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Publication Order of Beach Books

Footloose / Grecian Holiday (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fiesta / Spanish Holiday (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape / California Holiday (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sea Change / Mediterranean Holiday (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Beach Books

Fiesta / Spanish Holiday(2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape / California Holiday(2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Footloose / Grecian Holiday(1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sea Change / Mediterranean Holiday(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

YA author, Kate Cann began penning down novels, several years after serving as a teen book editor. With books such as the exceedingly popular beach read, Grecian Holiday and Hard Cash under her belt and her exceedingly popular Love Trilogy, Cann has managed to gain many teen readers due to her unique talent of describing the romances and the exceedingly complex relationships that occur among teenagers. Cann draws from her personal experiences as a teenager, mother and an editor who is familiar with the Young Adult, literature in creating her very first book. Cann’s novel, Diving In was published in the United States as Ready. Diving In is trhe first book in Kate Cann’s Love trilogy, which follows the relationship between Collete, a sixteen years old girl with Art, her boyfriend.

Collete has been raised in a home that was dominated by her suffragette mother, however, when she begins to spy on a great looking guy, who was swimming at Collete’s neighbourhood swimming pool, she falls to an old fashioned girl crush. As the two become exceedingly close, Collete eventually finds herself confused because of Art’s pressure to take the relationship to the next level. A prime motivator for a majority of Cann’s books is the manner in which a majority of the teenage books approached teenage sex; they either full of doom or gloom, unrealistic candy floss or gushy. By the time she completed getting materials from her memories and diary, Cann eventually turned to her daughter and son, who were teenagers at the time. She began eavesdropping on them as well as their friends.

Kate mainly focuses on things that she cannot easily change such as jealousy, anger and happiness. A second theme in Cann’s books is the struggle experienced by the book’s controlling figure. The controlling figure can be a boyfriend who happens to be a control freak. Kate Cann’s main characters under both sexual and sexual pressures face from time to time, the alternative danger of identity diffusion. Irrespective of such dangers, Kate Cann’s own fondness remains nonetheless resolutely for engagement with life. Currently, Kate Cann resides in Wilshire.

Beach Book Series

Spanish Holiday is the first book in the Beach book series. In Spanish Holiday, the author, Kate Cann introduces the readers to three friends, Yaz, Laura and Ruth. Yaz, Laura and Ruth have been friends for many years and the book begins as the three plan a trip to Spain. Before leaving Ruth meets with Tom. It does not take long before the two fall in love. Unable to leave Tom behind, they all decide to head to Spain using Tom’s car. However, for Laura and Yaz, this is the end of dream holiday, when the two come to realise that Tom’s idea of a Spanish holiday was not the same as what the two had. Will the girls be able to stick together or will they be ripped apart?

With that said, Kate Cann has done an excellent job in describing the characters. Tom was not only macho but many at times he was also annoying, which made him somehow realistic. Juan is another character who stands out in the book. He is not only amazing but exceedingly sweet as well, dreamy and quite irresistible. Yaz on the other hand is somewhat cool but also exceedingly weird when she is agitated.

The author also does an excellent job in giving out descriptions about Spain, its culture, the food, the people and the landscape as well. It is clear to see that the author, Kate Cann, did provide detailed descriptions that a typical travel book would not be able to. California Holiday is the second book in the Beach series by Kate Cann. In California Holiday, Rowan has been residing in London, all her entire life. After completing her education, Rowan has a tough time figuring what to do with herself. From time to time, Rowan talks to her brother so that she could get advice from him. With the assistance from his brother, Rowan decides to become a nanny. However, the only challenge is that Rowan’s mother is against the idea of Rowan going to America. She eventually gives in and lets her leave.

Despite the fact that the child Rowan is expected to look after is exceedingly fine, the child’s parents appear to be the problem. The mother, She Bielicka is exceedingly strict with Rowan. Sha gives Rowan so many tasks and she also loves to criticise Rowan sometimes, when Rowan gives Flozzy the appropriate care. Sha also from time to time ignores both Rowan and the baby. Taylor Bielicka, Flossy’s father is exceedingly friendly with Rowan. From the look of things the only people who appear to love and appreciate Rowan in that house, is Flossy and the iguana. It does not take long before Sha’s grandmother comes along. Sha begins to treat Rowan much worse than before. When Sha decided that she could not take this anymore, she decided that the iguana should be killed. This was the only way that Sha could get rid of her anger and frustrations.

Because she could not want the iguana to be killed, Rowan decides to leave and takes a bus headed to San Francisco. While heading to San Frasnsico, Rowan meets with a guy. After chatting for a while, the guy tells Rowan about the hotel where he works and also the guy convinces Rowan to go with him. Eventually, Rowan lands a job at the Kidde Heaven and things begin to get well from there forward. Rowan and Landon have been friends for quite sometime, that even Rowan starts to believe that two have a relationship. On the first date, Landon does not show up, thereby leaving Rowan heartbroken. Rowan feels that she will never be able to face him again. However, when Landon discovers that Rowan had left, he decides to chase her down. Landon informs Rowan that he had just broken up with coco. He also informs her that they could freeze the iguana together. Rowan decides to give Landon a second chance and the two end up living in the town of Cancun, while working at the local Sheraton hotel.

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