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Bakers Treat Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Baker's Treat Mysteries Books

Gluten for Punishment (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Gone A-Rye (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flourless to Stop Him (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Baker’s Treat is a book series that tells us the story of a woman called Toni Ryder. She returns home to Oiltop, Arkansas, bringing her gluten-free bakery business with her. The series starts with “Gluten for Punishment”, and the story finds Toni not feeling quite at home with her new surroundings. This is because her gluten-free bakery business seems out of place in an area where wheat is grown. When a murder is committed in Oil Top, Toni becomes the chief suspect and she must rely on her family to solve this murder mystery and prove that she is innocent.

Baker’s Treat is just about to open and there are people who have started gathering. However, a person called George Meister starts to spout off against the bakery and its owner. Flour bombs are then tossed at the storefront. Next morning, Toni returns to the bakery and after a few hours, she decides to go for a small break at the storefront. However, she soon discovers a dead body in a horse trough that was in front of her store. So this is the reason why she is a prime suspect in the murder because when the police arrive, they discover that the dead body belongs to Meister.

Since Toni had an altercation with Meister, she is suspected of murdering him. Her storefront business now takes a hit and the police also confiscate her computer, which means that online sales will also be affected. Toni’s grandmother Ruth used to be an investigative journalist for a newspaper until it downsized, and so she is recruited to help in finding clues to the murder of George Meister. However, just as Toni and her grandma start off on a good note, another killing takes place.

The author has done a good job in telling the story, and there are many interesting characters in the plot. Meister is not such an innocent man because he has had some arguments with some local people. To compound his misery, the bank wants to foreclose his farm. A childhood friend called Tasha seems to be helping Toni but maybe she is hiding something. Toni enlists the services of a lawyer called Brad, but he is hoping to start a romance with her once the real killer has been caught. We also have Sam who met Toni soon after Baker’s Treat has been opened. Sam is always there for Toni whenever she runs into problems.

However, Toni isn’t interested in starting a relationship at the moment, but maybe as the series progresses, she might hook up with someone. It seems as if love triangles are all the rage when it comes to murder mystery novels. Some people might find that cliché and these relationships might be irritating and a complete turn-off to some. It also seems as if Toni doesn’t trust any man and she is always stating this fact. The bottom line is that the author has done a good job in coming up with a good plot for the story and the reader is kept guessing as to the real identity of the killer.

The second novel in the Baker’s Treat mystery series is called “Murder Gone A-Rye”, which is a word play on Toni’s bakery business. Maybe it’s just me but the author appears to have run out of ideas. This is because the roles are now reversed and Toni’s grandma is now suspected of murdering her archenemy, a woman called Lois Striker. Telltale tracks from a scooter like the one Grandma Ruth rides lead the police to suspect the outspoken oldster, but Toni knows her grandmother wouldn’t burn a cookie, let alone extinguish a life.

The case makes Toni’s grandma revved up even more than her scooter. As a former investigative writer, she makes up her mind to solve this murder herself-of course with some help from her granddaughter. The two of them start to dig up town secrets that have long been buried. But as her grandma starts scooting in where other people fear to go, Toni has to ensure that her grandmother not only remains free but is also not harmed in the process.

We have a character called Homer Everett who everyone thinks is a hero but that may not be the case. Even though Grandma Ruth is no longer a journalist, she still enjoys penning articles and investigating. It seems as if the woman who was murdered had some information about Everett that she wanted to share with Ruth but was murdered before she could do so. Grandma is a cantankerous person and she does not allow the matter to rest. The only way of keeping Ruth from going to jail is for her granddaughter Toni to join her aunt Phyllis in searching for the truth.

Most characters from the first book have returned to assist Toni and her grandma discover the real truth about Homer Everett. Ruth is a very interesting character, and at 90 years, she still has the spunk of youth. Sam and Brad are still interested in Toni, and both are hoping that when she starts dating, she will choose one of them. Aunt Phyllis is a new character that is introduced in the series, and she’s just as cantankerous as Ruth. The two characters will keep you shaking your head and laughing because of their outrageous antics. We are also introduced to Aubrey, a puppy that will help in solving the murder.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and so Toni is busy running her bakery. However, her grandma is breaking into town buildings and being arrested time and time again. The people of Oiltop add to the charm and the setting of the story is also very interesting. Having been hurt by her former boyfriends, Toni is not yet ready to begin dating and she has two men fighting for her love. You will like how level-headed Toni is despite the attentions of the two men. The plot of the story is also very funny and Murder Gone A-Rye is a great effort from the author. If you love a good cozy mystery, then this engaging story is highly recommended.

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