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Beautiful Bastard (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Bitch (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Stranger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Bombshell (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Player (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Beginning (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Beloved (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Secret (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful Boss (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beautiful (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

For those who enjoy their romantic fiction peppered with more than a touch of eroticism, the ‘Beautiful’ series of books by Christina Lauren, could have been written for you. Author Christina Lauren is in fact a meeting of minds. Describing themselves as besties, soul mates and brain twins, it is the pseudonym of two friends, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. These two young American authors began their careers writing for a fan fiction site before their novel ‘The Office’ was picked up by a major publisher. Working with the authors, publishers Schuster and Schuster changed the title from ‘The Office’ to ‘Beautiful Bastard’ and a brand was born. Now the successful authors of a series of novels all prefixed by the word beautiful, these ladies have concocted a formula of steamy sex, passion and romance that leaves their readers gagging for more. The audience for these books, like their authors, is the young adult market. Cleverly, the writers often introduce a minor character into their plots, who then appears later in the series as a major protagonist. For those panting to get their hands on the next novel in the series, the authors punctuate their publications with shorter novellas that succeed in whetting the appetite before the next major book. Since publication the books have won many plaudits including nominations for The Goodreads Choice Awards in 2013, The RT Seal of Excellence Award and Book of the Year Award 2014. The rights to ‘Beautiful Bastard’ have been acquired by a major Hollywood film company, with filming to begin in the near future.

Beautiful Bastard

Originally entitled ‘The Office’, ‘The Beautiful Bastard’ gained its more provocative title on mainstream publication. Wildly successful, the book has since spawned a series of ‘Beautiful’ novels. The heroes of this tale of love, lust and eventually love are Chloe Mills, an intern and MBA student and her boss Bennett Ryan. Crackling with sexual tension from the very first pages, the reader, if not Chloe, realises that her boss’s brusque and aloof professionalism is hiding a seething passion that he can barely contain. Predictably, the inevitable happens. Staying late one night to finish a presentation, the couple find themselves alone. The pair enjoy wild unbridled sex and an affair begins. Like all good romantic tales, the path to happiness is not easy. Strewn with twists and misunderstandings it looks as if our couple will never find joy. What begins as a series of sexual liaisons based on pure lust evolves into something deeper though. The duo are forced to confront their true feelings when a crisis forces them apart. Just when the reader thinks they are getting a happy ending, our authors throw a spanner in the works and cruelly tantalise the reader with the possibility of disaster. Never fear though, fate steps in to bring our star crossed lovers back together and the book ends on a satisfying high.

Beautiful Stranger

The second in the ‘Beautiful’ series, the novel cleverly plucks one of the lesser characters in ‘Beautiful Bastard’ and places her center stage. Another bright, intelligent woman, Sara Dillon is the best friend of Chloe Mills. Disillusioned after being cheated on, Sara takes up a job in Benett Ryan’s New York office. Her first weekend in New York sees her attending the engagement party of Chloe and Bennett. During the party she catches the eye of handsome Brit, Max Stella. Clearly attracted to our heroine, Max makes his desires known. Sara on the other hand remains aloof before eventually throwing caution to the wind. Convinced that neither of them will meet again Sara abandons her inhibitions and has sex with Max on an open balcony. Like a modern day Cinderella she leaves behind, not her shoes, but a pair of panties. Max, it seems has other ideas and is keen to see Sara again. He eventually tracks her down and sends a shocked Sara a video he recorded of the couple having sex. Max turns out to be the best friend of Bennett. Far from remaining strangers he and Sara keep on meeting at social occasions. The couple eventually embark on an affair which involves having thrilling sex in public places which Max catches on film. As their relationship progresses Max finds himself falling for Sara and his feelings deepen. Sara on the other hand is keen not to be hurt again and sees Max as a friend with benefits. The situation changes when Max takes Sara to a club he knows. Sara is forced to evaluate her emotions and confront her true feelings for Max.

In the ‘Beautiful’ series of books Christina Lauren takes the classic elements of a good old fashioned romance and brings it up to date with just the right balance of eroticism for today’s young female taste. No longer satisfied with a hint of sexuality, the steamy scenes are overt and descriptive, leaving little to the imagination of the reader. At the same time a thread of romance runs through all of the books. The female characters are bright intelligent women, like our co- authors. The male characters are of course handsome and successful but with just the right hint of vulnerability. The men in these novels certainly don’t hold all of the cards. Throughout the books there is the usual conflict, crises, prejudices and obstacles to overcome before there is even a hint of a happy ending. The novels are clearly aimed at the female market and the easy writing style allows the reader to slip effortlessly into a world of fantasy. If this is your type of novel you will find yourself eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next. The good news is for those who enjoy the first of the ‘Beautiful’ series, is that its writers are prolific and the series is expanding all of the time. Skilfully weaving characters in and out of their books, sometimes as protagonists, sometimes as minor players, provides the books with a strand that binds them all together as a series and strengthens the reader’s relationship with the characters. Erotic, steamy but ultimately romantic, these books have cornered a niche in the market.

If you are a female reader who enjoys romantic fiction with a steamy edge, you will enjoy the ‘Beautiful’ series of books. Sexy, sassy and sizzling, put aside a few hours and prepare to be shocked, surprised and just a little bit in love by the time you finish.

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