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Publication Order of Blanco County Mysteries Books

Publication Order of Roy Ballard Mysteries Books

Gone the Next (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Get Busy Dying (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
If I Had A Nickel (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now You See Him (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tooth for a Tooth (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shake And Bake (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better To Be Lucky (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Another Man's Treasure (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The High Ground (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Chicken Hanger (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Driving Lesson (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ben Rehder is an American author and novelist specializes in writing mystery, fiction and crime novels. He was born in Austin city, Texas, United States. He is known for his famous series Blanco County starring John Marlin. Ben always wanted to be a writer since he was a child and as he grew his interest in literature also grew with him. He wanted to work on soul-stirring writing relating people’s live and emotion. But, at the beginning of his career instead of writing he went for an ad writing job where he did a great job and he showed his writing skill by writing imaginative ads such as “Limited-time offer”, “Act now!” and others. But, his enthusiasm in writing was still there and he was not completely satisfied in writing ads for all his life and he decided to write novel.

Ben Rehder – An Overview of his Writing Career

As mentioned earlier, the early career of Ben was started with ad writing. But when he decided to write novels he was quite confused about what kind of novel he should write. He read loads of books in different genres including mystery, thriller, crime, adventure and others to find his interest but he was really confused about which one he should choose until his father-in-law gave a novel of Carl Hiaasen to him. When he read the novel, he found something unique in his novel that he never experienced in any other book before. The comic crime novel with interesting storytelling, wacky characters and crazy plots has left a good impression on Ben’s mind and heart and at that moment he knew what he really wants to write.

He wrote his first book named Buck Fever which was published in the year 2002 and the book was even nominated for Edger Award as the best first novel. His writing style is really appreciable and we can definitely say that his advertising job and enthusiasm of writing has given him the skill to impress people with his interesting writing style. In an interview, Ben said that he was an English major in University of Texas and that could be another reason of his strength in choosing words, verbs, prepositions and others for his books. Ben had written 14 novels till now and nearly all of his novels have received great reviews from readers and some of the books have also received awards.

Ben Rehder – Awards & Nominations

Ben Rehder has been nominated for the Edger Award for his first novel Buck Fever. His Blanco County mystery has also made a place in best-of-the year list in Publishers Weekly, Field & Stream, Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews. He has also received Barry Award for his first novel. However, no books of Ben have appeared in any movies till now but with the increasing popularity of his books we can definitely hope to see his stories in movies too.

Ben Rehder – Best Books

Ben has written a lot of books and most of his books have attracted reader’s attention but some of the best books written by Ben are:

Buck Fever (2002): Buck Fever is the first book written by Ben Rehder and it is one of the best books in “A Blanco County Mystery Series”. The main character of the book is John Marlin, a game warden who is often drawn into murder cases to solve the mystery behind the murders. The book has depicted a time which is the week before the deer hunting season and John Marlin is full of new complaints but among all the complaints there was one complaint that attracted Marlin’s eye and the case is, a man wearing deer costume were shot at Circle S ranch and the man was actually a good friend of Miller. The characters, storytelling and madness of this mystery book have made Ben a funniest crime writer in Texas.

Gone the Next (2012): “Gone the Next” is the first book of Roy Ballard mystery series. The story of the book starts with Roy Ballard who is a freelance videographer and he has the ability to catch insurance cheats. However, in a routine case he saw something in his surveillance that left him very shock. What he saw in the footage is, a little blonde girl is wearing a pink top and denim shorts and this is the same outfit of a six year old, Tracy Turner who was kidnapped the day before. Police are very doubtful about Roy’s report and what he said. With this incident, it has become the most important case of his life. If you want to know about the full story, you can definitely read the full book.

Left Crazy (2004) – Left Crazy is the third book in the Blanco County Mystery series and it was published in the year 2004. In this book the main character, game warden John Marlin has a new situation where Duke Waldrip, a crooked hunting guide has killed a client because he demands his money back because of some fake mounted head. On the other hand the locals have created a gossip about some vampirish beast called chupacabra creating a real buzz all over on the news. However, John Marlin was not convinced completely and when he finds a dead body with a fang-like cut in its neck, he was all sure that the story is not about chupacabra but it is something else. The book has well-drawn characters, nice plots, funny and interesting story and many other things that attracts the readers to read the book. This book is suitable for people of all ages.

Ben Rehder has written 14 novels until today and some of the best novels among them include: Bone Dry, Holy Moly, Guilt Trip and The Driving Lesson etc. The author is also planning to publish eBooks of his previous novels to allow readers to read the full book at low cost. The excellent story telling skills of Ben Rehders, his excellent comic style for the characters and unique storytelling features has made him a successful comic mystery and crime writer and all of his books are suitable for all kinds of readers.

Rehder, the famous Austrian based author a widely praised novelist and is best known as the author of mysteries. Ever since he was dropped as a toddler, he expressed his desire of becoming a writer. As he kept growing into a young adult, his literature passion also grew. His longing for craft could not be hidden since he had the soul-stirring prose. It would touch people’s lives assisting them to explore better emotional horizons. However, instead of chasing his desire, he went to work as an ad agent!

Throughout his career in the ad business, Ben Rehder remained popular for due to his high-level imaginative ability. He came up with very compelling phrases in the ads such as “Act Now! Hurry before we run out of stock! And offer limited time! His clients liked him since the adverts were relevant and compatible with the modern world. He made sure the ads took into consideration of the rapidly changing environment in the world of business.

However, a time came and he could no longer hold his desire to write novels. As unbelievable as it certainly sounds, writing specs sheets and brochures was never enough for Ben Rehder Creative urges. Deep in his mind, he well knew it was the best time to come up with a novel. He thought and asked himself “but what kind of book am I supposed to write.” This made him constantly draw stares from the passersby.

He could not decide whether to major in mystery novels, thrillers, suspense or any other kind of novel. He had already read countless books in all these genres already though nothing had sparked the creative juices adequately to give it a try himself.

One day, fate played a hand when Ben Rehder’s father in law threw him a copy of the Hiaasen novel. This tossed book hit him right on the forehead, and when the swelling went down, he got a chance to read it. A type of fiction that he had never experienced before came to him, due to this comic crime novel. He loved the characters of wacky, the plots of zany as well as the interesting writing. This is what grew a good deal of humor into the entire mix.

Ben set out to write a novel of his own. He spent a lot of his precious time on his computer and came up with his first book, Buck fever. It had lots of adverbs, prepositions, and verbs, just like another bestselling classic. Amazingly, the novel landed him in the Edgar Award for the position of the best first novel of that year. Since that time, Rehder has written 14 more novels, and if you use dog math, that is simply 98 novels!

Ben Rehder books

Among the most famous books written by this author includes the Buck Fever, Bone day, guilt trip, flat crazy and holy moly. Besides, he also came up with additional fiction books like a gun-shy, chicken hunger, driving lesson hog heaven, gone the next stay party and get busy dying. If I had a nickel, mind games and bum steer are among the fictions novels he has added.

Two earliest novels by Books written by Ben Rehder

1. Buck Fever

The novel was written back in 2002. The first installment in this new mystery series is both funny and serious at the same time! The hero plays straight man to all the offbeat characters that make up the cast, awarding BUCK FEVER a practically droll feel on occasion. The story line is very much created with all the sub-plots tying flawlessly into the major story. Ben Rehder has an unmistakably invigorating and unique voice, a splendid new star in the secret type.

Twelve-year-old MacTagert’s father needs his child to bear on the family hunting custom. In any case, Joey has “buck fever”- – he can’t pull the trigger on a deer, and despises animal killing with all his heart. He’s more intrigued by workmanship and hockey, two exercises that his father barely recognizes.

Joey’s father needs him to utilize his extraordinary ability hunting down the enormous antlered buck that wanders the forested areas close to their home. Joey knows how to track Old Buck, yet has kept mystery from his dad. At the point when inconvenience between his folks appears to heighten, Joey and his more seasoned sister, Philly, end up amidst pressures they don’t completely get it. Joey needs to keep the peace, and if overcoming his buck fever will do it, he needs to attempt. The book is an award winner of 2003 known as Edgar Award for the Best First Novel.

2. Bone Dry

This is the second novel in the Blanco County, Texas series that was published in 2003. At times life can get somehow wild for John Marlin, the amusement superintendent in Blanco County, Texas-yet couple of episodes contrast with the stories flying around town toward the begin of this new deer season. Hunters keep reporting a mind blowing sight: a seven-foot-tall, drop-dead ravishing blonde is wandering the forested areas, looking out disguise clad men with firearms and incapacitating them with forces of enchantment.

Everybody has a generous chuckle to the detriment of a couple of humiliated hunters, until one of their turns up dead in the forested areas. Presently Marlin has a genuine secret to managing. In the meantime, bits of gossip are spreading around another Blanco occupant, an ex-New Yorker named Sal Mameli whose unsettling plumes with his windbag and his propensity for getting his specific manner, regardless of what the expense.

John Marlin acknowledges he might be the only sound man around the local area, and he’s beginning to think about whether he can last any longer himself. It is simply the beginning of another life- hunting season in Bone Dry. It’s a hilarious second novel from the Edgar finalist Rehder.

Ben’s novel makes way on TV

Towards the end of 2012, the novel “the driving lesson” made way to the TV where it was aired for two hours on American television. Thousands of viewers voiced their support for the commendable and creative work by this writer.

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