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Publication Order of Bedlam Butchers MC Books

Bedlam Butchers series by Ruby Dixon

Author Ruby Dixon writes the “Bedlam Butchers MC” series of romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Off Limits” was released.

The Bedlam Butchers MC are the center of this world’s universe. While some of the novellas stand alone, some of these continue different characters’ stories.

“Off Limits” is the first novel in the “Bedlam Butchers MC” series, which was released in the year 2014. He shouldn’t touch Lucky, but he does. Late in the night, during some danger, he makes her feel some things she really shouldn’t. She realizes she shouldn’t want more, but she does anyway. Hooking up with her might cost him his life.

Lucky, isn’t lucky at all and is considered off limits to all of the Bedlam Butchers due to the fact that she has caused nothing but bad luck for them in the past. As a bonus: she is the kid sister of the president. Lonely and single is Lucky’s way of life. Now, the Eighty-Eight Henchmen are harassing her and they are looking for blood.

Solo is by himself in a club. And this is a club where it is mandatory to pair up with a brother to watch each others backs. He still has yet to get over the death of his partner two years back. The club is pressuring him to name another Treasurer, but he must trust that person in bed and out of it. It is mighty hard for Solo to trust anyone. He rescues Lucky from the Eighty-Eight, he finds that it might be time to find a partner, and for Lucky’s luck to start to turn around.

Ruby Dixon gets right to the point in this one, and things get steamy and smutty quick. She was able to also pack in a nice amount of feeling along with the steamy moments.

“Packing Double” is the second novel in the “Bedlam Butchers MC” series, which was released in the year 2014. Kitty hears about a notorious “panty raid” happening at some bar on Friday night, she goes in ready for a good time without any strings attached. She may want to get laid, but she is not looking to become a part of any motorcycle club’s lifestyle. She is no good at taking orders or following anyone’s directions, which is what she has been told what an old lady does.

When she meets Domino and Gemini, it all changes. They are the dual presidents of the Bedlam Butchers. They each stake their claim on Kitty and decide to show her what the lifestyle of the club is really about. Living on the edge, riding free, and allowing them to show her just how good it can be being claimed by two guys. She may like being the center of both guys’ attentions, but her life takes a dangerous turn and has to figure out who to trust in bed and out.

These books are enjoyable, hot, and quick reads. Some cannot get enough of these books, and quickly begin the next one once they have finished the previous story.

“Double Trouble” is the third novel in the “Bedlam Butchers MC” series, which was released in the year 2014. Anyone who snitches is a dead man, that is how it goes in the world of motorcycle clubs. The Bedlam Butchers have got a snitch who is intent on taking one of the newest members of their club down.

Shy knows who the snitch is, as well. It is her brother. She is unable to do anything about it, due to the fact that Shy has got no one to protect her. If she should tell what she knows, her brother is going to sell her down the river to his dangerous new friends. Should she keep quiet about it, she is still going to be at risk from the Butchers. She really could use somebody at her back right now. Enforcers Beast and Muscle are the perfect solution for her, if she has enough guts to make her play.

Beast’s face that only a mom could love and hulking form drives many women away. Muscle is a man that is as pretty as can be, but he has a nasty attitude, not to mention a brick wall surrounding his heart. Nobody wants in their bed, which makes them perfect for what Shy needs. The three get together, it is clear that Shy needs these guys just as much as they need her. Now she wants them to stick around for different reasons than just safety.

What is going to happen after they find out about Shy and the information she has been withholding from them?

Ruby Dixon penned a stellar story with a real and relatable protagonist, and is another sweet, smutty, and short read. For some, this is their favorite of the entire series.

“Double Down” is the fourth novel in the “Bedlam Butchers MC” series, which was released in the year 2014. Shy loves Muscle and Beast. The pair of brutal Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers has taken Shy into their life and their arms. Nothing could ruin Shy’s happiness. Except, of course, the rest of the club. They are rowdy and tough, just everything shy isn’t. It is clear she will have to fit in or she will need to hit the road, since she is unable to make her guys pick between her and the Butchers.

To make things worse, outrageous, cocky Muscle has just shut down entirely. There is something bothering him, it brings up war flashbacks, and it could wreck their new fragile relationship.

One thing is certain. Shy might be down, but she sure isn’t out. She is going to fight to death for her guys if she has to.

For some, these stories just get better and better with each and every release that comes out. These all have likable characters and a story line that keeps you invested all the way through, and this one is no exception to that. This is a great book, with tons of sexy time. Shy is a likable character, as is Beast.

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