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Publication Order of Becker Brothers Books

The “Becker Brothers” series is a set of contemporary romance novels by bestselling author Kandi Steiner.
The Tampa Florida based author and whiskey connoisseur has made a name for herself authoring emotional rollercoaster tales. Her novels are usually about raw and real romance and flawed characters that come to life in several of her works.

What has made her so popular is the fact that it is nearly impossible to find any two of her novels that are alike. Still her novels are typically inspirational, emotional and angsty reads. Kandi published “On the Rocks,” the first novel of the “Becker Brothers” series in 2019.

In her earlier years, Kandi Steiner graduated with a degree in public relations, advertising and creative writing from the University of Central Florida. She got started as an author when she was just a fourth grader when she read the first instalment of “Harry Potter.”

As a sixth grader, she was the editor and writer for her own paper that she used to distribute to her friends. Eventually the principal learned of her endeavors and put a stop to them. While she protested about her rights, nothing came of it and she had to stop.

When she graduated from college, she got interested in writing romance as she had always been a hopeless romantic. Once she published “Tag Chaser,” her debut novel in 2013, and it went on to become a bestseller, she has never looked back since.

When she is not writing her novels, she can be found reading all manner of books, spending time with family and friends and talking with her cat. She also enjoys sweet wine, craft beer, traveling, music, movie marathons, beach days and anything with carbs.

The “Becker Brothers” series of novels by Kandi Steiner is a set of novels following the life and times of four brothers from small town Tennessee. The economy of the small town is all about a popular whiskey distillery, where most of the town earns their living and if not they at least know someone that works there.

Three of the four brothers earn their living working at the distillery. Their grandfather was one of the cofounders of the distillery while their father lost his life there under mysterious circumstances ten years back.

Each brother has his own novel in which he can find love. While they can each be read as a standalone it is critical to read them in order as each novel provides the background story of each brother and clues to the big mystery of their father’s death.

The novels make for cute slow burn reads combining swoony moments, a little bit of angst, drama to make for some very interesting friends to lovers tales. Featuring hate to like handsome heroes and beautiful and feisty heroines, it creates some red hot romance reads.

“On the Rocks,” the debut novel of the “Becker Brothers” series is the story of Noah Becker, who has been known as nothing but trouble. Ruby Grace Barnett had always been told to stay away from Noah even as a kid, as he would giggle at their games and kick his pew in church.

When she walks into the distillery where Noah works to buy a wedding gift for her fiance, the badness of the Becker brothers is still on her mind. The sweaty and dirty Noah is rude trouble, but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot avoid meeting him as they live in a very small town in Tennessee.

The more she runs into the man, the more infuriating he is as he sees something in her nobody else does. What he sees is the real her than she has never been allowed to be and no one else has ever seen. As the mayor’s daughter, her parents have always had high expectations for her and hence she has never lived her own life.

She is now engaged to be married to a politician and her parents could not be happier. But her liaison with Noah is making her question everything including the wedding she thought she wanted. She had been warned that he was nothing but trouble but had never listened.

Kandi Steiner’s novel “Neat” is the story of Logan Becker, the second of the troublesome Becker brothers. At the opening of the novel, Mallory Scooter is in a quandary as she thinks her life is over. She had once sworn to never work at the Scooter distillery as she was not interested in becoming part of her father’s legacy.

But then she graduated from college with a degree in art to find there were hardly any jobs. To attain her dream of having her own art studio she is forced to work for her father in the Scooter distillery. She does not think it would be that bad until she learns that she will be working under Logan Becker.
The brothers have a reputation of attracting and getting in trouble. But since she is attracted to trouble, she is strongly drawn to the man from the moment she walks into the Scooter distillery.

He is a handsome, whiskey eyed lean man that has to be the hottest man she ever saw. But he hates her since the Scooters and Beckers have been at loggerheads for decades. What follows is an interesting Romeo and Juliet story that will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

“Manhattan,” the third novel of the “Becker Brothers” series, is a country romance set in small town America. Kylie Nelson knows that it is never a good idea to fall in love with her best friend. But she cannot help it when her best friend is charming as a thief and devastatingly handsome man named Michael Becker.
She had convinced herself that he was all hers as they had developed a bond that had been forged when they were in elementary school. They had sworn to always be there for each other and this bond was strengthened by circumstance.

But even though they have been friends for long, she is pained seeing him get into a romantic relationship with another woman. She is also the one that has to help him get back on his feet when she is left in a lurch by his new girlfriend.

But when he says he intends to move to New York, she realizes that she has to tell him how she feels. She will have to convince him not to go to New York and hope that he can love her too.

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