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Publication Order of Bayside Summers Books

Bayside Desires (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bayside Passions (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bayside Heat (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bayside Escape (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bayside Romance (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bayside Fantasies (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Melissa Foster is a best-selling author that has reached the top of the charts for publications like USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

She is a prolific writer, having penned over a hundred novels and counting. Readers know her for writing contemporary romance that warms your heart and women’s fiction. She likes writing characters that are compelling and will stay with the reader even after they finish the story. She writes emotional journeys that are often erotic with sassy heroines and loyal heroes, as well as relatable issues.

Melissa Foster also writes under the pen name Addison Cole for romance stories. She loves hearing from her readers and invites them to come interact with her on social media or to send her an email.

Bayside Desires is the first book in the Bayside Summers series by Melissa Foster. If you have been searching for a new romance to enjoy, pick up a copy of this USA Today best-selling novel where friends, romance, true love, beaches and more come together at Bayside, nestled by the small towns of Cape Cod.

Rick Savage has a life that most would envy. He is a co-owner of the business Bayside Resorts and has a great job. He gets to work with his brother and his best friends. At the same time, Rick also has a business that is doing very well in Washington, D.C., and plans on going back to it when the summer has come to an end.

Rick enjoys spending time with his family, but there’s also other things that comes with being back in the Cape Cod area. He has some pretty painful memories that seem to come up from being in the area. But he is quickly distracted from focusing on his problems when someone new move in next door to him.

The new girl in town is Desiree Cleary, and she is sweet and smart. The preschool teacher is fairly sexy in Rick’s eyes, and he is immediately drawn to the cautious preschool teacher. This might end up being a great distraction and who knows? They could really hit it off. He has every intention of introducing himself to his stunning neighbor and seeing if he can get to know her better.

Then there’s Desiree Cleary herself. She had no plans of running an art gallery, but she got tricked into going to help her impetuous mother out and that somehow led to her being stuck in the position of having to spend an entire summer with the sister that she doesn’t even know all that well. They’re half-sisters, and this summer might be the time to start bonding, along with the mischievous dog her half-sister owns.

She might not even mind being here, except for the fact that she got tricked into it, which is sort of frustrating. But Desiree forgets all about her gripes when she picks up on her handsome neighbor Rick. The man’s attractive but also pushy, and he might be setting off a few warning bells, but Desiree sees no reason to avoid getting to know him better.

When Rick and Desiree get together, the sparks just fly. The passion between them is undeniable, and the two spend the long nights of summer talking into the hours, sharing with each other confessions about their lives in between sweet kisses. Rick is thrilled, as this is the first time in a long time that he is starting to enjoy life and take things as they are, instead of burying himself into tons of work and being unavailable.

He knows that this woman is reaching his heart in a way that really makes him want to slow everything in his life down. Unfortunately, that also tends to mean that he’s going to have to face what’s going on with him personally and staring down his demons. Plus, he has no idea who he is going to be whenever he comes out on the other side of all that.

Rick is falling for Desiree, but she’s only in town for the summer and he plans to be gone by the end of summer too. Do the pair of them have a future, or will obligations elsewhere tear them apart? Pick up a copy of the first book in the Bayside Summers series by Melissa Foster and find out!

The books can be read as stand alones, or they can be read in order. Bayside Summers belongs to the romance collection Love in Bloom, with characters from the sub-series appearing in future books.

Bayside Passions is the second book in the Bayside Summers series by Melissa Foster. Welcome to Bayside, where you can fall in love when you were just expecting to show up for a summer. Featuring attractive empowered women and alpha male heroes, you’re sure to get your share of fun from this series!

Desiree is Emery Andrews’ best friend, but she has moved away. Not only that, but she’s fallen and love and opened her own inn, all in the course of the same summer. Emery misses Desiree a lot and feels her absence from her life keenly. That is, until she decides to visit over the holidays and has the pleasure of meeting Dean Masters, who is insanely hot and as easy to speak to as is he is to look at.

Once she goes home, the two of them text back and forth and flirt at night. Their constant communication leads to a connection and even a friendship comes out of it. Now it has been several months later, and Desiree reaches out to Emery to offer her a job teaching yoga at her inn. Emery sees it as the chance for a new adventure and goes to Wellfleet, Massachusetts to be back with her best friend and her new friend Dean.

After sharing secrets, parts of their lives, and more over months of phone calls and video chats, Dean’s excited that Emery is here. He’s also ready for things to move on to the next level. Seeing as how Emery is against dating friends, he might just have to wait. Can he get Emery to fall for him and see him as more than just a friend? Read Bayside Passions to find out!

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