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Ben was born in 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand. He began writing while studying at university in his formative years, and he went on to publish his first single novels titled, The Fallen, By Any Means, and Only the Dead in 2010,2011, and 2013 respectively. The books gained instant household fame in his home country of New Zealand garnering Fiction Bestsellers’ accolades soon after their release. Ben eventually graduated with an Engineering degree but chose a career path in writing fiction novels. He currently resides in New Zealand.

Ben Sanders Best Books
American Blood
Marshall, an ex-cop with the NYPD is in witness protection after a dangerous undercover operation with the notorious mob goes south ways. As if living a secret life away from the perils of the world is not enough, Marshal feels compelled to investigate a case when a young woman, Alice Ray, goes missing. His brave, but careless moves blow his cover, and Marshall finds himself hiding from his enemies mainly the drug cartel, and the Dallas Man, after an attempt to reach out to his important contact Lucas Cohen.

He missed the good old times and the challenges of secretly keeping up with the mob. Regardless of the perils that came with leading a secret life, Marshall could not hold himself from when he heard that one of his colleagues had been captured by the savage mobsters. The thought itself killed him since he had seen these animal-like humans torture their victims and it wasn’t a pretty site. Detective Lauren Shore was almost caught up in the fiasco, thanks to Marshall who was there to rescue her. Their meeting was unexpected, and thanks to his intervention that saved her life. This is the first of Ben Sanders crime thriller books, and to showcase his creative writing skills, he did not disappoint. The book is fast paced, vibrant and consistent. It’s also easy to read as each chapter is dedicated to specific characters, with the person’s name as the heading on the sections.

Marshall’s Law #2 Marshall Grade
The second edition of Marshall Grade follows the same plot, telling the story from the characters points of view. This writing style blocks out the protagonist, and other characters that merely get a brief mention. However, the entire book presents an excellent crime thriller. Marshall, a former undercover cop, was tasked with a stressful, deadly assignment of seizing untouchable drug lords in Dallas. John Marshall aka Marshall Grade is an undercover cop on a botched WITSEC. He must remain in hiding after his witness protection was blown up, exposing him to the wild and vengeful mob baying for his blood after they discovered his real identity. “American Blood,” exclusively opens up the world of drug dealers and their users, which also reveals Marshall’s dark side, having lived with parents who dealt in Heroin and armed robbery. The undercover operation was a perfect plan for Undercover cop Marshall Grade.

After lying low for a few years, Marshall still stays in touch with key persons in the police department who update him on prime cases in the real world. It’s difficult to keep up with the protagonist as he comes off as an arrogant sod that goes out of his way, sometimes extremely off the boundaries just to prove that he’s good at his job. Marshall discovers the cruel abduction of a federal agent by his enemies to try to squeeze out info on his whereabouts. He decides to reach out to them instead, leaving his California haven and heads east, to his former connections in the mob. These are not ordinary folk; they make up some of the most dangerous social misfits in the cartel world of drugs and crime. Marshall plays out the flawless hard-core criminal replica in this book, depicting harrowing situations written in near perfect persona (not too bad for a non-native writer).The storyline comes off with rich real-life situations in the underworld life filled with violence and death.

The Fallen #1 Sean Devereaux
Sean Devereaux is an eccentric cop tasked with finding the murderer of a spoilt teenager (princess).Her battered body lay lifelessly amid flower bushes in Auckland’s central park. While at it, a naughty neighbor hallucinates that there’s someone or people after her, and she’s paranoid with the thought that an assailant is stalking her. Juggling between heaps of work and trying to stay off-duty while on leave, Devereux discovers a damning scandal through his private detective friend John Hale. He stumbles upon a fraud allegedly conducted by his superiors that opens up a series of illegal activities in the police department.

Devereux is an intriguing hero, cleverly described as a street-smart cop. Sanders gives juicy details written with a punchy, tight style presenting a twisted and exciting story. Devereaux slowly unravels the hidden secrets of the authorities as more bodies pile up with vengeful senior cops attempting to cover up their ills. Sean presents an extroverted terse, street-smart operative. He comes in between good and evil individuals becoming the independent catalyst for the strange, corrupt murder mystery.

Set in disconcertingly familiar backdrops this novel is a wonderful blend of international crime-prose with an attractive local ambiance that draws out lures a compelling and emotional satiating read. The book has some spellbinding meticulous style, though scantily written, the descriptions evoke exciting emotions especially the creative one-liners from the protagonist. It’s refreshing to read from a talented budding writer who developed his writing skills while still at school. The level of maturity portrayed in Ben Sanders books is merely astounding, more so, with an equally daunting task of penning an exciting and entertaining crime book series. Most writers develop a narrative mindset through their careers, but Sanders delved right into it, while still a young promising engineering student.

Overall, Sanders delivers well-researched and engaging stories. He still needs to build on exclusive content delivery to avoid publishing shallow novels. It is also refreshing to read a knowledgeable young scholar’s point of view on the current organized crimes mobsters who have evolved with time. Unfortunately, this book does not provide a happy conclusion with all the corruption, and inner secrets went wrong within the local and federal crime units.

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