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There are many personalities who have excelled in more than one field in their lives. Becky Albertalli is one such person why has earned fame and distinction both as an author and psychologist. Apart from having made a mark as an author, she also has the privilege of having conducted psychological therapy with many unique, versatile and smart teenagers. She also has served as a co-founder of a particular support group. This group was basically to help and assist those children who were gender nonconforming. She did this Good Samaritan service in Washington DC. She is married and lives with her cute little family of husband, and two sons in Atlanta. Over the years she has written quite a few books and a few of them have been interesting and have caught the imagination of thousands of readers across the world.

A Look At Her Early Life

Albertalli was born in Atlanta and she grew up the suburbs of Atlanta. Her natural flair for writing was evident since her preschool days. In this young age she was a good writer and had penned quite a few stories about her pets. She is the eldest child in her family and has a sister who is three years younger to her apart from her brother who is twelve years younger to her. She is a happy go-lucky sort of a person and was an avid lover of ice creams and other forms of desserts.

Though she has an Italian last name, she is Jewish by birth. Was a great lover of many sports but was not able to make any big impact on all the sporting activities which she loved. She was reasonably good in her studies but she failed in the subject of sex in her sixth grade. This was because the pictorial representations which she came up with were perhaps too strong for the taste of her teachers. She had a big crush on Harry Potter when she was sixteen years old and perhaps she was never able to grow out of it. She also was a big fan of Anime though the obsession was brief.

She had the experience of studying abroad in Scotland and after her higher studies she moved to Washington D.C. She eventually completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and this certainly was the stepping stone for her success and her being able to help dozens of men, women and children with emotional disturbances and more particularly with unique sexual orientation.

The Books She Has Written

There are a number of books which have come from the pen of Becky Albertalli and it may not be possible to talk about each and every one of them. However there is one book named Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda which is well and truly a masterpiece and has won the acclaim and appreciation of readers and critics alike. It is a gripping and fascinating story about Simon, a sixteen year old gay who is not at its best when it comes to socializing and getting along with people. He has a special secret to share for his school musical but the secret about his sexual nonconformity is at risk and he is being blackmailed. The story now has many twists and turns and this is what this book about.

According to many readers the books is wonderful and extremely funny. The character of Simon has been exceedingly well portrayed in this book and they will well and truly fall with him, setting aside his shortcomings as a person. It is a book which effortlessly glides through time and there have been many people who have started to have a secret crush on Simon and perhaps even on Becky for her writing skills.

The Upside Of Unrequited

This is another interesting and captivating piece of fiction by Becky Albertalli. This is the story of a young girl of sixteen. She believes that getting a boy friend or a girl friend for that matter for the opposite sexes is one big problem. She is obsessed with finding out ways and means by which a sixteen year old girl can kiss a boy. The girl Molly Peskin is desperate to find answers for the same. She has twenty two guys on whom she has crushes but has been not been able to kiss any one. She seeks advice and guidance from her sister who advice her to just go for the kill.

Though this is a genuine advice from her sister, it is easier said than done. The story goes through many twists and turns when Molly finds that her sister Cassie falls in love, pangs of loneliness begin to stab her. Cassie and Mina are truly concerned about finding out ways by which Molly can end her unrequited crushes. They set up a plan and prop Will, a handsome looking guy who too seems to have a secret liking for Molly. However, the story takes a turn when Molly feels more comfortable spending time with her co-worker Reid. However, at the same time, the advances from Will make her mind complicated. She is at the cross roads, whether to hear the cry of her heart or to go by what her sister and other friends have in store for her.

What these books bring out is the mind that is behind it. It is about Albertalli’s ability to relate to daily life situations and her ability to delve into the minds of young teenagers whose emotions go through lot of turmoil and turbulence during this period. That is the reason why her books have been able to touch the cord of many teenagers and impact them emotionally. Added to this is the fact that she is a certified and fully qualified psychologist. This has enabled her to understand the mind and heart of her target audience and her true concern for their feelings and emotions is one of the main reasons for the success of her books. At the end of the day, Becky Albertalli may not be the hottest sensation with her books, but the few works of her have well and truly been well accepted by her core constituency.

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    British propaganda “author” Becky Albertalli is one of a recent trend of several “newcomer” British “authors” along with Casey McQuiston who spend all their time sneaking around the world pretending they are American citizens to any sucker who’ll listen, Albertalli now claiming to be from Georgia because it couldn’t seem to make up its mind what part of the map was what, to try to attack America and American Children with its British gay depopulation and disarmament agenda. This is another gay British propaganda fiction attack against America, American Children and The American Government by the gay loser British enemies of America like Albertalli and McQuiston. The American response against Albertalli, as with McQuiston, will be quite sudden and quite final.


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