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Publication Order of Mrs. Mike Books

with Nancy Freedman
Mrs. Mike (1947)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Search for Joyful (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kathy Little Bird (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Cyclone of Silence (With: Nancy Freedman) (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Rescuing the Future (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Us: A Duography (With: Nancy Freedman) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Benedict Freedman

An American novelist with a lot to say, Benedict Freedman would make a considerable impact during his lifetime. Writing for both the page and the screen, he’d become a household name for many across the world, often writing alongside his wife. This would see him create some highly recognizable and well known works of literature that would speak to readers from all over. He was also a highly regarded mathematician too, teaching the subject at a university level, as well as writing full-time for a living.

In time he’s gone on to become hugely influential, having created a brand quite unlike any other currently out there. This has led to many up-and-coming writers citing him as an inspiration, with his work standing the test of time, resonating with a worldwide audience. His creative stories inspired by real-life events and people are extremely well told, and have gone on to inspire film adaptations in their own right. Writing a textbook in mathematics as well, he was an extremely well established academic too, being a leading authority in the field of intuitionistic logic.

Creating long lasting and memorable characters, his name has become synonymous with a certain brand of high-quality fiction. Many of protagonists have become extremely iconic in their own right, leaving a long lasting impression with readers long after they’ve put the book down. Producing numerous books, movies, and television shows over the course of his long and illustrious career, his work is still regarded today. As more and more discover his work every day, his legacy will carry on growing, on into the foreseeable future for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1919 on the 19th of December, Benedict Freedman was born and raised in New York, growing up with a passion for learning and the written word. Focusing on his art as a writer, he would gain some insight into his craft, constantly seeking inspiration from the world around him. Studying at Columbia University from thirteen to sixteen, he would drop out before being able to graduate following the death of his father.

His father, David Freedman, who himself was a biographer and playwright, would be known as a gag writer for the radio, paving the way for his son to follow in his footsteps. Working for MGM Studios, Benedict would work as a radio writer after moving to the west coast, where he’d make a name for himself. Marrying his wife Nancy Freedman in 1941, they’d write together for some years, all while he would also work as an aeronautical engineer for Hughes Aircraft.

Writing Career

In 1947 the married couple would write and publish their first novel together titled ‘Mrs. Mike,’ and this would be based on the life of their own friend Katherine Mary Flannigan. From this a short series of books would follow featuring various different stories from the life of its eponymous protagonist. There would be three books in total, and they first one would also go on to be adapted into a 1950 film after becoming an international bestseller.

Through the years Benedict would continue to write for the entertainment industry, producing screenplays and scripts for various shows and sitcoms. One of these would notably be ‘My Favorite Martian’ running through from 1963 to 1966, marking him as a key voice in the industry. Winning many awards and nominations for his work, including becoming part of the 1947 Literary Guild, his work continues to inspire many around the world today.

The Search for Joyful

First published in 2002, this would be published almost fifty years after the first in the series, this being the second book in the ‘Mrs. Mike’ series of novels. Continuing with the characters from before, it looks at the child she takes guardianship of, seeing the next chapter in her life. Making for an engaging and intelligent story, it continues the saga in a satisfying manner that’s definitely a must for fans of the series overall.

Following the death of her friend, Mrs. Mike Flanigan has now opened her home to the orphaned child Kathy Forquet. Dealing with the troubles of growing up, Kathy then decides to head off to nursing school in Montreal as World War II looms ever closer. Here she meets a cast of new characters, including a Native American and a wounded Austrian soldier, all of whom help her to learn something of herself beyond the confines of her home-town. Where will her journey take her next? Can she hope to make a new life for herself? What will she discover in the search for joyful?

Kathy Little Bird

Initially published in 2004, this would be published a lot later into the career of Benedict Freedman, as it would be his final novel. Rounding off the ‘Mrs. Mike’ trilogy as the third book in the series, it’s a self-contained narrative, whilst also carrying on many of the stories from before. This makes it a must for not only fans of the series, but the author as a whole, seeing how greatly he has developed over the years.

This would continue with the next story and the next family member, as it carries on with the characters from before moving down the lineage. The characters are once again all well drawn in what has become a richly drawn and well established world for everyone featured. Working as part of a saga, it’s a creative and powerful conclusion to the trilogy as a whole, tying everything up in a satisfying manner.

This time the story focuses on the granddaughter of Mrs. Mike from the first novel, as Kathy Little Bird listens to stories from her Cree mother. Learning to sing in the Cree tradition, she takes lessons from her cultural heritage on into her adult life, using her talent to help shape her. In the 1970s she becomes a famous singer of country music, making a name for herself, as she continues many of her family traditions. How will her singing career fare into adulthood? Can she make an impact? What will become of Kathy Little Bird?

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