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“Beartooth, Montana” is a series of novels by American romantic suspense, contemporary western romance author B.J. Daniels. Daniels is the author of the “Beartooth, Montana”, “Whitehorse, Montana”, “Cardwell Ranch”, and the “McCalls’ Montana” series. Before she became a novelist, Daniels wanted to become a police officer though she found herself working as a journalist where she won several awards for her work before she pivoted to writing fiction. Prior to publishing her first novel, she had written 37 short stories. The first novel of the “Beartooth, Montana” series of novels was “Unforgiven” that was first published in 2012. With her first novel gaining much popularity and critical acclaim she followed it up with several novels in the still ongoing series.

B.J. Daniels launched her novel writing career with the novel “Outlawed” that was first published in 1995. Her work writing in journalism made her good at writing fast, as she often had to beat deadlines which developed the courage to do what she had always wanted to do when she got into journalism. She first got into writing, penning short stories for “Woman’s World” before she finally wrote her first novel “Odd Man Out” that was published by Harlequin Intrigue. After achieving success with her first four novels, she quit her journalism job to focus fully on her fiction writing career. She has since published more that 100 novels and over 40 short stories published with HQN and Harlequin Intrigue. Her novels have been on the USA Today and New York Times bestselling lists and she has won numerous awards over the years. She has met many editors, authors and readers many of whom have become friends. Nonetheless, she still gets a thrill to see her books on the shelves and attends classes to improve her craft. Daniels lives with her husband Parker in Montana and when she is not writing spends her time playing tennis, boating, water skiing, snowboarding, quilting, and camping.

The “Beartooth, Montana” series of novels is an absorbing romance, suspense and mystery series of novels with just the right amount of adventure. The series is set in small town Montana with several characters and each novel focusing on the lives of a different set of characters. The series comes with multiple romantic attachments that fit the suspense in the plot and involve the reader in the town’s plight as they follow along with the mystery. The novels do read more like thrillers than romantic suspense novels, given their fast pace and edgier narratives alongside the romance between the lead protagonists. With intertwining story lines that involve several intriguing secondary characters, the stories will keep the reader guessing as to who did the deed. With their excellent back stories that sometimes go back more than a decade, the connections between the characters in the small town of Beartooth is easier to make. The novels of the “Beartooth, Montana” series often end in rapid fire suspense scenes that makes for a great ending to the layered mystery introduced from the very first pages of each novel.

“Unforgiven” the first novel of the series is set eleven years after the Rylan’s romance with Destry comes to an end and the death of his sister. Rylan is back in Beartooth after he gets sick of living on the road. Rylan is after Carson, Destry’s brother who he believes is responsible for the murder of Ginny, and will do anything to get the evidence that he needs. He is now at loggerheads with Destry, as she has never been convinced that Carson was guilty of the murder. When it comes to Carson, Rylan is a maniac as he is so sure that he is guilty. He is still in love with Destry and just like he is convinced of Carson’s guilt he does not think their relationship has a future. Rylan actually starts to listen to Destry when she convinces him that he may have overlooked some facts. It is not long before the two are knee-deep in investigations trying to establish the truth of the mystery. Destry is still dedicated to her father’s ranch but now wants to love Ryan again while trying to clear her brother’s name. Meanwhile, Rylan is ready to give their love a chance until he unearths clues that may link her to his sister’s killing. Will their love stand a chance after the truth comes out?

“Redemption” the second novel of the “Beartooth, Montana” series is a story about Jack French, a man that just got out of prison after two years. He had been sentenced for stealing a prize bull and is now determined to clear his name though he is still not sure if he wants to live in Beartooth. He had made two huge mistakes in his life; he dated a judge’s daughter and had been one of the wildest youths in his hometown. He never stole the bull but he got the two year sentence from the judge and is determined to prove to everyone including the judge that he is not the wild Jack French that was sent to prison two years past. His quest to find the man that had set him up for the theft of the prize bull that had him waste two years of his life in prison is not about revenge but showing everyone that he is not the bad boy that they all believe he is. However, his first night home does not go as planned as he hears an altercation at the neighbor’s and goes out to find Kate LaFond under attack. Kate has always been an independent woman that needs no ones help.

But once Jack steps into the house she knows that her heart and her life will never be the same again though she has too dark a secret that she does not want to let anyone in, even if it is a handsome man as Jack. She has only recently come to Beartooth and purchased a cafe. The previous owner had been a friend that was looking for a treasure up in the mountains above Beartooth, a secret that she had only told Kate. But now that her secret is out, it is up to Jack to protect her by partnering up with her to try find the treasure.

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