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Publication Order of Quilted Mysteries/Theo and Tony Abernathy Mystery Books

Murder By Serpents (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Artifact (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Music (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Vegetable (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Sunlight (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Gravity (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder by Kindness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Barbara Graham was born in Texas Panhandle. She has gone to various places unable to stay still in one place. She has played diversity by going to places like New Orleans, Denver and East Tennessee. Barbara is a travel agent, a mother and she can teach ballet. She resides in Wyoming with two dogs and a terminally ill husband.

Barbara exercised a lot of daydreaming. She has some early works were about her saving the world but good heavens since the task did not depend on her. She is also a bit eccentric.

Two early books in the Quilted Mystery series

Murder by Serpents: The Mystery Quilt (2008)

The book involves a snake-handling preacher who is murdered with his own snakes in the Smoky Mountains during early spring. Tennessee Sheriff named Tony Abernathy involves himself in searching for a killer in which not more than just some little digging was needed and this kept him quite busy. It doesn’t go quite long before he and his wife are forced to split in investigations. Theo was working at her comfort shop, listening to informers at gossip central and contriving a mystery quilt (the pattern is included). Tony on the other hand had secluded, criminal and just plain queer people to deal with. Nothing much happens for a while as normal life seems to go on. The reader goes on to see county’s oddball characters come out as the story goes on. Many problems arise – drugs, stolen cars identity theft and an anecdote about a man’s romance with a machine. What brings a lot of complications is massive gossip, sin and bad weather. Crime is at the top level as more die including a shot deputy. Tony and Theo must join the many pieces of information together like one of her patterns for them to successfully find the killer.

Murder by Artifact: The Murder Quilt (2009)

The story continues from the previous issue and it is all centered on murder cases. The summer sun was shining hard on Tony Abernathy. He has confrontations to deal with in almost every corner of Tennessee town. The most involving case is the murder of Doreen Cashdollar ‘Queen’, the mayor’s wife. The killer used a barbarous – looking artifact and covered Doreen’s body with an antique quilt she had loaned to the museum some time back. Theo, Tony’s wife faces another sort of maze to solve when one of her old classmates shows up in her quilt shop asking questions and having difficulty in catching up. Tony is searching for a killer as Theo tries to find out what the woman really wants. The trouble devil visits the scene and real trouble comes in when peril happens near their home and Theo finds herself facing arrant wickedness….

Some of other books and their characters in the series

Murder by Music: The Wedding Quilt (2011)

The story continues to autumn season and the temperatures are cool in Smoky Mountains and in tiny park county, Tennessee. Crime on the other hand doesn’t seem to rest; Weevil Beasley, the county’s loan shark dies and the number of murder increases on Sherriff Tony’s desk who soon leads investigation into the murder and mayhem.

Theo on the other hand is in the mix of issues. Even her quilting group members suffer in the mystery when they go for a thread-filled retreat at The Lodge. A member of the group is killed as people were arriving early for one of the upcoming weddings.

Theo has to get gossip for her husband while at the same time solving some fractious quilters, incomplete projects and overwrought hotel keepers. She has almost no time to weave the pattern for her new mystery quilt (pattern is included).

Searching for answers was not the only activity that Tony had to deal with. A burst of roguery landed on Park county guerillas, bullet-riddled signs, rotting catfish and petty theft cases to say the least. Some well-armed nutcases were running their own affairs in the county. Others are spying on them. Senior citizens seemed to also have their share of trouble make and they couldn’t be trusted. Blossom Flowers, Tony’s groupie does not seem to have time for Tony to bake him a pie using it with her lover. The mystery is full of oddball characters.

Murder by Vegetable: The Baby Quilt (2012)

The Ramp Festival at Sheriff Tony Abernathy’s family’s people historical center happens amid the top of spring fever in small Park County, Tennessee, complete with music, sustenance, makes and natively constructed weapons dispatching vegetables at elastic ducks skimming in a stock tank. Be that as it may, mayhem ejects when a flying vegetable hits disliked diversion superintendent Harrison Ragsdale, and he bites the dust at the celebration. Vowed to secure and serve everybody in his province, Tony explores.

Murder by Sunlight: The Charity Quilt (2013)

Tennessee Sheriff Tony Abernathy and his small staff are hoping the upcoming celebration of the nation’s birthday will be a quiet one. The quilters are hanging a show and antique cars promise to liven up the parade. Life is good. And then it’s not. A man’s body is found in a tree and suddenly the county’s whole population seems embroiled in mischief, mayhem or murder. Sweet little ladies are fighting at funerals. An intruder attacks with a hammer and wrench. A woman is murdered, left in a greenhouse and plants are stolen. Blackmail, midnight memorials and a spy game complicate Tony’s job. Theo, his wife, is designing a mystery quilt (pattern included) and gathering clues at her shop, “gossip central.”

Murder by Gravity: The Coffin Quilt (2014)

Snow before Halloween stuns the inhabitants of minor Park County, Tennessee. While managing a large number of minor issues, Sheriff Tony Abernathy is reached by a sanction pilot who claims his traveler bounced, without a parachute, into the most remote spot in the district. In the wake of riding donkeys into the wild to gather the body, Tony and his agent must go to North Carolina, in a snow squall, to inform the dowager. Issues duplicate. Tony’s wife, Theo, is stunned to see a lady at the supermarket with a blade installed in her back. At that point an inestimable coverlet is stolen.

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