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Publication Order of Bannerman Books

The Bannerman Solution (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bannerman Effect (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bannerman's Law (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bannerman's Promise / A Matter of Honor (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bannerman's Ghosts (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Featuring the exploits of one Paul Bannerman, this is a highly popular and influential series of novels from American author John R. Maxim, which he created for a number of years. Writing a number of books, he’s created an impressive collection of books over the years, many of which have been optioned and are still currently waiting the cinematic treatment. His fans remain loyal though and continue to do so, as they have been increasing day-by-day with each new subsequent release in the Paul Bannerman series. With the character himself, he’s a strong independent and ever resourceful individual who is now retired from his life as a top operative and secret assassin for the government trying to live out his final years in peace and quiet. This isn’t to be though as trouble continually has a way of finding him in Westport, Conneticut, as there are factors, and people, who don’t want him to peacefully retire. Fighting for his life he must continually manage to keep his head above water if he wants to survive against the insurmountable odds that he’s increasingly faced with.

With a highly visual style and big-budget high-concept style, it’s no small wonder that so much of his work has been optioned for the silver-screen treatment time and time again. It’s now only a matter of time until the deal goes through and it’s given the green-light to go ahead and start filming, something which seems even more likely as the series itself picks up more and more fans. Leaving a strong legacy with its enormous amount of potential to continue expanding over the years, this particular series goes from strength-to-strength for its many loyal readers which should carry on for some time yet.

The Bannerman Solution

Initially published in 1989, this was to be the book that first set-up the premise of the Bannerman series, creating it’s overall style and tone giving readers and idea of what was to come in the subsequent novels. Introducing Paul Bannerman as the lead protagonist for the first time, it manages to let the audience know who he is and what sort of trouble he will be facing. The book also manages to bring in a lot of the subsidiary characters as well, such as the many other ex-assassins and special operatives that are residing in the town of Westport, Conneticut.

The character of Paul Bannerman himself is a well defined one that has grown over the many subsequent books to come in this particular series. With a wide set of skills accrued during his lifetime an operative specially trained, there is no job too small for him and no challenge too big to deal with. As he simply wants to retire and put all this in the past, a life of action is pushed back onto him as he’s reluctantly made to defend himself from dangers beyond his control.

Set within a community of former contract agents looking to retire like him, Bannerman is looking for the peaceful life, but it isn’t to be when an order to eliminate those in community comes down from those in charge. Hoping to eliminate what they see as a ‘threat’, the powers that be aim to silently kill them all one by one, and it is up to Bannerman to prevent this from happening to him. Will he be able to survive the contract placed upon his head? Can he learn who is out to get him and stop them from doing so leaving him to live the quiet life? What will become of him as he puts into practice the Bannerman solution?

The Bannerman Effect

Following on from the last, this sequel was first published in 1990, October the 1st, as it continued directly on from the previous events continuing the story of Paul Bannerman. Still set in Westport, Conneticut, it already has the overall premise set-up from before, so it goes about further establishing the character along with his past. Creating the tone for what was to come, it manages to establish the style and ambiance, building upon the tone of Westport and the community of retired assassins and special operatives living within.

Continuing the development of Bannerman’s character, it also manages to delve into those around him, as he finds himself immersed in a like-minded community of individuals from a similar background. All this helps to elaborate upon who he is and what his current predicament is, as he once again becomes the reluctant hero of another action-packed adventure. Having seen it all before though, he is world-weary now, having to endure it more than anything in what is ostensibly a struggle to survive despite the odds stacked against him.

This time the community is subject to governmental test program that aims to eradicate such groups of people through a system of strategic assassinations. Not only that but he has only gone and fallen in love with Susan Lesko, the daughter of legendary cop from New York, a detail which could be used against him as her life is threatened, sending him into a pure rage. Will he be able to survive the forces that threaten their lives? Can he eradicate all the threats out against him? What will become of him as he finds what becomes of the Bannerman effect?

The Bannerman Series

Whilst this particularly distinctive series definitely has potential to carry on, along with its ability to transfer over to the big-screen, only time will tell what lies in store for it yet. Using a both visual and arresting style the books lend themselves to a high-octane and fast-paced tone that carries itself well throughout the series. This is something John R. Maxim knows only to well likely due to his past in marketing and advertising, as he’s able to strip it down to all the bare essentials. Over the years he has gone onto create a number of other series as well, but it is this one for which many to find his best, creating a unique character that many are able to relate to. Also in eBook format, they continue their lifespan today, gaining readers both young and old with their stories of excitement and intrigue tantalizing their audience. This is something which shall continue on into the future leaving behind it a legacy that manages to capture the attention of many, something which will carry on for many years to come yet.

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