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Ben Oliver is a young adult fantasy fiction novelist who is best known for the very popular “Loop Trilogy” series of novels.
The author grew up in Scotland and began writing when he was still very young.

When he was in his teenage years, he went to the University of Stirling where he majored in English, even if he spent much of his time working on a manuscript of a novel he intended to publish.

Oliver was only eighteen when he published his first short story which opened the doors for him. Since that time he has published all manner of short stories in more than a dozen anthologies and literary magazines.
Working on huge amounts of coffee, Benjamin published “The Loop,” his first young adult fiction work in 2020. Given the success of the debut novel, it would ultimately become a trilogy.
He currently makes his home in Edinburgh, where he is a secondary school English teacher.

When Ben Oliver was six or seven, he cut his teeth plagiarizing Roald Dahl novels to which he used to add new characters and scenes. It was when he was about eighteen that he began to pen his own stories.
His first attempts at penning a novel were some horror fiction manuscripts heavily inspired by Stephen King, even though these had nothing of the finesse of the maestro.

Nonetheless, these were the manuscripts that provided him with the confidence that he could write.

He got the idea for “The Loop” from several different places but the main idea came from his slight technophobia. According to Oliver, technology can be an amazing thing in medical science but it can also be dangerous, addictive, and insidious.
It is for this reason that he wrote a technothriller novel warning of the dangers of technology in the future. It would take him fifteen years to publish his novel which was first released in 202o.

Ben Oliver’s “The Loop” takes us deep inside a futuristic death row intended for teenage children, who are yet to attain the age of majority.

Things turn chaotic when the inmates start getting reports of encroaching chaos from the outside world and they begin to riot and cause all manner of disorder. Luka Kane is just about to turn sixteen and has been in prison for just under two years.
Just like every inmate, he has the option of pushing back his execution date if they get into medical and scientific experiments for the benefit of some rich people in the outside world.

But recently, they have been getting rumors of a war on the outside world and it is not long before the government-issued rain no longer comes and the guards start acting in weird ways and leave the inmates to their own devices.
His shackles are the only instruments he can use to keep himself safe. But he also needs to confront fellow prisoners who are determined to kill, rabid rats in the tunnels underneath the prison, and a warden losing her mind.
He needs to break out of the prison to find the people responsible for the chaos and save his family.

In “The Block,” the second novel of “The Loop Trilogy” Luka finds himself in a fate worse than being stuck on death row. He needs to juggle between surviving complete immobilization and spending twelve hours a day in a terrible “Energy Harvest.”
“Sane Zone” is the only semblance of relief as it is a place where prisoners can go so that they will protect themselves from completely going mad.

In the zone, the prisoners would be able to live out their fantasies but Luka soon realizes that things are different for him. He is in the Sane Zone with Happy an evil AI who is determined to find Luka’s friends following the Battle of Midway Park.
Happy is a manipulative AI and if Luka is not careful, he may just be manipulated into revealing the identity and location of his friends.

Will he be able to resist Happy long enough for his friends to locate and break him out?

When he ultimately escapes, he finds out that the entire city is under the control of Happy and he may need an army to stop its devious plans.

Ben Oliver’s novel “The Arc” is the last of “The Loop Trilogy” which tells the story of humanity whose future hinges on what has to be the greatest escape ever.

Luka Kane was executed and the strange thing was that the huge crowd of Alts who had been present had cheered it, even though he had exposed the truth of what their leaders are all about.
But Chester Beckett is an Alt who was determined to learn everything about their oppressive leaders and did not join his fellow Alts in cheering.

In the Laboratory on the 65th floor, she found three subjects who were being abused as their leaders attempted to find a regeneration formula. Among the subjects is one person he never thought he would ever see again.
This sets in motion a plan to reassemble the Loop team to fight against Happy’s plans to rid the world of rebels and independent-minded people.

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