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Publication Order of Beecher White/Culper Ring Books

The Inner Circle (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fifth Assassin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The President's Shadow (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brad Meltzer is an American author of fiction. He was born in 1970. He was raised in Brooklyn and also Miami in the humid state of Florida (both in the United States). He is a best selling author of several thriller novels as well as a producer (Jack & Bobby) and host.

In addition to writing fictional series and standalone books, Brad also has written nonfiction books. His books vary from being on advice for parents, decoding history, writing books for children, and even graphic novels. He is also more than just a published author as he hosts Decoded on the History Channel and a show called Lost History. He currently resides in Florida.

Brad Meltzer is the creator and author of the Beecher White series, also known as the Culper series. The series kicked off in 2011 with the release of The Inner Circle. The sequel in the series is The Fifth Assassin. The third book came out in 2015 and is titled The President’s Shadow.

The Inner Circle is the debut novel in the Beecher White series. When it comes to the presidency of the United States, there are some secrets that have been kept quiet for a long time. Now they are about to be shown and revealed like never before.

In this book readers are introduced to Beecher White for the first time. This young archivist works around the clock (well not really, it’s a normal job that takes place from nine to five… most of the time) in a job that he loves. Beecher delicately handles some of the United States government’s deepest and darkest secrets by way of the important documents.

White has always been proud to keep these secrets and knows that he has access to truths and stories that no one else knows about. They are completely hidden away, but his work in the National Archives means that this young man is constantly exposed to information that no one else knows about. It is his job to discover those stories and hunt them down.

Beecher White has always strove to keep the stories of other people to himself. As far as he is concerned, they are something that are part of his job and not for him to tell. Usually he is outside of the stories, but one of them may just have the power to finally draw him in and make Beecher a true part of that story.

Beecher could have never predicted that Clementine Kaye would be the person to show up asking him for help. She was his first crush, and now here she is at the National Archives wanting Beecher to help her find her father, who was lost to her long ago. Beecher is thrilled to see her and does his best to impress Clementine.

He brings her to the top-secret vault, the place where classified documents are reviewed by the President in private. But then they find a priceless artifact that has been stealthily hidden and placed beneath a desk chair. It appears to be a dictionary that is about 200 years old and once belonged to none other than George Washington himself.

The situation is unexpected but more than that, it’s about to be dangerous. All of a sudden, the two find themselves caught up in a tricky web where conspiracy reigns and deception and murder are all names of the game. When a man winds up dead, Beecher must take off and finds himself in a race against time.

Now he must try to find out what is going on with this artifact– and why someone wants it so bad. The clock is running out, and his quest will bring him to a coded puzzle that may just hold the key to a dark secret that goes all the way back to the founding of America. The only problem is that someone or some people have vested interest in keeping that secret hidden forever.

The secret is something that they are willing to kill for. Will the archivist and his former crush be safe? Can they protect the relic or are they in for a nasty surprise when they find out that they were outmatched from the start? Luck may not be enough in this tense adventure book from author Brad Meltzer. Pick up The Inner Circle to find out what happens in the end and follow every bit of the action for yourself!

The Fifth Assassin is the thrilling and action-paced sequel to The Inner Circle, part of the exciting Beecher White series by Brad Meltzer. If you loved the first novel in this series, then you’re going to be thrilled to pick up where the action left off and turn pages that are just dripping with conspiracy.

When it comes to attempting to assassinate a President of the U.S., it turns out there have been roughly over 2 dozen of them. The thing is, only four of those attempts ever came through and the bullets hit their intended marks.

Beecher White is back, and this expert archivist has had enough of adventure to last him a lifetime. But he may be drawn back in again when he starts to suspect that there is a copycat killer in the D.C. area. That’s not a good thing, and he starts to figure out that this killer is recreating not just the crimes of one man, but of four.

Historians thought that the crimes were done by four individuals with solo goals, but could that theory have been off? White is going to find out that over the time of 100 years, it is possible that all four of the killer assassins could have been collaborating. But what would their purpose have been, and is there anyone above them pulling the strings?

The current President of the United States may be in danger as it seems that there will be a fifth assassin making an appearance at some point. Beecher is the only one that sees the danger– but can he stop everything in time? Will he be someone that can stop this killer if they do appear? Read this thrilling book from Meltzer to find out!

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