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Awful Beautiful Life (With: Katherine Reay) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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My Neighbor, the Spy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Sister, the Traitor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Becky Powell is a renowned American writer of Christian fiction, memoir, and nonfiction novels. She has written a couple of standalone books in her career, both of which are widely successful. In addition to writing in her spare time, Powell works as a full-time insurance agent. She has grown-up children and has oldest ones, Boone and Madison, have completed their graduation from Baylor University, while her youngest child, John Luke, has just started as a college freshman. Besides her involvement in her two careers, Powell takes active participation in the activities of the church and other volunteer work.

Powell’s social indulgences include working for the organizations called YoungLife and Helping Hand Home. As of now, author Powell resides in her home in Austin, Texas with her three children. She likes to spend all her time doing fruitful and satisfactory things. Her children also support her in all of her interests. They even serve as the first critics of her novels and suggest her important changes to be made so that the books can look even more convincing. Sometimes, they also offer important tips on how to approach a new novel and write its first draft.

The debut book written by author Becky Powell is entitled ‘My Neighbor, the Spy’. Its a Max Williams novel and features the character in the role of the chief protagonist. This novel was released by the Magnolia publication in 2014. Author Powell has depicted the central characters in this novel as Mrs. W and Max Williams. Initially, it is depicted that Max and Mrs. W are neighbors. Max suspects that Mrs. W is a spy working for the enemy. He becomes convinced that she is an enemy spy when he sees her doing things that a normal individual would not do knowing that it is not in the interest of the safety of their country. Max Williams decides to make a plan to find evidence against Mrs. W’s espionage.

By doing so, he intends to impress the government and CIA authorities. Max thinks that his efforts will be appreciated and he will be rewarded for possessing extraordinary skills. But, his plan backfires and lands him and his small team into a deadly trap. Later, Max Williams and his companions become victims of the bullies of their new neighborhood. They go on to discover something so amazing and surprising about Mrs. W that it changes everything forever. This novel is based on a decent theme and has a cute and quirky touch to it. The narration appears to have been described by a pre-teen boy in a good & excellent way. The voice appears to be speaking to its readers. Max and his school friends decide to spend their summer doing something interesting and exciting. And when they set their eyes on the next-door neighbor, Mrs. W, they begin to feel that they have planned their summer well.

Max suspects Mrs. W to be a spy and wants to become a hero by catching her red-handed. He involves his friends from in his plan and makes them believe that their new year at school will be started on the right foot if they succeed in their mission. But, they begin to face problems when two new neighbors arrive in the locality and start bullying them. Overall, it is a fun-filled story and is suited for readers of all age groups. It can be enjoyed best if it is read from the point of view of one of the friends of Max Williams. It is quite interesting to learn how they succeed in finding clues, evade the bullying neighbors, and are taught important lessons about life.

The second novel written by Powell in her career is a nonfiction book, a memoir called ‘Awful Beautiful Life’. It was published by the Faithworlds publication in 2019. This book consists of a gripping story of faith, triumph, and grace of a woman, whose world gets shattered after the shocking suicide of her husband. Rebecca Powell faced a harsh reality in May 2013 when her husband Mark Powell called her up and said that he had done a terrible thing. And within a few hours, she came to know that Mark had taken his life. The reason behind taking such a nasty step was the millions of dollars that he had borrowed from colleagues and friends over the period of a few years and was not in a position to return.

After this shocking incident, everything that Rebecca Powell believed to be true, including her marriage, was put into questioning. After a few days, Powell finds herself being chased by hundreds of creditors for the money her husband owed to them. Instead of looking after volunteer fundraisers and planning carpool runs, she was sitting with legal notices from the creditors and a group of ten lawyers to find out ways in which she could deal with this situation. Rebecca Powell was also involved in some open FBI, DOJ, and SEC investigations and faced potential charges of crime. And even though Powell denounced the $15M her late husband owed in life insurance and was vowed to return all the money, her lawyers were convinced that she faced possible imprisonment after years of lawsuits and court battles.

However, God was with her at every moment. He turned up in Powell’s life in the form of friends, lawyers, and the ones who sympathized with her and remained by her side in a difficult time. And with the miracles of God, Rebecca Powell was able to turn things around and overcome all the difficulties. Overall, this book is a motivating journey of a woman’s struggle following her husband’s death and her revival through hard work, determination, and dedication. Powell put her faith in God, and in return, He rewarded her with relief from her problems. She felt that as she loved God and prayed to Him with full faith, he surrounded her and gave her the support of dedicated friends and family members. They helped to make her life better. They stood up for her and her 3 kids in many ways and provided them sanctuary. Powell had only God to thank for everything. This novel tells a story of remarkable strength, grit, and the trust one puts into God in times of joy and sorrow.

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