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Rituals & Runes(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Bella Roccaforte is a paranormal romance fiction author from Massachusets in the United States, even though she has lived all over the US and now makes her home in Atlanta Georgia.
For Bella, the first novel she ever read that had a huge impact on her was Sarra Cannon’s Peachville “High Demons” series.

Given that she has dyslexia, she has always found reading paperbacks difficult but she was able to read the series and was always waiting for the next one to be released.
As for school books, her favorite novel has always been J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye.”

Over the years, she has held many different jobs and careers but is now happy that she is a full-time writer and juggles this with being a stay-at-home mother and a very aggressive tour schedule.

Writing became a big part of Bella Roccaforte’s life in 2005 when Misti Dawn her friend who would also become a popular author asked her if she would be interested in writing stories with her.
She was still in high school during this time and they used to write just for the pure joy and the fun they experienced through writing.

Her writing took something of a hiatus after high school as she went to college to study Criminal Justice. However, her hiatus did not last long as in 2009, she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome.
A few months later she discovered that writing was the only thing that lessened the effects of her condition. She got back into writing and it was not long before she began writing her first manuscript after she got an idea from a dream.
Over time, she became better with her writing until she ultimately published “Fine Lines” her debut work and the first of the “Deadly Dreams” series of novels in 2013.
Bella Roccaforte now has more than thirty titles to her name with more still in the pipeline.

Unlike other full-time authors, Bella Roccaforte does not have a typical day. She does not believe any writer can have a typical day as sometimes characters can misbehave, plotlines can go haywire, life can get in the way or the children can get sick.
While she would have preferred to write full-time, she manages to write whenever she can. Since she juggles a lot of things from family to an aggressive tour schedule, she has often asserted that it can be hard to write on a schedule.
Nonetheless, she is thankful that she gets to do what she loves and hopes that one day she can get to write full-time.

“Fine Lines” by Bella Roccaforte is the first of the “INK” series of novels.

Shay is a woman who has experienced a lot of pain in the past two years. A colleague had died in a tragic manner, she lost both her mother and sister who also died and she has just been dumped for the third time by her fiance.
The only silver lining is that the comic book series she has been writing has been getting very popular and she now needs to go on a promotional tour.

She has recently celebrated her twenty-second birthday and was planning to iron out the kinks in her life when she gets accused of a double homicide.

Her ex-fiance is a man named Aiden who she grew up with alongside Eli. These three had been best friends when they were kids before Aiden and Shay began dating.

Out of nowhere Aiden left town and broke up with Shay only to turn up on her twenty-second birthday and ask if she would be interested in a no-strings-attached relationship.
She has become wiser now and calmly rejects his advances only for things to get worse when she is charged with a double murder.

Eli had always been there to pick up the pieces for Shay and she has now come to love both him and Aiden making for a very juicy conundrum.

Bella Roccaforte’s “Vanishing Point” picks up from where the first novel of the series left off. The first work ended on a distrubing note as we did not know if Shay murdered Aiden or if everything was a dream.
She finds herself in the hospital after she was shot by someone who could have been Aiden. The latter is nowhere to be found leaving everyone scrambling to find out what is happening.

There has to be a rational explanation for things, but it only gets worse when Shay starts getting visits from a specter. The deeper we get into the story the more people are affected by the spirit.

Carl and Eli do their best to protect Shay but even they have to deal with a lot of emotional wear and tear. While they are taking a break Shay goes missing, even as they start hearing voices and getting into weird trances.
McNab and Carl do their best to try to find explanations for the bizarre happenings and with the help of an elite team, they finally locate Shay. But they have yet to determine if she is dreaming, sleeping, or maybe existing in a different realm.

“Abstraction” by Bella Roccaforte opens with Shay having been kidnapped.

However, she is a fighter and she manages to escape after taking a good look at the kidnapper. Eli and McNab finally locate her following her escape, even though she is still working through what has been a very traumatic experience and a stalker too.
Shay is also dealing with the death of her mother while at the same time, she is getting threats from the evil organization where her father works.

Given that what she says does not make sense, she soon finds herself put under observation and not allowed to leave. But the good thing is that she is growing and developing her powers exponentially once again.
It is altogether a rollercoaster of a story with all manner of turns and twists to keep you on the edge of your seat with your head spinning.

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