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Barry Donadio is somewhat famous, having gained popularity for the role he played after an airplane crashed in 1996.

Barry Donadio has enjoyed a relatively illustrious career in the public eye. The author includes as some of his accomplishments time spent in the Fire Department, the Military and as part of law enforcement. Barry can even count the United States Secret Services as a department in which he has served.

Though, most people connect the author to the role he played in the aftermath of the Flight 800 crash in 1996. This is where the author’s name really began to shine. Barry was just an emergency medical technician at the time.

At the age of 25, he became one of the first people to deploy to the crash site, his involvement bringing him considerable acclaim. The TWA Flight 800 incident generated a lot of controversies, particularly with regards to the cause of the crash. There were rumors that the United States accidentally shot the aircraft out of the sky, though the government has worked had to refute those claims.

Barry was perfectly placed to provide insight into this situation because his deployment found him at the Gabreski ANG Base at Westhampton Beach, NY as a member of the 106th Rescue Wing. That was the same military base people believed brought the airplane down, and Barry Donadio was posted there as a security police officer at the time.

While some have sought to question his perspective on the issue, Barry is one of few people that was able to provide a firsthand account of events because of the access he had not only to the crash site but the Coast Guard Station (East Moriches) where the victims of the TWA Flight 800 crash were immediately brought.

It has been argued that Barry Donadio’s decision to cash in on the tragedy was callous. After all, the book he wrote about the tragedy was the only firsthand account on the market, the only document written by someone who was there.

Other firsthand accounts that surfaced were heavily censored by the government, including Barry’s own—though the censorship only served to deepen the distrust surrounding the government.

Barry’s book worked to fill in the gaps left by the censorship attempts, providing insight into an incident that conspiracy theorists still ponder over to this day. And because of the rarity of his account, was financially rewarded.

Barry has refuted claims that he is a hyena profiting from tragedy. As far as he is concerned, he was doing the victims of TWA Flight 800 a service by bringing the story of their brutal end to the rest of the country.

Barry never made any bold claims about what he thought actually happened. He simply provided the information and laid out some of the inconsistencies he came across that day, allowing his readers to them ruminate over this information and make up their own minds.

Barry’s career didn’t end with the TWA Flight 800 tragedy. He went on to serve his country as a USAF Security Police Investigator at the same 106 Rescue Wing.

Events eventually took Barry to the Secret Service, giving him the opportunity to protect the White House during the Bush and Obama administrations. The author’s war record is nothing to scoff at.

He was deployed to multiple Middle Eastern War zones over the course of his stint in the Army. The author bounced around for a while before settling at Public Security LLC, a security and investigation firm operating out of New York.

+Literary Career

Though he spoke of and wrote about the TWA Flight 800 incident on numerous occasions, it wasn’t until 2013 that Barry wrote a book detailing his account of that fateful day. Though the book suffered from the same censorship from the government as previous accounts, it provided, even more, insight into the tragedy, with Barry Donadio going so far as to indicate where the censorship happened, this in turn allowing readers to piece some crucial morsels of information together on their own.

Since the publication of the novel and since joining the Republican Central Committee in Queen Anne’s County (Maryland), Barry has been pretty vocal about his intentions to pursue a publishing career.

The author isn’t content with simply being known for the one book he wrote about the one tragic incident whose aftermath he witnessed. The books the author intends to write fall within the same vein as his TWA Flight 800 book.

Barry Donadio wants to focus on real life events whose occurrence left an impact. The most thrilling for his fans is ‘Texas Enraged’, a book that will shed light on some aspects of the Alamo that might not have made their way into the public sphere.

Considering the life he has lived and the things he has seen, Barry’s followers expected him to undertake fiction. After all, some of the most thrilling action and military fiction on the shelves of bookstores are written by authors with an extensive background in law enforcement or the army.

It seems like Barry wants to keep his finger on the pulse of real stories that matter to real people. Only time will tell whether he can actually succeed as a full blown author; after all, the success of his first book primarily came down to the curiosity still haunting people over the TWA Flight 800 incident. Without that hype, one cannot help but wonder whether Barry has what it takes to sell another book based solely on his writing abilities.

+TWA Flight 800: First Responder Account

Those individuals that were alive and cognizant in 1996 were thoroughly shocked by the TWA Flight 800 Crash. Much speculation and rumor surrounded the cause of the crash and its aftermath.

Barry was a first responder working with the 106th Rescue wing in the same military base that was believed to have brought the aircraft down. He also played a role as USAF Security Police Investigator.

In this book, Barry Donadio attempts to tell readers what he saw at the crash site and at the Coast Guard station were the victims of the crash were brought. The information he provides is designed to help readers make their minds up about what they think happened.

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