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Publication Order of The Bandy Papers Books

Three Cheers for Me (1962)Description / Buy at Amazon
That's Me in the Middle (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's Me Again (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Me Bandy, You Cissie (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Me Too (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
This One's on Me (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Me So Far (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hitler vs. Me (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stalin vs. Me (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Bandy Papers Series
The Bandy Papers is a historical fiction series by Donald Jack. This series follows Bartholomew Bandy, a man who survives the first and second world wars. The young man is expecting to work in the trenches as a doctor. Things change quickly when he is noticed for his skill and quickly promoted to join the Royal Flying Corps. Here, he interacts with the aristocrats like Lester Pearson, the King, and Winston Churchill. One outstanding feature in this series is the hilarious narration. Sure, there are some serious moments, but most of Bandy’s escapades are told in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

Three Cheers for Me
Three Cheers for Me is the first book in The Bandy Papers series. The series follows Bartholomew Bandy and his exploits in the military from the first to the second world war. Bartholomew is a fourth-year medical student in 1916 when he decides to join the war. The son of a Canadian pastor is shipped to Europe with strict commands from his parents to avoid tobacco, alcohol, and sex. Bandy expects his time in the infirmary to be smooth, so he wants to remain clean and virtuous, just like his parents want. However, the realities of war are nothing like he expected. While Bandy tries to keep his promise, he fails miserably thanks to a series of accidents and the loneliness that comes when one is so far away from home.

First, Bandy realizes that the only way to survive the war’s chaos is to just go with the flow. Fortunately, immediately he sets foot in the Western Front, he impresses the bosses. This prompts them to transfer him from the infantry to the Royal Flying Corps. His good fortunes follow him from the trenches to the air. Through many unintentional incidents, Bandy ends up meeting different senior officers. The incidents will leave you in stitches. Despite the comedic delivery, this book teaches a lot about Canada and its history. All historical details are accurate. The author has does an excellent job of vividly describing different events as they happened.

This book is a perfect example of a story well told. The author merges both history and literature into a beautiful piece filled with humor. Amidst the tragedies of war are intriguing characters that range from a mischievous horse to scrupulous colonels. A lot is going on away from the war, and it is fun seeing how life used to be in this era. You will find the protagonist exciting. As you follow him through his growth, love life, and escapades through two wars, it will be hard not to fall in love with him and hope that he survives it all. The book is action-packed to keep you glued to the pages, and following each scene is intriguing dialogue.

Three Cheers for Me is a well-written story with a lot of interesting historical details. Bandy is a character you are going to fall in love with from the start. Amazingly, he is able to maintain his humor despite all that is happening around him. First written in 1962, this book has been expanded over the years to the current 362 pages. Even if you don’t like historical fiction stories, the humor in this book should keep you reading it all to the last page.

That’s Me in the Middle
That’s Me in the Middle is the second book in The Bandy Papers series. The book takes the reader deeper into Bandy’s life in the military. Set in the last year of the first world war, this story exposes the life of both the military men and civilians they interacted with. The young man who started as a doctor in the infirmary is now an air ace. While he messes everything he touches on the ground, Bandy is like a genius in the air. From shooting down German planes and thrilling aerial combat, Bandy effortlessly accomplishes it all and much more.

Thanks to his current rank, Bandy attracts different kinds of people, including his fiancé’s family. In the author’s characteristic style, the events that unfold around Bandy are told most hilariously. It is great to see Bandy getting engaged and comfortable in the company of his future in-laws. In the way, Bandy is handy but disposable, something he knows all too well. However, this doesn’t deter him from doing his part in supporting his countrymen. The talented young man encounters many hair-raising adventures and indulges in the little pleasures that life offers him every now and then. How long does Bandy get to enjoy his honeymoon before he has to go back on the air?

This is yet another fun book that will expose the stupidity that comes with war. As the story flirts with history, you will get a feel of life in the early 1900s when some of our modern inventions were unheard of. The author’s prose is outstanding, and the flying scenes are so well described it will feel like you are right there with Bandy, inside an aircraft mostly made of wood and wires. For half of this book, Bandy will be a top official in London, allowing him to expose the infightings, incompetence, and treacherous politicians. The author also allows the reader a glimpse into Bandy’s hopeless romantic and social escapades. The tension escalates when Bandy goes back to fighting as the action is non-stop, and there is a laugh-out-loud moment almost on every page.
That’s Me in the Middle is a delightful and hilarious romp that takes you through the first world war. The unlikely and clumsy hero commit all kinds of blunders that will have you giggling for most of the book. While this imaginative tale is mostly funny, it is rooted in facts. The author exposes the harsh realities and incompetent leadership that characterize this war. You also get to hear from civilians who felt the pressures that came with the war even though they were very far from the battleground. The book is about 360 pages long, and you may want to clear your weekend and enjoy it all without interruptions.

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