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The American author Ben Guterson is a writer who really knows his audience clearly, speaking to in a direct manner that is straightforward and to-the-point. Creating fantasy for younger readers, he clearly has an imagination that is strong and colorful, carrying the reader to far off exciting lands. Adept at his craft, he is quickly making a name for himself throughout the literary industry, with both his many peers and contemporaries alike singing his praises. This has allowed him to create a strong profile for himself that continues to grow, with many readers around the world gravitating towards him and his work. Writing in various different publications he has worked at building himself a resume that is highly impressive, with him showing a strong creative flair throughout his work.

Nominated for awards, Guterson has turned many heads within the industry as well, with his work garnering acclaim from both the critics and the general public alike. Prior to writing novels, he would write numerous different articles on Southwest culture and the great outdoors, which would feature in various different publications. With a lot more to come in the near future, he is definitely a writer to watch, showing a lot of promise in what he has to offer readers globally.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, Ben Guterson would grow up with a strong passion for both literature and the great outdoors. Over the course of his career these would come to both influence one another as time went on, as he would write extensively about his love of the rural expanse. Teaching high-school, as well as middle-school, as teacher, working in both Colorado and New Mexico, he would also come to understand how younger readers thought and interacted with one another. He would then go on to work at Microsoft for several years, positioned as a program manager there, all whilst holding a great affinity for the Navajo way of life, living on their reservation in New Mexico. Currently living in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains nearby to Seattle, he continues to regularly write to this very day.

Writing Career

Publishing his first book back in 1994, Ben Guterson would bring out his firs title known as ‘Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year’. This would focus on natural events in New Mexico, Colorado, Ftah and Arizona, getting behind how to really make the most out of them. Working in tandem with his non-fiction articles written at the time as well, this would be where Guterson first started to write for the general public. Later he would go on to write the fantasy children’s novel Winterhouse, which would come out in 2018, and it would be planned as the first part in a trilogy of books. This shows that Ben Guterson clearly shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.


First released through the ‘Henry Holt and and Co.’ publishing label, this would be the first novel in the ‘Winterhouse’ series. With three in total planned, this would initially get published on the 2nd of January in 2018 to much acclaim, this marking the first fictional title from Guterson as an author. It would also pave the way for the following books, whilst establishing the premise, along with the main characters and the ambiance overall.

Marking a strong start to his writing career, this would see Ben Guterson embark on writing fiction for the very first time. Clearly showing himself to quickly be an expert of the form, it was self-evident that he had a talent, and a unique writing style. With a fantasy mystery element, this really has a strong imaginative streak running throughout the novels as a whole. It would also paint an extremely vivid portrait of the Winterhouse Hotel, with the structure almost coming to life as the book moves on.

Elizabeth Somers is an orphan who has been shipped off to the darkly ominous hotel known as Winterhouse Hotel. The establishment itself is run by none other than the strange and mysterious Norbridge Falls, a peculiar man almost as strange as the hotel itself. Learning about the many secrets that the hotel has to offer her, Somers begins to explore her new environment, searching every nook and cranny. It is in the massive library there that she soon discovers a magical book of puzzles that will unlock the many secrets surrounding Norbridge and his own mysterious and sinister family. Will Elizabeth be able to discover the truth behind it all? Can she solve the many different puzzles? What is really going on in the hotel of Winterhouse?

The Secrets of Winterhouse

Coming out through the ‘Henry Holt and Co.’ publishing imprint once more, this would follow on from the previous title in a similar vein as before. Published on the 31st of December in 2018, it would arrive the same year as the first, this providing the next mystery to solve. Developing the world and the characters, it really manages to build the world overall, fully allowing the readers to really invest themselves within it. With the third one set to follow, it would work at paving the way for the final title to follow on from its ever thrilling climax.

Accompanied by Freddy this time, Elizabeth Somers and him attempt to dig even deeper than before as the spend the holiday season in Winterhouse Hotel once more. Hoping to discover more on the mystery surrounding Riley S. Granger, they attempt to look into the past of this one hotel guest who left various strange artefacts behind. Amongst these was a magical book that was used in an attempt to gain complete power over the entire Falls’ lineage, by none other than the nefarious Gracella Winters. As they both follow the trail of clues before them, they soon come into contact with the new hotel guest Elana Vesper, as they attempt to discover her part in all of this. Will they get to the bottom of the mystery in time? Can Elizabeth Somers come to realize her own powers brewing? What really are the secrets of Winterhouse?

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