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Baxter Family Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Baxter Family Saga Books

Unchained Hearts (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A relative newcomer on the literary scene, Caribbean author Palessa has nonetheless made somewhat of a name for herself with her Baxter Family series of books. Although there are only three so far, she is set to continue as her popularity begins to grow, having made an impact with her original and warmly received novels. Living in Miami, Florida, for some time, she has now moved back to Jamaica where she continues to write to this day. This being her first series, she has written about the fictional Baxter family and all the romance and intrigue that surrounds them, as they manage the politics at the higher end of society. Whilst there’s a lot of room for both passion and romance, there’s also space for suspense as they attempt to navigate the more troublesome aspects of big business and money. Each one of her books though creates a new set of rivalries and loves that work upon drawing the reader in.

With her books slowly beginning to gain momentum, they picking up pace as she gets more an more readers day-by-day. This will lead to a heavier output in the years to come, ensuring that this is definitely a series to keep an eye on for the future. As there’s plenty of life left in the series yet, it appears that Palessa isn’t going to be stopping any time soon.

Unchained Hearts

Originally published on the 29th of December, 2013, this was to be the book that introduced the Baxter family series, along with Palessa as an author. Establishing the tone and the characters of what was to come, it helped herald the arrival of a new and interesting writing talent onto the scene. Creating a sense of ambiance, it also managed to provide something compelling and different in its sense of style and handling of the narrative.

Telling the story of Kyle Avery, it sets up a female character that is headstrong and powerful in her sense of resolution as she attempts to overcome the obstacles placed before her. Always focused and driven, she is the CEO of Mama Avery Foods and has a strong ever resourceful nature about her. This is put to the test though as a new challenge presents itself to her, one that could potentially be her entire undoing. Her personality is played off against those around her, as the relatives begin to place obstacles in her way putting her to the ultimate test. There’s the mogul Newton ‘Cass’ Baxter who owns Baxter chemicals, as he has a lot of power along with a lot of secrets. It’s his past though that poses new issues for Kyle to deal with, as she must come to terms with what’s happened. Providing foreshadowing of what’s to come in the novels ahead as well, they set the standards for who they are and what their purpose is. Giving a sense of tone, the Baxter Family is established along with their legacy, which is rooted in power. Using their ties, they seek to maintain a sense of order, all whilst they deal with the politics surrounding their station and status.

Summoned to a meeting by her recently departed mother, Virgilia Avery, the CEO of Mama Avery Foods Kyle Avery is to meet with the CEO of Baxter Chemicals, Newton ‘Cass’ Baxter. It is here that she quickly discovers the relationship that her mother had been previously engaged in for over forty years with Newton Baxter. It is here she also meets his son, Brandon Hall, the VP of Baxter Chemicals and they come together finding one another as they deal with the legacy that has been bestowed upon them both. Will they overcome the obstacles that have been placed in their path and unite with their love for one another? Can they come to terms with the past and the secrets of their family histories that have now revealed themselves to them? What will become of them both in this first installment of the Baxter family saga as they fully realize what it means to have unchained hearts?

Portrait of Gray

Originally published on the twentieth of April, 2014, as it was to follow up the events of the first book in this second installment. Continuing, it works to further establish the on-goings within the Baxter family and all their various lives, loves and turmoil found within the upper echelons of society. It also manages to build upon their respective characters as it expands their histories creating a fully realized fictional family.

This time looking at Grayson Baxter, it features the story of a prodigal son who’s heavily into drugs and desperate to break away from the Baxter family unit, in this story set before the events of the first. Filling in certain aspects, it provides the details of the brother to Cass as he attempts to get away and ends up in a rehabilitation clinic where he finds his redemption. Meeting Bindi Gail, the therapist there, they both fall in love as she provides him with the solace he needs to get himself back on track as he turns his life around coming to terms with his family legacy. Will he be able to make amends for the past and fully realize his true potential as he seeks to make a name for himself alongside the rest of the Baxter family clan? Can he ever truly escape the turmoil of his past and start a new life with the woman he loves, overcoming any obstacles that are placed in their way? What will become of Grayson Baxter as he seeks to change himself for the better as he attempts to create a far more fully rounded portrait of Gray?

The Baxter Family Series

As a series with more to come, this definitely has a great deal of room to expand upon its source material, as Palessa finds her feet as an author. Gaining a lot of traction, the narratives are becoming a lot more defined and intricate as the stories progress, along with the characters personalities. Palessa’s voice as an author is also advancing, showing her own idiosyncratic style, as she builds a tone that is entirely unique to her. With a lot more to come from this particular author in the future, it looks like this series is now set to stay.

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