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Blood Guilt (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Spider's Web / Lost Sister (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ben Cheetham was born in 1976 in Stafford, England. He went to Sheffield in 1997 to pursue a degree in archaeology. The city has been his residence ever since. The celebrated author spent his early years in Sheffield studying and writing. Apart from utilizing the oil of his lamp for learning and the ink of his pen for writing, Ben Cheetham was fond of rock climbing. Whenever he was not in the room, he would be on a hill or cliff testing his strength, endurance, agility, and balance.

But it has been long since his hobbies shifted. Now, the author’s interests have switched from scavenging for pottery pieces and hauling himself up nerve-wracking cliffs to pondering in solitude. Ben now spends much of his time locked away in his study, racking his brain for the next word of the following sentence and the next paragraph. Another activity that Ben loves to engage in when he isn’t working on his books is running after his son, Alex.

Ben is a Pushcart Prize nominee and an award-winning writer. He writes in various genres, from horror to science fiction to literary fiction. But his favorite genre to write on is gritty crime fiction. He has written different short stories that have been distributed widely and enjoyed in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Ben’s work is motivated by a desire to address the darker side of human nature. One can say that his writings are a drive to find answers to issues that would be impossible to explain in an ideal world. Ben says that the internet-connected world of today is really complicated. Real humans, on the other hand, are immensely more complicated. That’s the type of person Ben writes about – problematic – those whose mentality questions the readers. The ideal characters in Ben’s novels are those who ponder and agonize and are filled with concerns and doubts and those who are perplexed whether they should cross a boundary or stay in their bubble.

Apart from writing, the famous author Ben Cheetham also has a knick for reading. He has suggested multiple good reads to his readers on different occasions. Amongst his personal favorites is Henri Charriere’s famous autobiographical novel Papillion.

Swill Magazine, The Fiction Desk, Deadcore (Comet Press), The London Magazine, The Willesden Herald New Short Stories 3, The Grist Anthology of New Writing, Dream Catcher, Staple, Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Voice From The Planet (Harvard Square Editions), The Momaya Annual Review, Transmission, The Chaffey Review, and a variety of other publications have published his short stories.

Apart from that, Ben even self-published ‘Blood Guilt’ as an e-book back in 2011. The novel became the second most popular e-book download in the United States. It was reported that over 100,000 copies were sold of his self-published book. Later on, it was taken up by the Head of Zeus for publication in 2012.

Ben Cheetham’s books have received hundreds of four-plus star ratings. He wrote his first book, Deadcore: 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas, in 2011. After that, the author wrote multiple books on diverse genres equally liked by the audience.

Apart from individual books, the renowned author has also written some popular series. Fenton House, Steel City, and the celebrated Jack Anderson are some of his series that are plauded not only in the UK but also in the US and Australia.

His Steel City series’ fourth book “Spider’s Web,” is his highest online-rated novel on Amazon. But his series “Jack Anderson” was an absolute hit among Ben’s audience. Comprising of three books, Ben published the entire series over the span of two years.

“Now She’s Dead” is the first book in the “Jack Anderson” series released in 2018. This story is emotional, suspenseful, and full of unexpected turns. What feels like sorrow and regret in the first few chapters grows into murder and cat and mouse games towards the mid.

The book features Jack, a lucky man who has a stable career, a beautiful home, a loving wife, and a darling daughter. All was going good, until his wife Rebecca was reported to die from jumping off the Sussex coast cliffs one day.

Tormented from the death of his wife, Jack moves to Manchester with his daughter Naomi to bring his life back on track, but fate had other plans for him. He notices a woman who resembles Rebecca from the window of his new home. He starts to stand in the window every night only to catch a glimpse of the woman. But he soon figures out that this act is more than attraction – it is turning into an obsession.

But what Jack doesn’t figure out is that he isn’t the only one keeping an eye on her. He also remains ignorant of the fact that he is about to become entangled in a dangerous game. She dies as the latest in a string of heinous murders, and someone will be prosecuted for the offenses. That’ someone’ could very well be Jack if he doesn’t figure out who the killer is.

This story of secrets, suspense, psychological thrill, and dizzying crime moves quickly to give some crucial answers to the readers: did Rebecca actually commit suicide, or was she murdered? Who was the woman on the window? Who was stalking her and why?

Published in 2018, “Who Is She” is the sequel of the former reviewed Ben Cheetham book. Carrying forward the story of Jack, who continues to sort his life after his wife’s death, the story introduces a new character Tracy Ridley aka Butterfly.

Butterfly has been shot in the head and is brought to the hospital in critical condition. She claims she has no recollection of anything, including her name. What is her name? This is the first question that Jack must respond to. This seemingly simple question is more intense, mainly because he only has a mystery facial tattoo to go on.

Jack and the unnamed woman ‘Butterfly’ rapidly create a bond as damaged souls. But he can’t afford to fall in love with someone who would jeopardize his family’s safety.

The woman appears to be the cause of multiple deaths in the locality. It seems that she has been a crime victim twice – she witnessed her sister’s rape and family’s murder at the young age of eleven and then the gunshot on the head. But the question that haunts Jack and the readers: what f she is not the victim? What if she’s just as awful as the ‘Unspeakable Monsters’ who threw her in a mental institution?

Ben Cheetham doesn’t end Butterfly’s appearance in the second book; readers can find her leading the third Jack Anderson book “She Is Gone” as well. Additionally, the grieved detective who fights his inner demons after the death of his wife in the first book transitions into an emotional human who marries the victim he saved from book two.

The glimpses of life, death, fear, manipulation, friendship, and betrayal aren’t confined to the Jack Anderson series. Readers are sure to find sure page-turners in every Ben Cheetham book, old and new!

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