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Born in Montreal, Canada Barbabarra Fradkin obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree at McGill University and a Masters of Arts at the University of Toronto. She moved to Ottawa later on to work and also raise her family. Later on, she returned to the University of Ottawa to pursue a PHD in Clinical Psychology. After working for more than 25 years as a Child Psychologists, Barbara has retired so that she can focus more on writing. Despite the fact that she appeared for the very first time in print in the year 1995, Barbara has been writing ever since she was 5 years of age. While working as a psychologist she is able to get more inspiration and insight for her murderous plots.

Barbara Fradkin is a member of Canada’s Writing Community. Fradkin served as a president of Capital Crime Writers and Crime Writers of Canada. Additionally, she is also a member of Ladies Killing circle which is a group that edits compilations of short stories written by Canadian ladies. Barbara Fradkin has three kids, a cat and two dogs. Whenever, she can find a little bit of free time, she partakes in skiing, reading travelling and kayaking. Most of her dark and compelling short stories have been featured in various magazines like the story teller and also in anthologies like The Ladies Killing Circle and New Canadian Noir series.

She is a two time winner in the Storytellers annual Canadian Short Story Contest. Barbara is also a four time nominee for the Canada Arthur Ellis Awards for the Best Story Telling. However, Barbara is mostly known for her brilliantly written police procedural series which features the exasperating Ottawa Police Inspector, Michael Green. Currently, there are a total of 7 books in the series with the first book being Do or Die, which was published in the year 2000 by Rendezvous press. In the year 2002, the sequel to the book, Once a Upon a Time, was shortlisted for Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award. Fradkin’s experience as an undergraduate student together with her daughters, supplied the rich detail and content in the book Do or Die.

Her husband’s experience in prosecutions involving war crimes, gave her the background for the first installment in the series.

Do or Die

In this book we are introduced to one Michael Green who is totally obsessed with his work, something which has threatened to ruin his marriage several times. When one of the biggest cases in his career as an inspector comes up his relationship and position and several other lines are placed in danger. A student and scion of an exceedingly rich family is found expertly stabbed within the stacks of a University Library. No one seems to have an idea of what could be the motive behind the killing. As Inspector Green looks into the reasons and circumstances which led to the killing of the student, he discovers a web of jealousy and conspiracy.

Michael Green finds himself at the center of the University’s delicate and rivalry politics where big egos normally collide. While investigating the crime scene, the evidence presented forth is too scarce for an amateur. An exceedingly likeable man who has no enemies whatsoever has been involved in a groundbreaking neuropsychology. Later on, Inspector Green discovers that Blair had crossed paths with a den of ambitious workmates led by an extremely arrogant professor who has a world class reputation. Additionally, Blair’s girlfriend is also holding a grudge against Blair. Inspector Green is also expected to track a girl of Lebanese origins who is protected by her powerful family. Assisted by Sgt. Sulivan, Inspector Green battles against personal demons so as to bring the culprits to justice.

Once Upon A Time

When an old man dies unexpectedly, in what appears to be a natural death. It is only Inspector Green who finds the death suspicious. Something about the case which was apparently closed way back, catches his eye. After talking to the victim’s family, Green’s suspicion builds up. He notices that the family is most likely hiding something about the old man and why he lived in isolation for a very long time. While searching his house, he discovers that there is a hidden compartment which contains a German national identity card that dates back to World War 2. Was the victim a Nazi soldier or a Jewish camp survivor trying to run away from imprisonment?

Is there a possibility that someone had already tracked him down so as to get even. Despite of all of his experience, Green may have never imagined the truth. As a sequel to the Do or Die book, Once Upon a Time is not only a compelling story of unhealed emotional wounds but also a tightly plotted police story. In Once Upon a Time Barbara manages to weave a sobering tale about the several number of atrocities which were committed during World War II by the Nazi. Using the mysterious death of an old man, Inspector Green follows a journey where he not only uncovers pain but also enlightenment. Michael Green is a brilliant writer with whom the readers cannot help but fall in love with him.

None So Blind

None so Blind is the last book in the Inspector Green series. More than twenty years ago, Inspector Green had played a key role in the arrest and imprisonment of a young professor who was guilty of murder. While in prison, the man continued to haunt Inspector Green with letters in which he protested his innocence. Shortly after he was paroled, the man is found dead. Could it be suicide or was it revenge? Had Green made one of the biggest mistake of his career as a police inspector, a mistake which would prove to be too costly thus claiming the life of an innocent man. To establish the truth, Inspector Green is forced to look once again at the evidence and also open up old wounds. Green and his workmates start from scratch. They go through everything, looking for clues and pieces of evidence which they had missed from the very start. They also begin reinterviewing, every person that they had interviewed before. None So Blind is indeed a richly detailed novel.

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    Hello Barbara: I discovered your books in early Dec. at the local library. I think I picked up your latest from the library pick of the week. an Inspector Green book. I then googled and made a list of your books to request. To date I’ve read 11. The library didn’t have Dream Chasers or Fifth Son. 8 were Inspector Green and three Amanda Doucette. In Dec. I also read Louise Penny’s newest book, and three of Kevin Majors, a Newfoundland author. I’m an author myself and have self-published 14 books. 15th to come soon, and 2 other books of poetry finished as well. Having said that, I have not been writing anything new for a long time. COVID weariness, I guess. I’ll be off to the library tomorrow for more books. Everyone is digging out from this winter storm today. tata Kathy Birt in Charlottetown. I’m also 74.


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