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Publication Order of A Shade of Vampire Books

A Shade of Vampire (2012)
A Shade of Blood (2013)
A Castle of Sand (2013)
A Shadow of Light (2013)
A Blaze of Sun (2013)
A Gate of Night (2014)
A Break of Day (2014)
A Shade of Novak (2014)
A Bond of Blood (2015)
A Spell of Time (2015)
A Chase of Prey (2015)
A Shade of Doubt (2015)
A Turn of Tides (2015)
A Dawn of Strength (2015)
A Fall of Secrets (2015)
An End of Night (2015)
A Wind of Change (2015)
A Trail of Echoes (2015)
A Soldier of Shadows (2015)
A Hero of Realms (2015)
A Vial of Life (2015)
A Fork of Paths (2016)
A Flight of Souls (2016)
A Bridge of Stars (2016)
A Clan of Novaks (2016)
A World of New (2016)
A Web of Lies (2016)
A Touch of Truth (2016)
An Hour of Need (2016)
A Game of Risk (2016)
A Twist of Fates (2016)
A Day of Glory (2016)
A Dawn of Guardians (2016)
A Sword of Chance (2016)
A Race of Trials (2016)
A King of Shadow (2016)
An Empire of Stones (2016)
A Power of Old (2017)
A Rip of Realms (2017)
A Throne of Fire (2017)
A Tide of War (2017)
A Gift of Three (2017)
A House of Mysteries (2017)
A Tangle of Hearts (2017)
A Meet of Tribes (2017)
A Ride of Peril (2017)
A Passage of Threats (2017)
A Tip of Balance (2017)
A Shield of Glass (2017)
A Clash of Storms (2017)
A Call of Vampires (2017)
A Valley of Darkness (2017)
A Hunt of Fiends (2017)
A Den of Tricks (2018)
A City of Lies (2018)
A League of Exiles (2018)
A Charge of Allies (2018)
A Snare of Vengeance (2018)
A Battle of Souls (2018)
A Voyage of Founders (2018)
A Land of Perfects (2018)
A Citadel of Captives (2018)
A Jungle of Rogues (2018)
A Camp of Savages (2018)
A Plague of Deceit (2018)
An Edge of Malice (2018)
A Dome of Blood (2018)
A Purge of Nature (2018)
A Birth of Fire (2018)
A Breed of Elements (2019)
A Sacrifice of Flames (2019)
A Conspiracy of Realms (2019)
A Search for Death (2019)
A Piece of Scythe (2019)
A Blade of Thieron (2019)
A Phantom of Truth (2019)
A Fate of Time (2019)
An Origin of Vampires (2019)
A Game of Death (2019)
A Veil of Dark (2019)
A Bringer of Night (2019)
A Circle of Nine (2019)
A Bender of Spirit (2019)
A Memory of Time (2019)
A Shard of Soul (2020)
A Break of Seals (2020)
A Shade of Mystery (2020)
An Isle of Mirrors (2020)
A Sanctuary of Foes (2020)
A Ruler of Clones (2020)
A Gate of Light (2020)
A Dawn of Worlds (2020)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Beautiful Monster Books

Beautiful Monster (2013)
Beautiful Monster 2 (2013)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Shade Of Kiev Books

A Shade of Kiev (2014)
A Shade of Kiev 2 (2014)
A Shade of Kiev 3 (2015)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of A Shade of Dragon Books

A Shade of Dragon (2015)
A Shade of Dragon 2 (2016)
A Shade of Dragon 3 (2016)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of The Gender Game Books

The Gender Game (2016)
The Gender Secret (2016)
The Gender Lie (2016)
The Gender War (2017)
The Gender Fall (2017)
The Gender Plan (2017)
The Gender End (2017)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Detective Erin Bond Books

Bare Girl / Lights, Camera, Gone (2016)
Write, Edit, Kill (2016)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of The Secret of Spellshadow Manor Books

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor (2017)
The Breaker (2017)
The Chain (2017)
The Keep (2017)
The Test (2017)
The Spell (2017)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of The Girl Who Dared Books

The Girl Who Dared to Think (2017)
The Girl Who Dared to Stand (2017)
The Girl Who Dared to Descend (2017)
The Girl Who Dared to Rise (2017)
The Girl Who Dared to Lead (2018)
The Girl Who Dared to Endure (2018)
The Girl Who Dared to Fight (2018)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Hotbloods Books

Hotbloods (2017)
Coldbloods (2017)
Renegades (2018)
Venturers (2018)
Traitors (2018)
Allies (2018)
Invaders (2018)
Stargazers (2018)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of The Child Thief Books

The Child Thief (2018)
Deep Shadows (2018)
Thin Lines (2018)
Little Lies (2018)
Ghost Towns (2018)
Zero Hour (2019)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Harley Merlin Books

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven (2018)
Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins (2018)
Harley Merlin and the Stolen Magicals (2018)
Harley Merlin and the First Ritual (2018)
Harley Merlin and the Broken Spell (2019)
Harley Merlin and the Cult of Eris (2019)
Harley Merlin and the Detector Fix (2019)
Harley Merlin and the Challenge of Chaos (2019)
Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact (2019)
Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth (2019)
Finch Merlin and the Lost Map (2019)
Finch Merlin and the Djinn's Curse (2019)
Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway (2019)
Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom (2019)
Finch Merlin and The Everlasting Vow (2020)
Finch Merlin and The Blood Tie (2020)
Finch Merlin and The Legend of the Luminary (2020)
Persie Merlin and Leviathan's Gift (2020)
Persie Merlin and the Door to Nowhere (2020)
Persie Merlin and the Witch Hunters (2020)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Love That Endures Books

A Love that Endures (2019)
A Love that Endures 2 (2019)
A Love that Endures 3 (2019)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Publication Order of Darklight Books

Darklight (2019)
Darkthirst (2019)
Darkworld (2019)
Darkblood (2020)
Darktide (2020)
Darkbirth (2020)
Darkfall (2020)
Darkwilds (2020)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Bella Forrest is an American fantasy author who focuses her writing in the vampire romance and paranormal subgenres. Bella Forrest is a self-published author who released her debut novel on December 14, 2012. Forrest’s passion for writing began at the age of five when she began to produce her own original stories using crayons. As a child, Forrest would spend her time writing rather than watching television. While in school, Forrest loved to study creative writing.
Bella Forrest has made a name for herself all by herself. Forrest’s ventures in self-publishing have been very successful. She has published over forty books that have sold over five million copies. Her first series, A Shade of Vampire, has landed her on Amazon’s Overall Top 10 Bestseller list. The first novel in the series became the #1 Christmas Bestseller in three different genres. Her novels are available in the United States and in Britain. Forrest’s A Shade of Vampire series is beginning to be translated into a multitude of languages including French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanse. Forrest has made many of her novels available in e-book and audiobook format, enticing an even wider variety of readers into her perplexing world. Her elusive lifestyle and persona fascinates her readers and encourages them to continue reading to find out more about the mysterious author.

When she is not participating in a writing marathon, Forrest is reading. Reading has long been Bella Forrest’s escape from the real world. As a child, her favorite series was C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. She enjoys a bowl of pralines and cream ice cream while she indulges herself in a new realm as she turns the pages of a good book. She is inspired by other fantasy authors, such as JK Rowling and C.S. Lewis, and is a self-proclaimed Potterhead.

Though she keeps most of her private life a secret, Forrest will use individuals she has encountered and significant events in her life to influence character developments and themes in each of her novels. Bella Forrest considers her biggest strength her overzealous imagination that has allowed her to concoct the magical realms that have captivated audiences. On the other hand, Forrest claims her biggest weakness, and the hardest part about writing a book, is organizing her thoughts and deciding which ideas she must discard after initially writing them down. Forrest uses encouragement from her family and her fans to keep pursuing her writing career.

Bella Forrest enjoys offering advice to those who are aspiring to be authors. She encourages them to continue reading in their spare time; books inside and outside of the writer’s genre can give a raw outlook and arouse fresh thoughts for new advancements in the up and coming novel. Forrest recommends studying another language to expand an author’s understanding of grammar and their grasp on their native language. She also urges prospective authors to set a minimum amount of time devoted solely to writing every day.

Writings:A Shade of Vampire

Bella Forrest’s original series, A Shade of Vampire, has over thirty books in it now. The series was named after the title of the first book in the series. The protagonist, Sofia Claremont, has just turned seventeen when she gets trapped in a nightmare. While in the dream, she meets a mysterious creature with pale skin. Sofia is then swept away to The Shade, an island that has been bewitched to prevent the sun from ever shining. The Shade is controlled by a coven of vampires that are the most powerful in the world. Sofia becomes a captive on the island and is soon taken to the dwelling of Derek Novak: a vampire prince who craves power and Sofia’s blood. Sofia finds his home a safe haven rather than a prison, and realizes it is by far the safest place on the island. To continue surviving, Sofia must swoon Derek and win his trust. If she succeeds, she will live to see tomorrow. If she fails, she could meet the same kismet as all the other girls who have been involved with the Novaks. Sofia and Derek’s story is followed throughout the first seven books in the A Shade of Vampire Series.

A Shade of Dragon

Bella Forrest authored a trilogy, A Shade of Dragon, while continuing to produce more Shade of Vampire novels. This series features Penelope “Nell” O’Hara as the protagonist. At a young nineteen years old, Nell is ready to have the absolute worst Christmas of her life. Her boyfriend has just broken up with her for her best friend. Even worse still, she must spend the holiday break with her father, his latest girlfriend, and her boorish fourteen year old son in a nearly microscopic town on the coast of Maine called Beggar’s Hole. One night, Nell abruptly leaves dinner with her family and takes a walk along Maine’s rocky coastline. In her misfortune, she steps on a patch of ice and nearly slips and falls her to death. A mysterious hero appears suddenly and saves her life. His body radiates heat, so he holds her close to keep her warm. When Nell wakes, she finds herself in the arms of her hero: an incredibly handsome, tall, muscular boy named Theon Aena. Nell’s rather dull Christmas vacation takes a complete turn around when she runs into Theon again and they connect even further.

Beautiful Monster

Bella Forrest authored this vampire duology focusing on a protagonist named Amy. Amy has always taken notice to the handsome Liam Swift, a star in Hollywood who is climbing the social ladder quickly. Liam throws his whole life away and quits the famous lifestyle. No one, not even the most dogging of investigators, can figure out why he has chosen to leave the limelight. Amy soon finds herself in a conundrum when she finds out Liam has taken a position at her boarding school and begins teaching drama lessons. Just as soon as Amy thinks her life cannot becoming more of a dream, she begins to hear disturbing cries while in her dorm room at school late at night. When she begins searching for the source of the noises, she finds out about Liam’s deepest, darkest secret.

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