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Barbara Freethy is a native of the state of California. She has been one of the most successful contemporary authors in the romance genre. She is also known for her success in self-publishing of books.

Early life

Barbara grew up in a neighborhood where most of her friends were boys. According to Barbara, her big brother was particularly not good with her. This was the reason that Barbara kept aloof and spent most of her time reading books and imagining stories.

Mother – Inspiration of the author

She became an avid reader in her growing years. Barbara got her reading habits from her mother. Her mother loved books and according to the author, her mother’s bookshelves used to overflow with books. Barbara attributes her inspiration for romance novels to her mother. The author and her mother traveled to various writers’ conferences together. Writer’s conferences helped Barbara a great deal to develop her writing craft. The author was lucky to have her mother by her side who witnessed her growing success as a writer. Barbara’s mother was herself a writer but she could not publish her books.

Her writing career

After several years on college, Barbara Freethy started her career while she was pregnant. Within two years in her writing career, she got a contract with Silhouette Romance. She used to write under the pseudonym of Kristina Logan. After writing several books as Kristina Logan for Silhouette Romance, Barbara started using her real name in for other publishers like Avon, NAL and Pocket Books.

Barbara has been immensely successful in her writing career and she became a New York Times bestselling author. Barbara has published over 35 books till date. Most of these 35 books have been immensely successful. The themes of Barbara’s novels have revolved around romance, women and family.


She later turned to self-publishing and got immense success. She was able to bring more books to her readers at a cheaper cost because of self-publishing. Her book ‘Summer Secrets’ had climbed to the top position on Amazon, number 1 on B&N and New York Times. She occupied the position of the best seller on USA Today and New York times for a period of 42 weeks. She has sold over 4.3 million eBooks, which is a record. She has the distinction of being the bestselling KDP author ever.

Currently, the author is occupied with writing a series called ‘The Callaways’. The series depicts the story of an Irish family who are born to serve and protect. Many in the family are San Francisco firefighters. The series has lots of very interesting characters, which readers are surely going to like. The books in the series are an interesting mix of love, romance, emotion, mystery and a bit of adventure as well.

Ideas for the books

The author’s experiences related to small and big incidents in her surroundings, inspires the books of Barbara. She gets ideas for her books from life. According to her, the ideas are everywhere, even in small conversations, there can be a plot for an exciting book. The small and big incidents in life inspire her books. For example, in her novel ‘All she ever wanted’, she tells a story of a girl who she knew and died after she fell from the roof of a sorority.

‘On a night like this’

Barbara has written several novels, which has been best sellers. Here is a look at some of her books, which the author herself finds very interesting.

This is the first book in the series ‘The Callaways’. The main character of the book, Aiden is a smoke jumper. Aiden is a strong-minded individual; he wanted to follow his dream of becoming a firefighter, which was very different from his family traditions. He was always happy with the decision until firefighting took life of his friend Kyle. Sara is the other main character in the novel who always had a crush on Aiden, but when Aiden asks for her help, she refuses it, as she never got the love or affection from Aiden. She is a woman in search of her own truth.

The characters and the plot of the novel are gripping.

‘So this is Love’

This is the second book of the series. The main character of the novel, Emma Callaway, is a fire investigator. She comes across a homicide detector, Max Harrison.

Max is an interesting character. He has bad experiences about love and is determined not to fall in this trap. In his family, his father leaves everyone for love, and then his brother goes to prison because of love. Max has so many unpleasant experiences that he decides to not to follow his heart. This changes after he meets Emma. Emma is courageous. She takes the challenges of her job. Firefighting is an adventure for her and she loves this. Though Emma is so courageous, she is frightened from love because of unpleasant experiences she has with it. Her boyfriend has left her and after that she never intended to fall in love again

Both the characters have unpleasant experiences with love, but when they come across each other, they realize that love is not so bad after all. The plot revolves around both characters who are trying to understand whether love will destroy their life again or will be a fresh beginning of a lovable life.

A comment on plots and characters of Barbara Freethy novels

Barbara stories revolve around simple plots and issues of love. The strength of her novels comes from her characters. Her character’s uniqueness takes her stories forward.

Barbara Freethy has been one of the most successful authors in the 21st century. She has also inspired scores of authors to self publish their books. She wanted her books to be available to her readers at an affordable cost. Selling over 4.5 million copies is amazing and shows that popularity of the work of the author and the genre she writes. The authors’ award and achievements is an inspiration for all those authors who want to write on theme of love and romance. Read a book of hers and you will discover the charm of romantic novels.

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