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Publication Order of Benedict-Savant Books

Joss Stirling is a published British author of fiction. It is a pen name used by Eve Edwards/Julia Golding.

Joss attended Cambridge, where she studied English. She has always thought that the idea that life can be more than what is seen on the surface is fascinating. She has researched her novels and walked in the same footsteps as her character for Finding Sky, taking a trip to witness the beauty of the Rockies and their landscape, going on a raft down a white-water river, or seeing Las Vegas and its grand artificial skyline for herself.

This British novelist in fact first got her career started with Finding Sky, the first novel in the Benedicts series. It did very well and was an international success, enough so that it invited more installments of the series. Five more novels were written about his world where young people have their own special powers. At the center of this story are the seven Benedict brothers from Colorado, all with their own talents.

In her other series titled Struck, the author sets out to establish a world of detectives and romance. It got started in 2014 with the publication of the title book, Struck. The second book was titled Stung and was followed by Shaken and Scorched. This is where readers get to meet the characters of Damien, Joe, Nathan, and Kieran, who are all part of the Young Detective Agency. The debut novel would win the 2015 Romantic Novel of the Year in the United Kingdom.

Joss is married and has three children. She resides in Oxford, England. She writes under Eve Edwards as well as Julia Golding.

Joss Stirling is the creator and the writer of the fictional Benedicts series. This series first began in 2010 with the publication of the debut novel, Finding Sky. The series is also known as the Savant series. The debut was followed by the second novel, Stealing Phoenix. The third novel was titled Seeking Crystal, followed by the fourth novel Misty Falls, the fifth novel Angel Dares, and the sixth novel, Summer Shadows.

Finding Sky is the first novel in the Benedicts series by Joss Stirling. Sky is an English girl and her whole world has changed now that she is attending high school in America. Once she meets Zed and catches a look at the bad boy, it’s a done deal. She has a crush on him and cannot for the life of her stop thinking about him. But then again, things are different here.

Zed apparently can talk to her with just his thoughts. He’s capable of reading her mind. Sky knows that they’re going to fall in love and she will love him forever. He’s the hottest guy that she has ever seen, and she believes that they’re a perfect match and are soulmates. She may be shy, but she also wants them to be together. So much so that it might surprise her.

But with darkness in her past and evil threatening to affect her future, Sky’s going to have to choose to face up against the darkness. Even if it results in losing the one thing that she really cares about. Can she still have Zed and clear up the pathways of her future too? Read this novel to find out!

Stealing Phoenix is the second novel in the Benedicts series. Phoenix is part of a thief gang known as the Community. All of them possess paranormal powers.

Now her mark is Yves Benedict. They’re in London as an American student, but the last thing that Phoenix saw coming was him being her soulmate and destiny instead of a target alone. But with her past in the hands of The Community, they want to control her future and what she does. Now Phoenix has to try and save him and herself in the process. Can she do it? Read this book to find out!

Seeking Crystal is the third novel in the Benedicts series. The main character in this story is Crystal Brook.

Crystal’s never really come into her powers and is the dud in a family full of Savants. She’s also dropped out, with poor grades and now a dimmed future. Meanwhile, her sister Diamond continues to do everything well, forcing her to be in the shadows of her performance.

When they go to Denver, Diamond falls in love with one of the Benedict Brothers. Now she’s engaged in the blink of an eye. Her sister doesn’t think that much of them, though. Their charm means nothing to her and Xav Benedict really annoys her. The family is getting together for the wedding in Venice when they are attacked by an enemy.

Now Xav must team up with Crystal to save their families. But when they reveal a secret that’s been buried for years along the way, will everyone make it through unscathed? Pick up a copy of this book and read to the end to find out!

Misty Falls is the fourth novel in the Benedicts series by author Joss Stirling. In this story, readers meet Misty.

Misty can be a disaster. She was born a Savant with a gift that essentially means she can’t lie. However, telling the truth constantly always lands her in trouble. Then she meets the charming and gorgeous Alex, someone that makes her want to stay away. She thinks that she could never have anyone that is perfect like that.

Meanwhile, the community is dealing with darkness. There’s a serial killer on the loose and they seem to be targeting the young people that have powers. When one of them is targeted, will they survive? Check out this novel to see what happens!

Angel Dares is the fifth novel in the Benedicts series. When the Savant community falls under great pressure, sides will be chosen.

Angel’s always known that she’s impulsive. It’s tough to disguise the ability that she has as a Savant to actually control water. When she meets the attractive Marcus, she finds that they’ve got wonderful chemistry. He sings and she feels the music in her soul. The two are attracted to each other, but Marcus doesn’t trust Angel or her powers.

Can he take her for who she is so they can be together? Read this book and find out!

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