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Ben Pollard is a fantasy fiction novelist who is best known for his debut work of fiction “The Blue Blood Mage” which he published in 2023 as the first of the “Duke of Montenegro” series of novels.

Pollard is also the author of “Musings of a Star Student,” a moderately successful work, in addition to a work about his experiences living in a big city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Covid Chronicles” is an honest but hardly depressing look into his home and work life in what he claimed was a very trying time for the residents, students, and staff of National Star in Gloucestershire where he lived.

Ben Pollard is also a photographer and took the lead in taking the pictures for the cookbook “36 Inspirational Chefs.” He got much critical acclaim for his works as chefs and ordinary people loved the instructions and amazing pictures Pollard took.

As for his origins, Ben Pollard is a native of the Southern United States known for air so thick that it often slaps you in the face, as it demands payment just for existing.

It was this brutal humidity and heat that forced him inside the house where he developed his passion for the much beloved indoor sport of reading. From that point, it was only natural that he would start dreaming of one day becoming a professional author.
Having read from some of the best wordsmiths in the world, he thought that he could just be as good if not better than at least some of them. Unlike the modern author, he promised to always ensure that his stories were human and that he would never venture into AI.
So far, all his novels seem to be organically written and it does seem that he is set to be one of the best novelists in the genre.

Ben Pollard’s novel “The Blue Blood Mage” introduces the lead in the novel as Daniel Hawthorne.

The man is having the worst day ever after his former wife took everything he owned. Tottering on a knife edge his entire world shifts and he finds magic which is something most people can only dream about.

He soon finds himself in another world where he is made the adopted son of a noble house. But this is not an easy world to navigate as he has to deal with the hope of commoners, the machinations of nobles, and the ever-looming threat of a huge throng of goblins.
He does all this while swatting off the advances of women who want to marry him for his power and money. The lead adapts really fast and quickly gets up to speed with the responsibilities and challenges inherent in nobility.

Even though he occasionally embraces violence and forces issues, he always acts in a reasonable manner.

It is a really good story that makes you very much interested in seeing how things will unfold in the future of the lead character.

All in all a very good story particularly if you love the LitRPG genre.

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