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Benjamin Stevenson is an author and stand-up comedian. He has sold out shows from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He has appeared on The Comedy Channel, ABC TV, and Channel 10.

Off-stage, Benjamin has worked for literary agencies and publishing houses in the USA and Australia. He has worked with writers such as Chris Hammer and Liane Moriarty.

As a kid, he was a Scout, with his dad a Scout Leader. And so Benjamin has visited all kinds of different tiny towns all over Australia.

As a traveling comedian, he has toured with comedy shows that stop everywhere you could think of. He has even done comedy standing on the back of a truck parked in front of a pub.

Benjamin felt then that Birravale was a great place to explore in his novel. He liked the Hunter Valley and the winery sections since they can have such gorgeous days, yet still have icy, crisp, and cold nights. Benjamin likes that rolling mist, something he finds is scary.

Benjamin began researching wine, and he found that to be the real icing on the cake for the setting of the novel, and that the town would quite literally be soaked in it. He enjoyed that part and it kicked off the feud the Wades and the Freemans have, making his town that much more real.

He finds that both comedy and crime have a lot in common. They both use the element of surprise and suspense in order to trigger some emotional reaction from the audience. In comedy, the sought after reaction is laughter, while with crime the goal is to make people go ‘Whoa’.

Benjamin feels that reading should be a fun activity, and he wanted to deliver a novel to readers that would give them whiplash. He didn’t really choose a genre, but seeing as how he works on it the most and reads it the most, it was kind of a given for him to write crime. He also feels that crime writing is very intricate and brilliant, and is even able to challenge readers in such a way that quite a few believe is reserved for much “more serious” literature. Crime fiction is packed with tons of fantastic characters studies and intricate portraits that make up a person’s life. Benjamin just wanted to pen a roller coaster ride of a novel that explored a bit of the depth in his characters. That and he loves twist endings.

While Benjamin is writing, he wings it. All he knows is the finale and allows the characters to do what they have to in order to get there. He plots scenes in chunks of about ten thousand words when he hits certain parts. Benjamin knows that characters need to hit certain points soon, and has to figure out they need to get there.

He is such a perfectionist that each chapter is finished before he begins the next one. It means that if he changes something in the seventeenth chapter, chapter three would have to be rewritten, meaning that chapter has to be written right away.

Benjamin decided to explore a male having bulimia in his novel for a few reasons. He was interested a lot in Jack’s masculinity as a character and male bulimia is something he doesn’t think has been tackled on the page before. Jack is somebody compelled by his own desire to have control. Since he is also creating a true-crime documentary and controlling the truth in a literal way, Benjamin feels the metaphor inside his own body worked nicely.

Jack’s entire past revealed itself while Benjamin was writing the novel. By the time he was able to get to the point where he knew he was actually writing his motivations and reasons behind everything that he does, he was pretty taken aback.

What wound up surprising him the most was that a few of the ‘major scenes’ he planned out during the original outline didn’t quite make it into the final book. He had a large action sequence planned for the middle of the book, yet he found that there was enough going on for his characters, so sending them off on a chase scene just for the sake of one wasn’t doing any one of them justice. Benjamin wound up writing it differently, with less people dying than he had originally planned on.

He writes mystery novels, the first of which was released in the year 2018, and was called “Greenlight”. The book was published by Penguin Books Australia.

“Greenlight” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Eliza Dacey was brutally killed four years ago. Within just hours, they caught her killer. Didn’t they?

This is how the opening titles of Jack Quick’s new true-crime documentary reads. Jack, a skilled producer, knows that the larger the conspiracy, the bigger the ratings will be. Curtis Wade, who was convicted of Eliza’s murder on circumstantial evidence and he was also a victim of a biased police force, makes for a great subject. Millions of viewers agree.

Right before the finale, Jack finds a tiny detail that could prove Curtis is guilty after all. He is convinced it is going to ruin his show, and disposes of the evidence, giving an unedited finale: proposing that Curtis really is innocent. Curtis gets released, and a new victim is discovered bearing some horrible similarities to the original killing, Jack knows that he could have helped get a guilty guy out of jail. The only one that knows the true evidence in the case, he is the only guy able to send him back.

This book is a twisted, thought provoking, and atmospheric Aussie crime novel. This novel comes from Benjamin Stevenson, who has a great sense of climate and location. He delivers a well plotted and compulsive mystery featuring a deeply flawed protagonist in Jack Quick. The novel is deeply suspenseful, claustrophobic, richly detailed, and tense. Readers have found that the book has some perfectly executed plot turns and twists in it.

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    I just finished reading Everyone in my family has killed someone. WOW I couldn’t but it down. Great read and love when you interject during the story about other stuff. . .Can’t wait to read more of your books. Quite entertaining.


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