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Becka Mack
Becka Mack is a self-proclaimed sarcasm queen, steamy romance author, professional procrastinator, and a superfan of dragging her fans through hell and back while on the way to a happy ending.

When she is not staring blankly at her computer screen or deleting almost two hundred occurrences of the word ‘just’ from her manuscript, she can be found teaching kindergarten in Ontario, Canada, and mom-ing with her beautiful and sweet young boy and her animals.

Growing up, her ambition was to be able to create a dream world for readers to slip on into, a place to fall in love and escape, much like the ones that she had enjoyed getting lost in herself.

Even though she has always been an avid reader and dreamt forever of becoming an author, she only started writing books after the loss of her brother. Because she knew that life was too short to live it any other way. Now, she is always excited for life’s next greatest adventure.

While she likes including all of the fun stuff like humor, heat, and alpha men that are secretly teddy bears, her writing comes from a place of heavy emotions, and often cannot resist allowing these emotions to seep into her pages.

Becka loves writing swoon-worthy romance with relatable and lovable characters, loads of humor, and a healthy dose of drama while on the way to a happily ever after.

“Love You Wild” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2021. Shattered. It’s really the best way to describe Claire Thompson after the ultimate betrayal. After her long term boyfriend cheats on her, Claire decides that she is finished with men. Possibly forever. Healing the pieces of her broken heart appears to be too impossible a task. Rumor has it that the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody new, however a rebound is the very last thing she needs or wants, and she is certainly not letting her guard down for anybody, especially not for sexy-as-sin, charming, multi-millionaire playboy Avery Beck.

Avery Beck, a womanizer extraordinaire, prefers his women without any strings attached. Until he sees Claire. Just as feisty and fiery as her hair is, with tenacity and stubbornness to match, he is sure that he has never worked this hard for anything. Avery is bound and determined to tear her walls down one lingering touch, one piercing gaze, one sweeping kiss at a time. He has never given up before, and he does not plan to start now.

Is his wild heart going to be tamed finally? Or is this going to be the one time that the relentless millionaire does not get what he wants?

Each character is well rounded and fleshed out, and readers found themselves thinking they knew people like these characters.

“Consider Me” is the first novel in the “Playing for Keeps” series and was released in 2022. Carter Beckett is NHL’s resident bad boy, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever grace Olivia’s field of vision, and the top player both in the bedroom and on the ice. What’s worst of all, however? He knows it.

He is self-centered, arrogant, and the guy does not appear to know what a filter is, let alone how to use it. He has had everything served up on a silver platter, including a never ending series of women, and apparently Olivia’s next. His one problem? Olivia’s got no intention of falling for his shi… er, charm.

Olivia Parker has the solution to all of her sexual frustrations in this drawer at home, and it is much less complicated than Carter. Yeah, the guy might be pretty, however he’s also a walking and talking reminder for you to wrap it before you tap it. However then she begins to let her guard down, and he begins to show her pieces of himself that she had no intention of seeing. The bricks all around her might be tumbling down one at a time, however she’s just not sold yet, which means for the very first time in his life, Carter is the one begging.

For her trust, her time, for just a single chance. For her to just Consider Him.

Readers found Carter to be a fantastic and hilarious main character, and they loved Olivia’s feisty personality, finding it impossible not to just completely adore her. Readers also like how she puts Carter in his place and makes him work for her.

“Play With Me” is the second novel in the “Playing for Keeps” series and was released in 2022. Garrett is the star right winger for the Vancouver Vipers, fast as lightning and an unstoppable force. His dream come true, and he has worked his entire life to get here. He doesn’t plan on giving it up, however if he wants to keep playing hockey, he’ll need all of his limbs. To ensure his body parts remain intact, he just needs to follow a simple rule: don’t touch his captain’s little sister, Jennie.

It seems simple enough. She is bossy, snarky, and has a sailor’s mouth. Truthfully, Garrett borders on the edge of terrified while she’s around. Problem is that he’s seen too much. Too much of her, outside and in. And now? Well, now he wants more.

However she is his best friend’s little sister, and no one’s been quite as off limits as Jennie Beckett is to him. Her toy collection is rather impressive, however Garrett plans on showing her just how a real man can make her vibrate without all those batteries. These hands can handle a hockey stick, well surely they can handle her. C’mon Jennie, play with Garrett.

Jennie and Garrett are fantastic characters and cute together. Becka delivers a novel that starts as just a fun and spicy friends with benefits situation that soon becomes a tear jerking and heartwarming romance between two soulmates. This is a hilarious and laugh out loud read, sure to have you grinning like an idiot the entire time. Jennie and Garrett have some excellent banter back and forth with each other.

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