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Ben McPherson

Ben McPherson is a crime thriller writer, a TV Producer, and director. After graduating From Kings College in Cambridge with a Modern Languages degree, McPherson started working in Tv and Film production. Between 1998 and 2007, he was a producer and director with BBC. Currently, this talented author lives in Oslo with his family. McPherson is fluent in Norwegian and works as a columnist for Aftenposten, one of Norway’s leading newspapers.

A-Line of Blood

A-Line of Blood tells the story of a young family and the events that turn their world upside down. Alex Mercer and his eleven-year-old son follow their cat inside their neighbor’s house when they come upon a disturbing sight. The enigmatic neighbor is dead in his bathtub in what looks like a suicide. An investigation starts, but Alex wants it to end soon because it is clear that the neighbor killed himself. However, the investigation reveals some shocking truths. The neighbor’s death was no suicide. Someone wanted him dead, and because the police need to find the killer, Alex is added to the list of suspects.
As the investigation continues to uncover more secrets, Alex’s world becomes a little darker. First, the police discover that the neighbor’s renovations were being charged to the Mercer’s address. As if this is not enough, Millicent’s bracelet is found under the neighbor’s bed. What is Alex’s wife’s bracelet doing at the neighbor’s house? This murder reveals a lot about Millicent and the dead man. Alex, who all along considered himself a good father and husband, discovers that he is nothing close to perfect. After all these revelations, how much will Alex be willing to sacrifice for his family? Will the police find the killer, and is Alex in any way involved?

The Mercer family has a lot to hide, and their suffering throughout this story is evident. Millicent is stewing over something, and instead of talking it out, she disappears often and takes long walks alone. Max is not doing better either. His father doesn’t shield him from the bad things happening around him, which means that he sees and hears too much for an eleven-year-old. Alex, at some point, realizes how much he has failed his family, and this discovery is heartbreaking. As the police carefully monitor the family’s every move, watching them work to come to terms with their circumstances is intriguing. Is it too late for Alex to be a good father to his son?

A-Line of Blood is a must-read for any mystery and thriller fan. The twists will keep you glued, and the many layers are just perfect for this mystery story. Since the author exposes all characters’ thoughts in such details, it is easy to understand them and where they are coming from. Alex, Millicent, and Max are all flawed, and it is sad how they keep things from each other. McPherson has done a very good job in highlighting domestic issues and vividly capturing the characters’ vulnerabilities. Even Max’s voice is well captured, and it is clear how his parents’ actions and choices affect his life. The mystery remains mind-blowing to the end, and you can be sure that you will be shocked when the killer is finally revealed.

Love and Other Lies

Love and Other Lies introduces Cal and Elsa, a lovely couple who enjoyed a beautiful marriage for over 15 years. However, when disaster strikes, these two are tested beyond their limits. Cal and Elsa have three children, and they painted a perfect picture of the ideal family. However, when their oldest daughter disappears, everything changes. Heartbroken but strong, Cal hopes that Licia will be found and the family will come out of this tragedy united. However, as the hunt for his daughter intensifies, cracks begin to emerge. Is it possible that Cal’s family is not as strong as he thought? How can this dedicated family man glue his family back together?

Cal would never have imagined that the family’s short stint in Oslo would make such a difference in their lives. The family is about to return to DC and their normal life when that bomb goes off. Shockwaves resulting from the bomb are felt throughout the city, but things get horrifying when Gunmen turn to Licia’s camp and open fire on the innocent teenagers. The death toll is high, and the whole community mourns for the lost young lives. For Cal and Elsa, things are even more complicated because Licia’s body is not found on the Island. Footage captured shows a young lady who looks a lot like Licia saving others and putting her life in danger. Could this young lady be Licia? How come the lady, who is now viewed as a hero by the media, cannot be found?

Elsa is no liar, but she is not telling her husband the whole truth about what happened in the camp where their daughter disappeared. Their other daughter, Vee, is also hiding something, and these two parents are hurt that she doesn’t trust them with her secrets. However, as more details about Licia’s disappearance emerge, everyone’s morals are tested. Cal begins to accept that his lovely daughter may never come home, and his flaws become more apparent as the story progresses. The author also allows the reader to see Elsa and Vee’s weaknesses, and you cannot help but wonder why this family would not try to be more open to each other.

Love and Other Lies is an intense read that will require you to get out of your comfort zone. This is a dark and unsettling story that shows how selfish human beings can get when desperate. The rising tension and almost atmospheric descriptions will keep you glued to the pages, curious to see what happens next. All the characters are deeply flawed, making it easier to identify with them. However, some of their actions will leave you questioning their thinking. You will also ponder on what choices you would make if you were in a similar situation.

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