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Becca Fitzpatrick is a highly rated American author well known for the highly rated New York Times bestselling series Hush, Hush. Born on the 3rd February of 1979 she grew up in North Platte, Nebraska reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden with a penlight under the covers. She graduated with a degree in Community Health from Brigham Young University, worked at an alternative high school in Provo as an accountant, secretary and a teacher before

Raised in North Platte, Nebraska, she graduated in April 2001 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Community Health, and became a secretary, teacher, and accountant at an alternative high school in Provo which she quickly abandoned for storytelling. When not writing, she is most likely watching crime dramas on TV, running, traveling or stalking sale racks for reject shoes. She is the writer of the popular HUSH, HUSH Narrative. Her new book BLACK ICE is expected to be in bookstores world over by October 7, 2014. She lives in Colorado with her family.

In February 2003, for her 24th birthday her husband enrolled her in a writing class where she started writing Hush, Hush, her work was admired.

When she undertook a script class from the then Utah Valley Community College. Evidently she wasn’t a very creative student, since she took involvements from her childhood years, altered the character names, and called it fiction. All was well and good, excluding her writing was not very captivating. Her lecturer heartened her to read for her to write. The leading book she read was Laurie Halse Anderson’s speak. She established YA books very thought-provoking and swore on no occasion to stop reading them. Since then she settled a special relationship to writing for youngsters, since those were the ages when she began to figure out the kind of person she wanted to become. As for the imaginary section, it has to do with being LDS. She has read the Old Testament. People have visions, prophet’s command bears to eat irreverent kids, and Donkeys dialogue. She has conviction, and has faith in things that can’t be seen, makes creating fantastical story features easier. Like, obviously the angels in her book are psychic.

She doesn’t consider her books are spiritual. When she wrote Hush, Hush, she never had a clue what she was doing, outside discovering and working over issues in her private life.

“It’s not the finest way to pen a book, but again, I didn’t see what I was exploiting and I don’t beat myself up very much since I wasn’t being salaried to write. I was writing virtuously for me. With the results, I was more conscious of my listeners. There was a lot of force, and I don’t think I constantly controlled it with composure. Put basically, I was hassled out big time! But that sensation of writing under the gun? It was a priceless skill. Over the last three years, I’ve cultured how to manage doubt, how to catch balance, and how to honestly appreciate my consecrations. I even think I learned a thing or two about storytelling. I don’t pen stories to instil a warning or deliver a meaning, but once I look back, I see restoration as a theme make a way in my books. All of us commit mistakes and are trying to get our way back.”

About Hush, Hush her instructor asked her lecture to write a scene displaying embarrassment, and so the first extract that she in fact wrote in “Hush, Hush” was somewhat occurred to her in high school. It’s the part where Nora’s in Biology and her instructor asks her to list the traits she wants in a possible mate, and she’s so humiliated and everybody was amused, and it happened in front of a pretty boy like Patch. It occurred to her in high school. It was torn right from her life.

She began a new book about a sixteen-year-old girl called Ellie Fairchild (who later became Nora Grey), her backstabbing and devious greatest friend, Vee Sky, and Ellie’s erotic wicked boy bio partner, Patch (who had a very huge secret he’d been protecting).Discerning she would pen the book and figure out Patch’s immense furtive later, she completed a bumpy draft in a few weeks. After a short break, she was hit with an irresistible desire to write the book and try again. But this time somewhat different. She knew Patch’s secret. He was still the definitive wicked boy. After that, all fell into place. She knew Patch was a fallen angel. That understanding opened up limitless potentials, she could factually make him all she wanted. And she did just that.

Sandra Brown,Jenny Han, Diana Gabaldon, Richelle Mead, Kristin Cashore, Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Emily Bronte, Sue Grafton are some of the authors who influences her most. Bet you couldn’t guess that she love romance and suspense!

She never really thought that studying community health would be a career. She just thought that it was something people did for fun and she was thinking that she had to go to school for something that would give her a job in the future. She wanted to be a spy in college, and wanted to work with the CIA but never happened

She doesn’t read reviews anymore Hush, Hush did get some discouraging reviews, and she lost her confidence completely. Since then she just writes the book.Readers can criticize the book after reading and evaluating it, and she believes that’s their job.


1. Over 2 million copies in print​

2. Sold in 35+ territories

3. YALSA Teen’s Top Ten 2011 Nominee

4. Nominated for Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award

5. International Bestseller

6. A Publishers Weekly bestseller

7. A USA Today bestseller

8. Over 50 weeks Bestseller List in New york Times

9. YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten pick

10. Winter 2009 Indie Next List Top Ten pick

11. Spring 2011 Indie Next List pick

12. Included in the 2009 Association of Booksellers for Children Best Books for Children Catalog

13. Barnes & Noble’s Best Teen Books of 2009 selection 2009 Barnes & Noble Dark CBC

14. First YA title selected for Barnes & Noble’s First Look Book Club

15. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Young Adult Series​

16. IRA Young Adults’ Choices North Carolina Children’s Book Award Master List

17. Pacific Northwest Young Reader’s Choice Award Master List

18. Soaring Eagle Book Award Master List (WY)

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