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Publication Order of William Shakespeare Thriller Books

The Spy of Venice (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin of Verona (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Benet Brandreth is an English author.

Brandreth is not only an author but a highly regarded barrister of intellectual property. He is also a rhetoric coach and happens to be a bit of an authority on Shakespeare. He was in a 1988 movie called Madame Sousatzka.

He regularly collaborates with various theater troupes such as Royal Shakespeare Company and Donmar when it comes to the use of language by Shakespeare. Brandreth has written pieces for the stage and the radio and has also performed for both.

He also put on a well received show that was titled The Brandreth Papers. The one-man performance did really well and even sold out when it was put on at the Edinburgh Festival and was given five stars in a review. It was also received well in London.

In addition to being a writer, he is a martial arts instructor. He is qualified to teach Filipino Martial Arts as well as stage combat choreography. He resides with his family in the city of London. He is married and has a wife. They have children together. Benet says that he is tired from his endless efforts to become a Renaissance man.

Benet Brandreth is the creator and the author of the William Shakespeare fictional series. This series of novels started off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel. The first novel in this series is titled The Spy of Venice. The second book in the series came out a year later and is titled The Assassin of Verona.

The first book in the William Shakespeare series is The Spy of Venice. If you’re looking for something new and a little different to do, then you’re going to have to check out this first novel and see all of the historical fictional realness for yourself!

Forget what you heard and travel back to the past in a thrilling historically based story that is going to knock your socks off! This is like C.J. Sampson and the Shakespeare in Love movie all rolled into one. If you are into stories based on real people and times that have plenty of twists and a hero on his way through his journey, this is the book for you.

Will is the main character in this book, a hero for readers to look up to. He is a protagonist and this is Shakespeare in a way that the readers have definitely never seen! He is also heavily interested in the dating world and is going all over the place courting different ladies. However, it could be said that his mind is not exactly directed toward marriage.

Will Shakespeare is no stranger to seduction, but when one too many goes down, it appears that he is in a bit of trouble. He’s just gone too far and needs to get out of town for a while. He must get out quickly and flies to Stratford as quickly as he can in order to try and start over and maybe make a little money while he’s at it.

Will is in London and has been cast adrift. With nothing much more going on, he finds a band of random players and falls in along with them. He’s doing whatever he can in order to try and get along. He is a little different in that way from the players who truly love theater. But they see something in him as a wordsmith that could take them further than ever.

The band of players are not the only ones that are interested in harnessing the artistic and lyrical power of Shakespeare as greater and more powerful men have been watching the writer as well for that very reason. The plot thickens and suddenly the fate of the very country of England starts to be on the table.

With the fate of England and its survival depending on what happens next. Will is sent all the way to go to Venice as part of an embassy. Will arrives there safely and is immediately taken in by the thrills of the city. The masks of the city and the beautiful people there are all taking him in and it seems like a great place to be alive.

However, Will has no idea the danger that he will soon find himself in. There are assassins on his tail and these Catholic guys are rugged and ruthless, stopping at absolutely nothing to get to him. They want to take Will out and put an end to the mission he is on. He’s not going to get any further if they can help it, and if that means ending his life by way of very sharp knives, that is what is going to happen.

He’s doing just as much as he can to try and save England, but will it be enough? With a killer out there hanging around in shadows and multiple people after him, this playwright is going to have to do whatever he can so that he can defeat a killer and protect the country that he loves. Want to find out what happens in the end? Then pick up a copy for yourself!

The second book in Brandreth’s William Shakespeare series is The Assassin of Verona. This is an exciting sequel to the first book in this series, so if you love the first, check this one out too!

A novel that combines intrigue, conspiracy, sharp wit, and more, this is another story starring the future writer that everyone in history after will end up knowing the name of. But this one is set in Venice, where not all is as well as it could be.

Will is still dealing with assassins and since he is being threatened every day, he is becoming more isolated. He has his friends with him, but Hemminges and Oldcastle are still having to contend with this situation along with him.

They’ve been doing okay, but now the lies that were protecting the group are starting to lose power. His friends want to get out. He wants to stay. He has a lover that’s getting sick, and when tensions get too high, everything might fall apart. Will the company stay together? Read this book to find out!

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