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Publication Order of Bannon Brothers Books

The American author Janet Anne Haradon Dailey, or Janet Dailey as she was more commonly known to her loyal legion of readers, was an author of bestselling contemporary romance novels during her time. Writing for a worldwide audience, her books were translated into over nineteen different languages throughout her career, as well as selling more than 300 million copies globally. This would create a legacy quite unlike any other, allowing her to become one of the foremost novelist working within her field. Still attracting fans to this very day, her work continues to find an audience, as more and more discover her stories all the time. Focusing largely on American themes and settings, she was also a pioneer of her genre, setting herself apart from the rest working within her specific genre. Creating long lasting characters that would resonate worldwide, she would manage to find readers from both far and wide, regardless of their background. This would allow her to become the face of American romance literature for quite some time, shaping how many people viewed and understood it. Taking ideas that were universal, she was able to shape her stories into something that was globally accessible, allowing her work to easily translate for a mass-audience. It was also the engaging manner in which she wrote that also made her work highly compelling for many as well, as readers would find her books difficult to put down.

She would manage to sustain this momentum over not just singular stand-alone titles, but many long-running series too. One perfect example of this is that of her much loved and highly appreciated ‘Bannon Brothers’ series of novels, that ran for quite some time. Following the three Bannon brothers, it sees each of their respective stories, as it features romance narratives charting the characters respective relationships. Whilst they follow many of the fairly typical beats of such a series, these manage to differentiate themselves by taking a contemporary American setting, which is what Dailey came to pioneer over her career. Creating many of the tropes that readers now take for granted, this takes the classic relationship romance template and updates it for a modern audience. Looking into the minds of these classically handsome heroes, it works at establishing itself as part of the evolution of the contemporary romance genre.

Running for a total of three novels, the series would begin in 2011 with the novel ‘Trust’, as it would introduce the first Bannon brother. Creating a stand-alone romance that would intersect with the following novels on minor elements, it would work as both a casual read and as a part of the overall series. The following books would also work in a similar fashion, with ‘Honor’ coming out in 2012, and ‘Triumph’ coming out in 2013, featuring many of the same themes. This series was also notable for the fact that these books were some of the last titles that Dailey would publish, clearly showing how far she had come as a writer.


Originally published on the 1st of January in 2011, this would be the first in the Bannon Brothers trilogy of novels. Setting the series up, it manages to establish the main premise, as well as providing a fully self-contained mystery romance too. First released through the Kensington publishing outlet as well, it manages to set-up a lot of the forthcoming novels as well.

It would seem that cold cases aren’t RJ Bannon’s usual forte, but, after Ann Montgomery’s abduction long-ago, he feels that he can’t pass it up, especially with a two-million dollar reward up for grabs. Taken twenty-five years ago at the young age of three from her aristocratic mansion home in Virginia, she went missing and her parents still await her return. Meeting Erin Randall, a beautiful and highly talented artist, RJ finds that she may be tied to the case more than he initially thought. What secrets lie in her past that could link it all together? Will he ever find out what really happened to Ann? Just who will he trust?


Initially brought out in 2012, this first came out on the 1st of May to much acclaim, as it was released through the Kensington label to much acclaim. Setting up the second title in the Bannon Brothers collection of novels, it would continue on with another romance story. Carrying on in much the same vein as before, it would provide plenty of its own twists and turns along the way.

Linc Bannon is tall, handsome and rugged and works in high-intelligence, whilst Kenzie is independent, working to train combat dogs. Working together, they must now investigate two of her friends, after one is killed, one a soldier, the other, a civilian, is left hanging onto life. Uncovering a conspiracy and web of lies, they must overcome the forces against them, whilst also dealing with their passion for one another. Will they find out what is really going on? Can they overcome their passion, and do they ever have a future together? Who has honor?


Wrapping the series up overall, this provides the last instalment in the Bannon Brothers series, with it being first released on the 24th of May in 2013 through the Kensington publishing imprint again. Featuring Deke Bannon as the brother this time, it follows him as a criminal investigator and the younger brother of RJ and Linc. With the attractive television anchor Kelly Johns being targeted by an international gang for what she knows, he must protect her at all costs. Will he be able to overcome his passion for her though? How will he manage to keep her out of harm’s way? Can they both triumph?

The Bannon Brothers Series

A great series for anyone looking to find out more on Janet Dailey as an author, this really works on its own merits as well. Providing a set of straightforward American romance novels, they really manage to provide an insight into who she was and what she had to offer. They would also work as a complete set too, giving the reader a quality franchise to follow, providing the long-term readers with many recurring elements and intersecting characters. Not only that, but they also provide casual fans of the genre a series to invest themselves in as well, showing how much it really has to offer. Leaving a legacy behind that will stand the test of time for many years to follow, this is one series that isn’t going away any time soon.

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