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How to Make Anything Gluten-Free (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Bake Anything Gluten-Free (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Plan Anything Gluten-Free (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quick and Easy Gluten Free (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Becky Excell
Becky Excell was born in Colchester, The United Kingdom. She is a London/Essex based recipe creator and food writer. Somehow she managed to become a Sunday Times bestselling author.

She has always enjoyed baking and has been baking ever since she can remember. She would stand on a step stool while a young girl when she couldn’t reach the kitchen worktop and would help her mother make cupcakes.

Becky also finds baking to be very therapeutic too. It reminds her of the days she was a child and totally care free, even if she has a sort of rocky relationship with food. Plus you also get to eat what you have made by the very end.

She became gluten free in 2013 when her doctor diagnosed her with IBS, in 2009 and told her that her relationship with gluten had officially ended. She believed that she would never again eat nice food.

Since it is not until you are unable to eat gluten that you actually realize it is in everything: pizza, bread, cakes, and pasta. So she put her apron on, acting like it was a superhero’s cape, and started creating all of the recipes she missed a lot as a kid, just gluten free, and put them on her blog, mainly so she could share them with family members before she went over to have tea. Because it took her a long time to make sure her family wasn’t poisoning her on accident anymore.

Out of the blue, folks began visiting these posts on her blog, making her recipes themselves, and sending her the pictures of what she’d created. It made her very happy to think she’d help reunite them with food they truly missed. So she kept on doing that.

She has more than 350,000 followers that follow her from all around the world across her social media channels. And she has even won some awards for her work too.

It didn’t stop there, though. She got her first cookbook published in 2021, called “How to Make Anything Gluten Free”, and it contains more than a hundred recipes for all of the things that gluten-free people miss out on.

She never thought that a random girl that bakes in her home kitchen without any professional training or baking/cooking credentials would ever get lucky enough to get a chance like this. But here she is. And she still cannot believe it if she is entirely honest, as she often pinches herself only to make sure she is actually awake.

And since Becky is who she is, she figured that this would be a fairly quiet release and only a small dedicated amount would buy her book and appreciate it. However, as it turns out, all her fans out there just loved it and it soon became the number one best selling gluten-free cookbook on Amazon and was a Sunday Times Bestseller. She was on national radio talking about it and even Queen Nigella featured it in her Cookbook Corner on her site.

She announced a follow up shortly after, and it shot to number one immediately of ALL the books on Amazon during the first 24 hours. Her first book had only managed to hit number three when she first announced it, which was outrageous enough of an achievement for a gluten free book already.

“How to Make Anything Gluten-Free” is a cookbook that was released in the year 2021. Do you avoid gluten yet yearn to have fresh bread, all your favorite takeaways or a naan bread to have with your curry? And for your sweet tooth, do you crave bakery style cookies, jam doughnuts, and classic cakes?

This is the first cookbook that shows you how you can unlock all of the food that you really miss eating, however nothing tastes or looks like it is “gluten free”.

Becky is here to show you that a gluten-free life can be easy and exciting without needing to miss out on your favorite foods again. Why restrict yourself from the obvious salads, fruit, and soups? What you truly want are the recipes that you believe you cannot eat. From pad tai, proper chicken chow mein, lemon drizzle cake, doughnuts, profiteroles, pizza, cheesecake, and French baguettes. There’s also vegan, dairy-free, veggie, and low FODMAP options, too giving you all of the recipes that you are ever going to need with advice and tips on how to make anything at all gluten-free.

Becky delivers a beautiful book that gives readers the confidence as an amateur to tackle some of the more challenging baking projects. They are easy to follow and help anybody with food allergies transition to being fully gluten free and there are just so many options to choose from. These recipes are a breath of fresh air and are wonderfully photographed and delicious each time. Her small details and explanations help set the book apart.

“How to Bake Anything Gluten-Free” is a cookbook that was released in the year 2021. Have you been avoiding gluten yet yearn for fresh bread, fluffy cakes, sticky pastries, warm donuts, and gooey brownies? This is the first cookbook which will help you transform your kitchen into your own personal gluten free bakery. However nothing tastes or looks “gluten-free”.

Have you ordered dessert and ended up with fruit salad? Ever stepped into a bakery and realized that you could only eat the napkins? Or, worst of all, ever experienced that awkward moment of not actually being able to eat your own birthday cake? This is the book that is going to change all of that, for the better.

From rainbow cake to s’mores brownies, Krispy Kreme style donuts to red velvet cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake to triple chocolate cookies, apple pie to black forest gateau. Also cinnamon rolls, bagels, mini beef wellingtons, and classic Cornish pastry. There is an entire chapter devoted to the ultimate gluten free Christmas. Including vegan, dairy free, veggie, and low FODMAP options, Becky delivers all of the recipes you will ever need with advice and tips on how to bake absolutely anything gluten free.

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    I have How to make anything Gluten Free by Becky Excell. What is the title of her next book.

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      How to Plan Anything.


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