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Publication Order of Beach House Books

The Beach House (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swimming Lessons (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beach House Memories (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beach House for Rent (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beach House Reunion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Ocean Boulevard (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer of Lost and Found (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mary Alice Monroe is an American author of fiction. She is at best selling author status and has topped the best seller list of the New York Times. She also had nine brothers and sisters growing up!

Monroe is a passionate conservationist and even serves on the board of an aquarium in South Carolina as well as groups promoting literacy and the conservation of turtles. In addition to being a published author. She also speaks at private events, festivals, and conferences. She resides on a barrier island with her family just outside Charleston.

She has always loved reading and writing but she was able to find joy in writing environmental fiction when she departed on a move to the coast of South Carolina. She was already a successful writer by then, but was inspired by the natural beauty of the place that she had moved to! When it comes to living in a continually changing habitat, the experiences there have given her a new found focus for her writing.

She has also received many awards for her writing and books. These include the RT Lifetime Achievement Award, a few Readers’ Choice awards, and the Book Award for Writing. Her book The Butterfly’s Daughter was awarded an International Book Award in the category of ‘green fiction’ in 2011.

Her books are generally regarded as multi-layered richly written books. They frequently explore personal relationships, connecting, and how we are connected to the land. Her novels have been published all over the world.

Mary Alice is the author of the popular Beach House series of fiction. This series kicked off in 2002 with the publication of the debut novel, The Beach House. Moore followed that up with another book in 2007 titled Swimming Lessons. The third book, Beach House Memories, came out a few years later.

The fourth book, Beach House for Rent, came out in 2017. Beach House Reunion, the fifth book, came out in 2018. Beach House Memories completes the initial first trilogy of the series and is actually set as a prequel to the first book, The Beach House.

The Beach House is the first novel in the Beach House series by Mary Alice Monroe!

Meet Caretta Rutledge. She’s a young woman that thought that she had left her troubled family as well as her life in the South far behind. However, Cara is about to find out that you can always go home again. When her own life was going crazy, a strange request from her mom causes her to go back, she’s about to return to a scenic place that she has not seen for a long time.

Cara is now returning to the Lowcountry, the place where she spent the summers of her childhood. It’s just like she remembered it and in truth a place like no other. The natural beauty and the harmony of this island bring back memories and start to make her feel better. Something about this place is opening her heart.

She gets busy trying to repair the family’s beach house and finds that she actually doesn’t mind being here much at all. Cara gets busy trying to repair friendships and connect with her mother once more. Along the way, she discovers a passion for the environment and for the turtles that live there, even becoming a turtle lady of sorts.

Cara is healing from her wounds, but she has yet to learn the greatest of lessons in life. In reconnecting with her mom, she may just find out that true love involves true sacrifice sometimes. She’ll learn that family is a bond that cannot be broken and that maybe the errors of the past have been forgiven.

What’s going to happen in the end? Read this first installment of the exciting Beach House series by Mary Alice Monroe to find out for yourself!

Swimming Lessons is the second novel in the Beach House series by celebrated author and speaker Mary Alice Monroe. Cara is still enjoying her life in a new place, but things have moved on a little bit.

Even though she is the turtle lady, there was an original lady before her. Miss Lovie Rutledge passed away five years ago, but even though she is not physically here anymore, the power of her legacy goes on. Some women that live there make sure of it, including Cara, Toy, and her daughter, the little Lovie, named after the turtle lady.

Toy had made a promise to her mentor, an oath she gave to Lovie at her graveside. Toy Sooner had once been part of a dysfunctional lifestyle that was distinctly abusive. But in order to provide for her child, she had to find the strength inside.

Toy made the transition and became a single mother to her child and left all of that behind. She’s been doing quite well and even works at the local aquarium, the South Carolina Aquarium, as an aquarist. However, doing what it takes to get this far has taken a massive toll on Toy. Now she is different and shattered and fragile from what she has been through.

Toy is afraid of taking risks and change. Who can blame her after what she’s been through? Cara knows what that is like, to lose something– and so does her friend Emmaline. Together, the three women will form a friendship where support and putting each other first may just give each other the strength that they need to pursue their dreams.

One day, Toy rescues a sick turtle from the sea that was stuck on the beach, and turtle season has begun. She brings the loggerhead turtle back to the aquarium and starts a hospital for them with the help of Ethan, her boss. The summer goes on, the turtles start to heal, and now the individuals in this story must do the same.

Can they find their inspiration from these turtles who continually swim on in the face of great odds? Read the second book in Mary Alice’s Beach House series to find out! Also be sure to check out the feature length film The Beach House, based on the first book in the series– starring Minka Kelly, Andie MacDowell, and Chad Michael Murray!

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  1. Deborah C Strautmann: 11 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE all your Beach House books (I have read the whole series). I live a few hours away in Aiken SC but I LOVE visiting Charleston and the Islands surrounding. Your books make me feel as though I am right there again! So realistic and I even introduced your books to a few other friends who think you are the BEST!! I hope you continue to publish more in the future. I have every book! Thank you again.

    Deborah C Strautmann


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