wife (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bailey Weggins is the main character in the series of mystery novels by Kate White, an American novelist. Bailey Weggins, the series was introduced in 2002 with the book If The Looks Could Kill as the first novel in this series. Bailey is a former police reporter and crime writer for a top women’s magazine based in Manhattan. Weggins is a very terrific heroine. She is happily divorced, successful and lives the good life in a relatively small Greenwich Village apartment.

Bailey Weggins jumps headlong to a murder investigation when Catherine Jones’s nanny dies after she ate poisoned Godiva chocolates that were apparently meant for Catherine. Catherine is editor-in-chief of Gloss; the women’s magazine that Weggins is a contributing writer. In her investigation, Weggins assembles a very long list of all possible suspects. Catherine has clawed Bailey way to the top within the magazine business. This has left a lot of people who have reasons to dislike her. However, the question is, will any of those reasons result into murder? And is this attempt on Catherine’s life related to an earlier death from poisoned mushrooms by another women magazine’s editor?

The books which Bailey Weggins has featured have received several starred reviews from several publications and she’s been covered in many places from New York Times to The Today Show. The first book in Bailey Weggins mystery series, If The Looks Could Kill, got named as the best Reading Book with Rippa selection. The series is published in a total of 13 countries all over the world.

If The Looks Could Kill

In the first novel of Bailey Weggins mystery series, Bailey Weggins, a true crime writer drops by the apartment of Cat Jones, her boss, only to find out that the family’s nanny is dead from a poisoned chocolate truffle. The main question that lingers in her mind is whether Catherine was actually the intended victim. Weggins sets to find out the truth. She soon realizes that it is more complicated–and deadly–than what she ever imagined.

Bailey Weggins, a thirtysomething, single-again writer is a smart and savvy lady. She has got a sixth sense whenever it comes to seeing the whole truth in a story—more so if it is murder. Bailey is in bed with K.C., her commitment-challenged lover when she receives a frantic call from her high-maintenance manager at Gloss magazine. Grabbing a cab and coffee outside her Greenwich’s Village apartment—the only consolation prize that she got in her divorce settlement—Weggins reluctantly heads uptown towards Catherine Jones’s house where she finds something which seriously clashes with the chic décor: a dead body of Catherine’s live-in nanny.

As Bailey delves unofficially into the murdered girl’s past events, she finds a good of A-list suspects. However, when a certain startling discovery suggests that Catherine might have been the intended victim, Weggins is suddenly up to her bedhead in this high-profile investigation that’s a perfect fodder for the tabloid’s headline: Is Someone Attempting to Kill the Women’s Magazine Editors?

The spotlight is on the glitzy media world in New York as Bailey interviews straying husbands, back-stabbing editors, and a certain sexy, six-foot psychologist who could make Bailey decide to kick K.C. to the curb. Sporting a pair of the red sling-backs and well-armed with investigative skills, she is honed as a real-crime reporter. Bailey sets out on the search that takes her from the Manhattan exclusive Carnegie-Hill areas—the nanny heartland of U.S.A—to ritzy weekend estates of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Bailey will have to use all her street smarts and a little bit of lightning-fast detective work so as to catch the killer who might end up deleting her names from the masthead forever.

One of the knowledgeable single urbanites that have ever taken up sleuthing yet they still look great, Weggins made a smashing debut in Kate’s If The Looks Could Kill. The novel is one of the delectable and dishy New York Times bestsellers in addition to being the first reading book with Ripa’s Book Club selection. The Gloss magazine crime writer now returns in the story of low murder and high style that goes far behind the saunas and salons of the ritzy country spas to uncover. This is a very interesting book for all those who love reading investigatory novels.

Body to Die For

After her very last adventure, Bailey is one tired news reporter. As a result, when one old family friend decides to invite her for a weekend at Cedar Inn in the rural Massachusetts areas, she quickly jumps at this chance that will enable her to leave Manhattan area for a bit of major pampering.

At the elegant hideaway, with the Asian-inspired spa, Bailey Weggins is luxuriating to hypnotic sounds of water that is spilling over stones along with a soothing scent of the green-tea candles. However, mayhem is a mere step away which Bailey discovers after she stumbles across a certain corpse that was wrapped mummy-style in the treatment room. Her time-out is instantly transformed to another full-tilt murder investigation. Weggins had not anticipated meeting any person other than the socialites who were slathering their cellulite using Shea butter. However, she is now dealing with a long list of suspects who are dirtier than the mud bath: a shady husband, spurned lover and a certain group of employees that seem to hide some information. And against Bailey’s better judgment, she cannot seem to keep all her hands off a sexy homicide detective who is assigned to this case.

Desperate to help spa’s owner, a friend to her mother, Bailey ends up finding herself chasing the clues across the state lines as yet another death sweeps Bailey into the sight of a vicious murderer. And this time round, the body inside this mud wrap could just be her own body.

Kate White details all the fine points of sento baths and Ayurvedic treatments with the insider’s assuredness. Even non-Cosmo readers will undoubtedly appreciate all the scandalous twists, teenage sex, deaths by seaweed wrap and the happy ending’ massages.

This is a hot page-turner and if you are a sucker of suspense, you will certainly love it. Fans will also find Bailey Weggins’ sassy wit being as engaging as ever and they are guaranteed to admire the skills with which Kate White pulls all threads together .

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