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“Baseball Great” is a series of novels written by Tim Green, the children’s sports author that has made a name for himself writing several sports fiction novels. The series which debuted with “Baseball Great” published in 2009 features Josh a player with the “Titans” baseball team that plays in a minor baseball league. His novels have all made national bestseller lists with several making the top 30 of the New York Times bestselling lists. In addition to writing children’s sports fiction, he is the author of “A Man and his Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search” which was a memoir that was featured on “ABC Prime Time”, “Entertainment Tonight”, and in “People Magazine”. He first got into writing when he attended the Syracuse University, where he got acquainted with Raymond Carver and studied under the mentor-ship of Tobias Wolff.

Tim is one of the best qualified of persons to write about sports having played college football at Syracuse, where he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. He also was first round pick in the 1986 draft and played for the Atlanta Falcons as defensive player for eight years. He also worked for the “National Public Radio” as a commentator for over a decade and wrote in “USA Today” during the same time. Given his major accomplishments, he has been referred by the “Los Angeles Times” and “Sports Illustrated” as the Renaissance Man of Sports. After he retired from the NFL, he was host of “A Current Affair” a syndicated news magazine and was also NFL analyst at “Fox Sports” among several other media commitments. Green’s first novel in the “Baseball Great” series is a novel written for young readers modeled on Tim Green’s own experiences and those of his own children. The characters in the novels are modeled on how he has dealt with the issues of ambition and achievement in his own children’s lives as they are submerged into a suspenseful world as seen from the perspective of sports, adolescent life, and the NFL. Tim Green lives with Illysa his wife and five children in New York.

The “Baseball Great” series of novels are intriguing novels full of mystery and emotion of playing sports and growing up. Tim Green writes a mysterious novel that often asks questions and involves problems to be solved or decisions to be made. The novels in adidtion to the sports narrative also include a detective mystery aspect that also adds spice to the stories. The lead in the series is Josh LeBlanc, a young adolescent with a diverse personality that could make him your worst enemy or best friend. Despite his age, Josh understand the dynamics that drives team sports and is very mature for his age. He never tries to do too much, never brags about his capabilities or stats, is active in cheering on his teammates, and always stays positive. He treats every team-mate well regardless of whether they are struggling or excelling for the team. However, he never fails to stand up for what he deems as injustice. For instance, he stands up to the umpire in “Rivals” because he believes the calls he makes are biased against his team. The series deals with several themes including boldness to go for your dreams, working hard in spite of peer pressure and bullying, and staying away from negative influences. Josh always goes with his gut feeling, works hard to achieve his ambition, and makes hard decisions that other people will not. He takes it upon himself to lead and stand up for what he believes is right even if it is unpopular, and in the process becomes a leader that everyone needs.

“Baseball Great” is the thrilling first novel of the Baseball Great series of novels by Tim Green. Josh the lead in the novel has the feeling that things may just be about to explode in a big way for his team and he is the one to make it happen. Jaden the school reporter just declared him the person to lead the school’s baseball team to the greatest heights of achievement it has ever attained. His father takes him off the field and introduces him to a youth championship team named the “Titans” that is coached by Rocky Valentine. Rocky believes Josh has the drive and ability to make him one of the game’s greatest and he will achieve his dream if he plays for the Titans. He now gets to gulp down “Super Stax” milkshakes and making new friends with the tougher and older kids who are prone to unpredictable bouts of violence. All LeBlanc wanted was to become a baseball player, but as he becomes a Titan he gets more questions than answers. Together with his friend Jaden, he sets out to investigate what the team is all about, and soon the two are in a dangerous entanglement with a man desperate to ensure that the nasty secrets of the team never get out into the open. Pulsing with thrills and action, the novel is a great story of baseball that is totally character driven, gripping, and attuned to the high octane nature of today’s sports world.

“Rivals” the second novel of the “Baseball Great” series is set in Cooperstown where Josh and his team-mates are in a celebratory mood. After all their hard work and training they have made it to the national tournament in the city that is home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. On the line is more than just the trophy, as he would love to make his coach who is also his dad proud of him. Winning could also bring much attention to the team and potentially big moves to the major leagues once the big league scouts come in. After a brutal injury and dirty play threaten to spoil Josh’s tournament run, he discovers something suspicious. He tries to talk to Jaden to ask her to help in the investigation but she is too busy with Micky Mullen J.R., a star player with the “L.A. Comets”. She says that she is busy researching an article for the paper but Josh doubts her sincerity. Josh is now involved in a dangerous on and off the field game as Tim Green offers a hard hitting insight into the lengths teams will go to to win a tournament.

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